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  1. ^ I agree.. I don't want to see the map until I put the disc in my xbox. I'm hoping for a lot of surprises when the game actually gets here..
  2. Well stealth and customization have already been confirmed so your in for some good news pal..
  3. Any or all the songs from the Drive soundtrack would suffice.. Imo that movie had an amazing soundtrack, and it reminded of a GTA mission strand haha For those who have not seen it, I highly recommend it, especially while we wait for GTA V..
  4. Honestly though, Idk if GTA V will be the perfect experience without a monster truck.. There's just too much map and countryside to not have one imo.. hah and I can picture Rockstar releasing a screenshot of a more detailed version of the Monster.. Especially with these updated graphics
  5. That actually seems pretty plausable, especially in LA.. hah maybe Rockstar will have Rob Dyrdek's fantasy factory so we can go in there and tear shit up, jump into the foam pit.. hah and to joyride his T-Rex of course
  6. Anyone have any guesses about when we'll receive some more GTA V info? I recall the guy at the Sony Conference stating that there will be more information soon.. But how soon? I've also heard rumors saying that the information will be in regards of multiplayer.. (Grand Theft Auto Online) I'm just assuming Rockstar wouldn't want to be drown out by all the E3 promotions, so I figured they would release something to stimulate the GTA V hype once again..
  7. I hate to refer to Saints Row when talking about GTA but in SR3, I thought it was awesome when I finally had the ability to call up an entire SWAT team of homeboys hanging off the sides of an armored truck.. It would be cool if they did something like that in GTA V but Rockstar would have to be careful not to go too far with it.. (entirety of saints row) sorry for being off topic..
  8. Don't mean to burst your bubble homeboy but I don't think it would fit into a GTA game.. I love the detail but calling up for assistance/working alongside SWAT members, who you were killing earlier just doesn't make a lot of sense imo..
  9. That's already been confirmed in Trevor's trailer.. Here we see him "reloading"
  10. Now that we've seen more trailers being used in Trevor's trailer, I think this further implies the use of trailers but I'm not sure as to how we might be able to use them.. Maybe a heist where a generator would be needed to operate some kind of equipment..? What do you guys think?
  11. Well in all fairness, I think that was their whole point. They wanted to start a community type project so people could help make the map as accurate as possible.. And like Ive said before, I appreciate their videos mostly because they seem to share the same excitement and enthusiasm that the GTA community has..
  12. So we now have a confirmed casino..Whether or not it will be functional remains to be seen...?
  13. When I changed my preorder to collector's edition, I didn't get a poster? Or two..
  14. Idk though.. I think they may play out the same way sometimes, but the way the previews have described the heists, Rockstar seems to have made it possible to customize the planning of the heists to achieve our outcome of choice.. Also the way we set up the missions (ex: use a semi truck as getaway vehicle vs. infernus?). Another way they may differ is how we decide to take our swing at them (ex: charge in the front door, guns drawn vs. parachute onto the building and sneak in through the roof?) Had to post this.. Looks like a potential bank heist, though they all seem pretty leisurely about the situation.. Could be the planning phase?
  15. But really, when you squish the islands of LC together, it's not that much bigger, if bigger at all.. We can't really count the area of water between the islands..
  16. Yeah but either way, I watch their videos every week.. hah They are the type that like to talk GTA V. At least they speak our language..
  17. Just so all you guys know RDR's 3x XP is still active..
  18. I would like to see a font much like your signature in GTA V.. It just fits, and it looks great..
  19. "On the subject at hand, dynamic character scarring; are you people intrigued or not?" - GunSmith117 eh. sort of.. I mean it's amazing that Rockstar would implement that much detail, but I feel like in the end, your just left with three scarred-up horror movie looking muthafuckas.. hah
  20. I can't help but agree with this guy.. Rockstar is going all out on this game, much like they did with SA so I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't have any extra story missions or spin-off type games. I could see them doing some in-game add-ons though like a weapons/vehicles DLC pack or a customization pack (for the characters and vehicles).. But I doubt we'll see a Grand Theft Auto V: Episodes from Los Santos.. But I'd be happy to be wrong
  21. I believe it's called 9F.. but yeah I don't think you'll have to look for very long because apparently Michael owns one..