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    Lots of folks are playing RDO beta, Fallout 76, and others games altogether - but it's been a while since we jet packed around nightclubs! Save the date: Tuesday, December 11, GTAO crew night, for anyone that still has access to the game and wants to join us for a wee bit of shenanigans!
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    I haven't seen many people explore beyond the boundaries really, apart from Mexico, so I decided to create a small exploration series to show off how much land there actually is, outside of the main map. More to come.
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    Not only Tempest Rim, there's that bit the other side of Calumet Ravine NW of Witches Cauldron that's pretty inaccessible,a gentle slope and you and your horse still slip and fall down it. The annoying thing is I found a perfect bull moose there, shot it and couldn't get up the slope to skin it.
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    New methods have been found, so my journey continues! One place that has really baffled me is Tempest Rim. It's a big chunk of the map within the world boundaries yet it's entirely unreachable from every angle. So my next expedition is focused on just that. Looking around that whole area and beyond. Next Stop, Guarma! The main event. Took me hours of exploration, and editing. Still ended up being 45 minutes long! I also made a montage of all the highest peaks I could get to, outside of the playable map.
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    no, but its still disappointing that it's exactly what i thought it would be lol... i miss GTAIV online :(
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    this online BETA is toxic as fuck lol... it's GTAO public lobbies all over again ... i'm done until we get private lobbies, it sucks having to go to the stable to get your FREE arabian horse because someone always shoots your horse, and you can't afford the 5 gold bars to get it insured lol... like seriously, this game has miscro-transactions written all over it, unless you want to grind for hours on end... and right now, there's not a lot going on to make money... this a hard pass for me right now, i'd much rather play single player over this crap they call online...
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    Special. I don't pay for PSN so it doesn't matter anyway.
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    Yeah I changed my tune once I reloaded my beta save - wasn't as bad as I thought. Enjoying my time with the game so far. I haven't run into a single person since the game went live but then I have been exploring NW of the vault, where no-one else seems to go. I have travelled as far north as the map allows me so am making my way east - I hope to circumnavigate the map before heading in to do some of the missions. I like the camp system better than I thought - it works really well. Perks, I am still getting used to the system but have started to be a bit more strategic with them now I understand the system a bit better. I have got used to the survival side of things, especially now I have a water pump, so thirst isn't such a big deal anymore. If you see a pastor wearing a chef's hat carrying a serrated machete around the northern area of West Virginia, come over and say hi... especially if you have ammo to spare!
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    I'll take a look when I get home. The site only takes up to 2MB per image.
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    Created a collectibles map. Not sure if we have one for the website or not, but if you want to add it, let me know, and i'll drop you a high-quality PNG version Treefitty.
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    you know, i'm just gonna roll with my mistakes for now... my lack of stimpacks is a big concern, as the next big encounter i have will be devastating... but we'll see what happens... i do plan on starting a fresh character for the story since everyone you play with is at a different place, and reading terminals in a group is quite different, i tend to skim thru them lol...