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    Yesterday i coughed at a tree and a flock of birds flew out. So i'm pretty sure i'm Dragonborn.
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    It's nice that they're building in warnings and giving you time to vacate, but I still don't want to be in a lobby with people I don't know in the first place. People suck and I hate them.
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    with Bones LOOK WHAT I DID a quick line up formed after gtagrl got her hair did. With Bones, Jizzy, BMX and gtagrl Bones, Jizzy BMX, Gtagrl We had a bit of a Jet Ski demo derby. Knocking Bones into the water Then running him over Running down Jizzy I try and follow up to run him over But Bones had other plans Jizzy attempts a selfie BMX had other plans So did I This evolved into people jumping in my helicopter blades while BMX tried to hit them with a baseball bat. It's human baseball Jizzy's go I don't think BMX ever connected but we got decently close Bones's turn Gtagrl's turn Bones up to bat. Maybe 3 at once will have a better chance in getting hit Then my blades gave out Crew Blue Issi Classics Taking down Bones. Someone may recognise this classic map from counter-strike you can probably guess Jizzy was next Jizzy again Then I thought I got Gtagrl But it was BMX Nemo takes down Bones Just as I was killing Jizzy earlier Just though the racing suit looked awesome with a crew blue Oppressor Snipers vs Parkour. Engaging the obstacle to take down Nemo No muzzle flash from the gun so all you get is the bullet's impact on the car Nemo incoming Line up 2 The pointoning Bones climbs the ultralight while BMX tries to take off It almost looks like he is waving goodbye while he is upside down Doing a decent drift. But I wasn't trying too. This car is slidey as fuck but makes up for it with acceleration had a good race with Fanboy. This track was very well made When Bones left the lobby No hat fly off When Gtagrl left the lobby BMX went AFK so I was going to fuck with him Then I saw Fanboy incoming so I got the fuck out of dodge BMX died Fanboy lived Until he left the lobby Hat fly off. FINALLY
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    and reminds me of something you’d read in a fallout terminal
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    ---Bringing nothing to new heights--- TUE JUNE 26 - 3PM (PDT) / 6PM (EDT) / 7PM (ADT) / 11PM (BST) --- Join us this Tuesday for iGTA Crew Night! #shenanigans, crew-created jobs, photo ops, streaming, etc... Join when you can, stay as long as you like, and please post your pics and videos here for all to enjoy! Crew nights are always more hilarious from multiple viewpoints, so show and tell your side of the story! If you created a new job, post a link here so the playlist DJs can bookmark it, or in the PSN iGTA group chat. Photos are occasionally featured at @iGrandTheftAuto. Please tag your crew content with #igta! --- Theme: GEORGE: See, this should be a theme. This is the theme. JERRY: What? GEORGE: This. Just talking. JERRY: (dismissing) Yeah, right. GEORGE: I'm really serious. I think that's a good idea. JERRY: Just talking? Well what's the theme about? GEORGE: It's about nothing. JERRY: No theme? GEORGE: No forget the theme. JERRY: You've got to have a theme. GEORGE: Who says you gotta have a theme? --- * Join the iGTA forums to be eligible for an invitation to the Social Club Crew. * Add crew staff on the Playstation Network to get invited to GTAO lobbies. PSN Names are underneath our forum avatars, along with Social Club, Twitter, etc. * Join anytime, the earlier the better. We start in a crew lobby, join via friends list or party chat. If you can't get in, ask for an invite, sometimes we end up in an invite-only after jobs. We round everyone up and send out fresh invites after each playlist. * If there's an "EVENT THEME", please dress appropriately. * NO CREW KILLING, unless #shenanigans happen or agreed upon. You're not in a public lobby, so save it for when you are. * NO DIRTY RACING! A number of our jobs have specific rules, so pay attention, read the description, and listen to the creator's instructions. * NO BULLET-PROOF HELMETS, SNACKS or GOING OFF-RADAR during competitive playlists. For GTA races, use pickups only (rockets, boost), no thrown explosives or drivebys. * Don't ruin photo or video setups. No getting a 4-star wanted level when someone's staging a shot. Just don't. --- Upcoming Events: July 3 - Freedom / Independence Day / Canada Day July 10 - Gangs (Grove St, Ballas, Vagos, The Lost) - or Orange vs Blue (Events Subject to Change depending on crew input or when Rockstar releases new DLC -NightClub DLC expected to drop next) Themes: Vehicle-based Altitude | Apocalypse | BMX | Classic/Vintage | Crotch Rockets | Drift | Forgot-I-Had-This | Hot Rods | Hotring Circuit | Junker | Lowriders | MC | Military | Monster Truck | Motocross | Muscle | Off-Road | Rally | Stunt | Supercars | Truckers | Tuners | Utility Thread-based 80's | Animals: Dapper/Dirty/Altitude | Beach Bums | Bums | Business | Clowns | Cowboys | Crew Blue | Emergency Services | FIB | GTA Characters | Gangs | Hell | Hippy | Imposter | Ninjas | Pimps & Hoes | Pirates | Punk | Rockabilly | Rock & Roll | Safari | Scuba | Steampunk | Toga | Underpants Party | Vinewood | Warriors | Waterworld | Wrestling | Zombies Calendar-based New Year's | Valentine's Day | St. Patrick's Day | Cinco de Mayo | Memorial Day | Freedom | Labor Day | Halloween | Festive Surprise | Olympics Share other theme ideas below!
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    I get that much. Then have open lobbies. And private ones too. It doesn't have to be justified by the lore for people to know want to worry about scumfuck randoms. Lmfao exactly. It's so annoying. Hence me not pre-ordering. I actually think they're being vague because they will fine tune a lot of the details after the beta based on the user feedback. Hopefully there will be enough people bitching about griefers they will stop trying to balance that out in public lobbies.
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    Damn. That's probably my favorite bunch of snaps I've seen you post, and not just because I'm in half of em' This one needs to be a banner or something front page.
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    great match, loved it!
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    Would really be cool to try before buy. I've finished new files of Fallout 3, New Vegas, and 4. Somehow I really want to see how 76 goes. Until then, I am back in GTA San Andreas for XB1. Re-living my glory days of 100% and NRG stunting.....
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    Clearing out the Chryslus Building before heading to Bigtown... just finishing off the Wasteland before heading into the Pitt. I didn't realise I left so much undiscovered when I stopped playing this game... Pre-ordered FO76 in the hope that I can play the beta... would really like to try before I buy.
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    It wasn’t a dream...England actually won a penalty shoot out...
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    And thanks to a random YT video recommendation, it was Aaron Eckhart that I was thinking of. Chin is a little different but face-wise he's basically the same. edit: threw this together... Aaron Eckhart vs Arthur Morgan
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    Yup. I was ready to pre-order but once I heard about no private lobbies I am waiting for reviews. What were they thinking? Honestly.
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    Perhaps you can lock up your goods with either a key or password protected lock, which can be picked or hacked via terminal. If someone tries to hack or pick the lock, you get warned and have a chance to get back to your settlement to stop the thief in progress. That could be interesting. If you can pack up your settlement and carry it around with you, I think I'll just make a few containers, dump my loot in them when my carry limit is reached and pack the settlement up again. But that sounds too easy... Too many questions I need answers to....
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    Fallout 4 item placement was notoriously finicky, so I don't see how you'd be able to pack up your settlement and move it elsewhere unless the map is completely flat and free from small objects. Hopefully items will drop to ground level, but even then I tend to build to suit the terrain, so if you have to pack it up and move it'd feel out of place.
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    i wish i was a younger lad, i'd totally join space force...
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    My uncle thinks he is assering dominance by pissing with the door open but he is just exposing us all to his pathetic shriveled up little old man dick.
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    I haven't gone through mine yet either, we can change it on Monday night. Thanks for posting the topic, DiO! I already have the blue racing suit and Weev helmet saved, it's also set as my racing outfit, so I'm good to go!
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    the best news is, Rob, is that after this iteration of fallout its likely to be about 5-6 years at least before we get a new fallout game. So enjoy that.
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    Just realised I've not posted any of my pics in a long while. Here's a few recent ones. St Walburge's Church by Gary Bond, on Flickr Waiting at Carrog by Gary Bond, on Flickr BR Standard 4 No: 76079 by Gary Bond, on Flickr This station featured in the first Harry Potter film and was a regular feature in the drama 'Heartbeat'. Goathland station by Gary Bond, on Flickr Whitby Abbey by Gary Bond, on Flickr Sailing back by Gary Bond, on Flickr Robin Hood's Bay by Gary Bond, on Flickr
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    @BRO_MAN had hiccups https://twitter.com/Ayreon01/status/1005870266348535808
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    my god you would think yesterday was christmas in other parts of the rockstar community... we're all like "meh " lols ...
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    Installed a carbon fiber front splitter and carbon fiber side skirts. Also have a carbon fiber rear diffuser waiting to go on.
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    Alright, pagination should be fixed. Issue with the themes. Media embedding is still being a pain.