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Found 8 results

  1. In GTA IV we saw the adaptive parkour fail... Will it come back in GTA V or willit not? Post what you think and what you'd like to see added/ improved about it. Stay on topic, and NO RACISM please. Thanks
  2. Well, let me start from the top. I've completed the whole campaign, and some of the Strangers missions. I've been playing GTA Online now. Then, yesterday, on the 4th, it just goes 'Poof!' (Not literally), and decides to not work anymore. Let me clarify. All of the text in my game is gone, the closest thing to text I get is the startup screen saying incredibly useful information such as "TOOLTIPS_56" and "TOOLTIPS_41". I can't start missions anymore (By which I mean strangers missions). Also, when the game starts up, it often just freezes at the part where it tells you "Do not shut off console while the Saving symbol is shown" where there's really only the symbols, because the text is gone, as I've said before. I've tried deleting the Atomic Blimp DLC, Deleting all my saves besides the autosave, Deleting the game and reinstalling it, cleaning the disk as thoroughly as physically possible, restarting my system, unplugging my system and plugging it back in after 30 seconds, Deleting the update and reupdating, and even just trying to play through the game in it's current state. Then, hopeful as ever, I start up the game, and, what do you know, no luck. I've got an Xbox 360 (The Black one, it has 200 GB), it still has about 146 GB left. What exactly can I do'? Any suggestions? Anyone else have this problem?
  3. I was just thinking. If the game is set only in Los Santos, which is pretty much confirmed now. Will it be bigger than San Andreas in terms of actual map size? I realize San Andreas covered three cities and surrounding countryside, but everything was shrunk down and the cities were far smaller than any real city. GTA V clearly looks much richer in detail and bigger looking from what we have seen of it so far. But will it actually be bigger than San Andreas, or ever Red Dead?, since Rockstar have mentioned it is the largest and most ambitious game yet in their latest statement. Might as well start discussing it, but don't moan that the game is going to suck because it's not going to be San Andreas, that's not the point of this thread. Personally I hope it is bigger. And i hope to see loads of small country towns sprawled out over the countrysides, full of interesting characters to do side missions for and what not. /edit Here is some of the hard work put in by members on this forum: 'Fitty's Map (Final): DuPz' map (Final): Banana Pudding's map: Los Santos Blueprints: Image from an achievement/trophy icon: Brady Games Map:
  4. This was made by me but if you find any other GTA V fakes post them here. The pic is from the canned Eight Days - whatever that was.
  5. With Grand Theft Auto IV's dowloadable add ons, I keep wondering what they'll bring out for the upcoming title. The Lost & The Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony were great, but will they be able to achieve a greater add on? What kind of DLCs will you be expecting?
  6. Rumors have been hinted and flying around for the last few days, of GTA V Previews with the press. And now I've rounded up a collection of information which source these previews: CVG - The first to hint up to two weeks ago if i'm not mistaken. http://www.computera...ld-rules-again/ IGN - Thanks to JamieMilne for providing source. GameInformer Touring The Open World: http://www.gameinfor...eft-auto-v.aspx Your Personal Stamp: http://www.gameinfor...eft-auto-v.aspx The Art of the Heist: http://www.gameinfor...t-in-gta-v.aspx Edge http://www.edge-onli...tars-next-epic/ OPM http://www.officialp...credible-world/ OXM Videogamer http://www.videogame...pated_game.html JeuxVideo (France) http://www.jeuxvideo...o-v-preview.htm GameKings (NL) http://www.gamekings...d-theft-auto-v/ Meristation (Spain) http://www.meristati...1535995/1859784 (Spain) http://www.3djuegos....d-theft-auto-v/ (Italian) - Thanks to Gunsmith117 for providing source. http://multiplayer.i...-la-rapina.html (Italian) http://www.everyeye....anteprima_19448 Kotaku: -Thanks to joshknopp for providing source. more to come i'm sure... Keep an eye on all of these information vendors and be sure to come back here once the previews have been released, for a deep analysis and comparison from the community! Video Podcast: /edit Some of the new features: Extensive Character Customisation; Clothes, Tattoos, Haircuts/Styles, and more Weapon Customisation; Laser sights, scopes, extended clips, and more Car Modding - Pay N Spray Mod Shops; Window tints, body kits, and more Buy Businesses and Properties; Garages, marinas, nightclubs, and more Scuba Diving - Confirmed Hud Bars- Health, Armour, Special HP re-gens to 50% only when critical, and once escaped death. 100% requires hp pickups. Character Attributes System - Stats include; Special, Stamina, Shooting, Strength, Stealth, Flying, Driving, Mechanic Ability, Lung Capacity Character Special Skills: Franklin - Slow-Mo Driving Trevor - Frenzy mode, double damage Michael - Bullet time Rich with Wildlife 3D Radar, like a GPS. Fluidly run & gun from the hip Combat Jog - move high speed with weapons out Combat role - between cover, like Max Payne 3 Improved reticle. Sound cone on HUD, the more noise you make, the more likely you will attract police. Heists consist of "Planning & Prep" followed by "Plan of Attack", and then "Chose a Crew" before executing the job. Discuss.
  7. The amount of whining coming from spoiled little brats is getting on my tits. Not only on fan sites like this one but on every article on Rockstar's Newswire too. Comments like "We don't care about crappy Max Payne 3 just give us GTA V news now!" are a complete waste of time and prove these idiots lack the brain cells required to add anything of interest for the rest of us to read. Try using your brain to think of something constructive to say or just don't say anything at all. Rockstar aren't going to give in to your apron string pulling like your mother probably does every time you scream at her for an ice cream. Grow up!