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  3. 130? I saw only for 160 minimum
  4. The Submersible (original submarine) can be found at the Sonar Collections Dock after purchase. It can also be obtained after completing the The Merryweather Heist when it spawns at the Sandy Shores airfield when playing as Trevor. The Kraken was added on new-gen and can be obtained after completing the Wildlife Photography Challenge when it spawns at Cape Catfish. Other submarines are only available in new-gen GTA Online.
  5. Hello community, let me ask how to get a submarine in GTA 5, does anyone know. Please guide me.
  6. GTAO: The Cayo Perico Heist Dec. 15th It’s time to raise the stakes higher than ever before. You’ve broken a convicted spy out of Bolingbroke Penitentiary. You’ve saved the world from an egomaniacal tech billionaire. And you’ve beaten the odds to drain a casino of its cash. This time, you’re taking on an entire island. Prepare to infiltrate the remote island compound of the world’s most notorious drug dealer in Grand Theft Auto Online’s biggest, most daring, and action-packed addition yet: The Cayo Perico Heist. It’s up to you to find a way to breach Cayo Perico, one of the most secure private islands in the entire world, evade or neutralize the heavily armed security forces stationed there, and escape with valuable evidence along with as much art, gold and drug money as you can carry. Choose your tools. Choose your approach. Choose your crew – or even go it entirely alone. Just make it back to Los Santos in one piece. The Cayo Perico Heist is the biggest GTA Online adventure ever, introducing an all-new exotic Heist location, with a brand-new approach to Heist design that features the ability to play everything solo or with up to three other players. Plus you can acquire new vehicles and tactical weapons, experience new social spaces to dance and party in with your friends, and new world-class guest DJs, and listen to new radio stations with over 100 new songs. Oh, and a very large, very versatile, and very heavily armed submarine HQ with plenty of other surprises. Stay tuned for more details as you prepare for The Cayo Perico Heist!
  7. BUMP Looks like they are actually going to add a location for DLC. If it's indeed another island I assume it will be based on Catalina Island off the coast of Los Angeles. Or another "distant" location we have to "fly" to. edit: enlarged image of the map:
  8. A year later and got the coordinate system down... The map is split into grid tiles that are 512x512. You can see them while under the map and looking a distance away (the edges of the low-poly grids disappear when you get close). The entire map is 48x48 of those tiles = 24576 each side. We figured the coordinate system is actually in meters (or very close to it, see below) so that gives a total area of the entire Red Dead Redemption 2 map as 604 sqkm or 233 sqmiles. This is edge to edge but the actual edges are under water so that takes away some of the area. Still quite a huge map. Edges: North 8192 East 12800 South -16384 West -11776
  9. From the office of Dr Isiah Friedlander Client Notes - Highly Confidential A bit of a tragic case - riddled with contradictory issues. Tries to do the right thing - poor judgment as to what that is. At times can really embrace his hypocrisy. Classic consumer, trying to fill spiritual void with material possessions - should try to sell them a lot of my books, CDS etc. At times, can be oddly morally superior, which is incredible. Avoids certain seamy behaviors - unfortunately not all of them. Cares about family, despite their obvious problems. Probably hoards money under mattress rather than invests it. Incapable of valuing suffering of others. Tends to not steal too much more than situation requires - is that a good thing? I have no idea anymore. Devoted yogi? Bizarre! Lazy, lazy, lazy. Narrow minded. A.D.D.? So this is why I went to medical school.
  10. Wow, the nostalgia of coming back here again... crazee that it's still here. The San Andreas days were the best. 🤩😍

    1. DuPz0r


      Yes they were brother!

  11. No joke! Grand Theft Auto V will be released on the PlayStation 5 console in the second half of 2021. Rockstar Games mentions the 7-year-old title will be released on "next generation consoles" so it will more than likely be available on the Xbox counterpart when that releases as well. The game is being upgraded to take advantage of the new systems including graphics and controls. Of course GTA Online will accompany GTA V. Rockstar promises plenty of more content to be added in the future for PC and the next generation consoles. PlayStation Plus members on PlayStation 4 will get GTA$1,000,000 (deposited into their in-game Maze Bank account within 72 hours of log-in) each month they play GTA Online until the launch of GTA Online on PlayStation 5 too!
  12. All these years later and there still does not appear to be a definite answer to solve this Gauntlet issue. Perhaps it was patched if you are running an older version? Aside from that, the standard tricks would be: Wait a few in-game days Switch characters Do some other missions if available Kill yourself (in-game ) Restart console Load a different save, then back to the current one Load previous save and replay through this mission ^Should have been the first thing to say. Off hand I don't remember if you can get the getaway vehicle early on or need to get through the driller and train missions first. From the Big Score guide, when you have a suitable getaway vehicle, call Lester > Getaway vehicle ready. If the vehicle is not suitable or you are stuck before this mission is actually available, the option should not be accessible.
  13. I'm having a similar problem, I planned all of the crew as normal in the club, and left afterwards as I had to go. Upon coming back, and waiting for at least an hour and a half, switching between characters and doing all the side missions I possibly can, I'm not getting any emails, no markers on my map, and there are no cars spawning at any of the locations. Please help, my save that I had last was around 20%, and I will have to replay hours of content just to get back to where I am now. I've also tried getting a car for the getaway vehicle, but I'm not getting any signs that that's what I'm supposed to be doing, as normally it will say whether the car can be used for a getaway, but in this case there is no notification at all. For reference I chose the obvious approach.
  14. I have the same problem now, anyone already know a solution for the issue?
  15. I bought the FHI hunter helicopter and it won't give me the option to upgrade it in my hangar. Anyone have this issue and how do I fix it??
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