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  2. From the office of Dr Isiah Friedlander Client Notes - Highly Confidential A bit of a tragic case - riddled with contradictory issues. Tries to do the right thing - poor judgment as to what that is. At times can really embrace his hypocrisy. Classic consumer, trying to fill spiritual void with material possessions - should try to sell them a lot of my books, CDS etc. At times, can be oddly morally superior, which is incredible. Avoids certain seamy behaviors - unfortunately not all of them. Cares about family, despite their obvious problems. Probably hoards money under mattress rather than invests it. Incapable of valuing suffering of others. Tends to not steal too much more than situation requires - is that a good thing? I have no idea anymore. Devoted yogi? Bizarre! Lazy, lazy, lazy. Narrow minded. A.D.D.? So this is why I went to medical school.
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  4. Wow, the nostalgia of coming back here again... crazee that it's still here. The San Andreas days were the best. 🤩😍

  5. No joke! Grand Theft Auto V will be released on the PlayStation 5 console in the second half of 2021. Rockstar Games mentions the 7-year-old title will be released on "next generation consoles" so it will more than likely be available on the Xbox counterpart when that releases as well. The game is being upgraded to take advantage of the new systems including graphics and controls. Of course GTA Online will accompany GTA V. Rockstar promises plenty of more content to be added in the future for PC and the next generation consoles. PlayStation Plus members on PlayStation 4 will get GTA$1,000,000 (deposited into their in-game Maze Bank account within 72 hours of log-in) each month they play GTA Online until the launch of GTA Online on PlayStation 5 too!
  6. All these years later and there still does not appear to be a definite answer to solve this Gauntlet issue. Perhaps it was patched if you are running an older version? Aside from that, the standard tricks would be: Wait a few in-game days Switch characters Do some other missions if available Kill yourself (in-game ) Restart console Load a different save, then back to the current one Load previous save and replay through this mission ^Should have been the first thing to say. Off hand I don't remember if you can get the getaway vehicle early on or need to get through the driller and train missions first. From the Big Score guide, when you have a suitable getaway vehicle, call Lester > Getaway vehicle ready. If the vehicle is not suitable or you are stuck before this mission is actually available, the option should not be accessible.
  7. I'm having a similar problem, I planned all of the crew as normal in the club, and left afterwards as I had to go. Upon coming back, and waiting for at least an hour and a half, switching between characters and doing all the side missions I possibly can, I'm not getting any emails, no markers on my map, and there are no cars spawning at any of the locations. Please help, my save that I had last was around 20%, and I will have to replay hours of content just to get back to where I am now. I've also tried getting a car for the getaway vehicle, but I'm not getting any signs that that's what I'm supposed to be doing, as normally it will say whether the car can be used for a getaway, but in this case there is no notification at all. For reference I chose the obvious approach.
  8. I have the same problem now, anyone already know a solution for the issue?
  9. Make sure you have the workshop.
  10. I bought the FHI hunter helicopter and it won't give me the option to upgrade it in my hangar. Anyone have this issue and how do I fix it??
  11. Sometimes when I need a good laugh, I'll just go outside and cough on a homeless person. 

  12. I dressed as Joe Exotic Bones encouraged me to clothesline myself. It was textbook. video of that A sumo match with these big ass things. It might look dramatic but really they were pretty slow. Bones coming in for the kill on R2. And a little help from Freddy. Bye R2 Bones looks very stuck but I think he somehow got out. Dup goes for a kill. I think it was Freddy who got away but I made sure Dup is done for. R2 though it was a good idea to try and steal one of our Trucks. But I caught him. Taking Down Petrie. I hop down to go after Weev He had my back on the landing but my camera was already span around to initiate the auto lock Taking down Dup R2 thought it was a good idea to get into a car during the last team standing. He thought wrong Weev coming at me he climbs up. Bones gets a shot on him Then the gun butt I went and got my car Austin Powersed And finally Petrie's hat flies.
  13. Yeah haha, that was funny. Here's the beta/cut relics:
  14. That's a lot to cut. They must be saving them for RDO or something. So many nicely completed models to waste. Also lol at "do not use" in giant letters.
  15. I recently found a load of trinket models hidden in the game files unused in-game. Here's a video of most of them: I did accidentally put 1 or two in the video that are still actually in the game. So I decided to put together a gallery of all the beta or partially missing trinkets together with thier menu icons.
  16. I tried to compile Guarma's satellite images, but soon realised that it wasn't going to be the whole Island. That was how it looked when it was finished. So in order for it to look complete, I had to do a bit of artistic liberty, and remastered the areas that looked incomplete. Here's the outcome And I decided to tag the landmarks as I did with my original Guarma Mapping project. Click images for larger view
  17. Full map with Guarma's exact position. Click for large version.
  18. And here's the entire map, including the non-solid mesh.
  19. After days of piecing together map images of RDR2, I can finally show the world this 6500x6500 pixel image of the entire map in satallite with the outskirt or outter map geography too. I didn't add the blurry non-solid map area since this took long enough to put together. And we only really want to see the solid parts anyway right? Click the image for large versions, download that image for highest resolution & quality. Enjoy!
  20. I fuck up and Weev passes me the start of the race taking out Bones taking out gtagrl Bones's excellent driving skills causes a major traffic jam ahh goddammit taking out Weev Bones's excellent flying skills get himself killed. gtagrl crashed. Weev incoming for some revenge But I just brush it off Weev incoming for some more revenge I brush it off again Weev clearly has this on lock. He takes out Dup. Also I wish I saved the clip. Weev ended up killing me but himself at the same time. Buggy Racing!
  21. Omg I haven’t been on this site since like 2013 and just came across it see some of the same people on here from way back then and before is crazy. Cheers. 

  22. BMX and i kicking off the underpants theme Bones show down while I jump my RC over him Armed robbery with weev Playlist time. BMX steals gtagrl's car and i run her over GTA race. Taking out Bones and Weev BMX set up a roadblock I run through swinging Hatchet High. Taking out...Dup? Bones vs BMX BMX wins Taking out Weev Then my clips ends here. We can all guess what happens next VS gtagrl Jizzy, Bones, BMX Then the fucking strawberrry again. Didn't see who wins. gtagrl kills Weev but falls too The notorious corner 1 in Fanboy's race. Truth flys over me Bumping into BMX and I dragged him down the street like this Evidence that BMX eliminated his own teammate ( Dup I think ) Bones and I celebrate our victory upstream struggle showing Fanman what I think of him Weev and gtagrl in the background Bones gets hit from the video above Truth turns around to throw a moltov and get smacked And finally let the hats fly
  23. Found my new favorite YT series


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