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  2. What’s up folks! Back again to where it all began.    I see there’s a new website, personally it should have always stayed as 😜

    [GFG] 👊

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  4. Our new forums are live at You'll need to register again, but we'd love to see you over there!

  5. Bones wont a playlist finally Weev missed the memo it was a scooter race So he proceeded on foot Bones sends a strong message to GTAGRL Bones dominated this deathmatch Gtagrl vs Jamie...who will win? Bones does Jamie kills gtagrl Him and Weev run right by each other Bones kills Petrie I took too many photos of it because fuck Petrie Bones with the gun bash on weev, who apparently changed outfits in the middle of the deathmatch Everyone in the deathmatch can be seen in this picture Weeev kills gtagrl Bones kills Jamie Bones kills weev Gtagrl with a kill on Petrie Here is a hero shot for gtagrl. She kills Jamie too But it was short lived night always has to end with flying hats
  6. I would like to recommend my page - There you can find a lot of useful stuff
  7. The hospital is where my granny is. Her diabetes causes neuropathy or other issues in her feet. She was admitted because she won't let my dad or myself trim her toe nails, and as a result, she cut through the skin and now has an infection. It's nothing serious; all she needs are medicines. She has since been admitted to oncology, though. She has always lied about being ill and pretended it was no big deal, blaming it on the overcrowding in the hospital area she was in. She won't offer us any more information.
  8. Hi. You can use the Color Configurator mod for this. I use it myself. Allows you to customize the colors for any vehicle in Farming Simulator 22.
  9. You can download and install mods. There are a lot of them on the Internet, for any color. And so, through the Giants Editor you need to change.
  10. Hi all. If anyone on this forum plays Farming Simulator 2022, can you tell me how to change the color of my vehicles in the game? And is it possible to do this at all. Only started playing a week ago. I can change the color of some of the vehicles, but some I can't.
  11. I just started watching anime about a month ago. I saw a review of the anime Chainsaw Man. I loved this masterpiece. It made me fall in love with anime.
  12. How many times I played this wonderful game on my PS 2 with my friends when I was young... Those were great times. Crash Bandicoot is one of the best games for the Sony PlayStation.
  13. GTA Vice City is forever in my heart.
  14. Yes, very often. And that's my problem. Tried to sit less, it doesn't work. I've become addicted)
  15. I have the same problem. I hope someone will give me a clear answer.
  16. I drink whiskey, my favorite being Jack Daniels, but sometimes I also drink Jameson.
  17. And I adore meat dishes. Oven-baked chicken, stews, cutlets, and more.
  18. I don't smoke and I haven't even tried it. I prefer alcohol.
  19. I've been drinking only beer for about 5 years now. I brew it myself, I've been into brewing for a few years now. I can tell you that no store-bought beer compares to the one you make yourself.
  20. Hi. My name is Alex. I am a simple GTA player. I work as a programmer, moonlighting on freelance. In my free time I play games. I live in Canada. I like to watch soccer with my friends with beer)
  21. Alas, your car is lost forever.
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