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  1. yea it's Sam Houser who is born on May 24th. The theme song called Odgens Nuts Gone Flake or something was released on 24th May 1968.
  2. See that's got me wondering now about the second trailer even more now.
  3. I agree GTA IV must of been put back about 3 or 4 times. I heard about Max Payne 3 was put back so many times it affected GTA V. The last I heard that you would be able to create Crews and one of the game modes will be Gang Wars. Apparently Rockstar confirmed this but it could just be bullshit. I hope it's not though. Fake. Doesn't mean anything. The 2405 thing is sad. Nothing GTA V related is going to happen in the middle of Max Payne 3 releasing. That's stupid. How the fuck does that mean the game is 87% complete? Where the hell did you pull that number from? And just because they talked about crews doesn't mean anything is actually done with V. It just means they have a starting point already. They still have to code the whole multiplayer system for the actual game. And no, Rockstar didn't say Gang Wars would be in GTA V. That's Max Payne 3. 87% is the number everyone is giving but in all honesty it probably is made up. We'll probably never know, unless Rockstar magically announce it.
  4. I know I thought of some bullshit about GTA V being released on 7th August 2012. This isn't me trying to be popular, as I don't give a shit what anyone thinks. But the whole thing about me being shot. That was funny, I must admit. Anyway alot of may already know this, but GTA V is deffinetly October 2012. The main reason being that GTA V is 87% finished!! The other reasons are like this: 1) On some Google thingy GTA V's release date is shown October 2012. Apparently some Rockstar employee put this on Google 2) The trailer released in 2011, so 2013 release is BULLSHIT!! This is probably the most obvious reason. 3) Like many other people, I believe the 2nd GTA V trailer will come out on 24th May. This also gives away it's deffinetly 2012. 4) Rockstar confirmed that Crews and Gang Wars will be in GTA V. This deffinetly tells us GTA V is near completion (87%) If anyone has other thoughts or reasons. Please post them!!
  5. I don't think it's a secret anymore that GTA IV just wasn't fun. Since San Andreas with the exception of Vice City Stories (in my opinion), GTA has been very disappointing. Now don't get me wrong multiplayer changed GTA forever!! In all honesty though there was just no fun cheats, and the phone numbers, I didn't get that at all. Anyway, what I'm getting at is, what serious and unserious things do you want in GTA V? Personally, I'd like to see: Dismembering kills. Dog fights. Maybe bush fires in the mountians. Customising vehicles, weapons, and character (not appearance though). ETC. What do you think?
  6. I kinda like the idea of putting one of the oringinal GTAs into an arcade game. If that's not a good idea then I would like a game similar to GTA or Saints Row put into it. There's was actually a forum on What would ruin GTA V for you? I said ZOMBIES! But if they made a zombie arcade game, I wouldn't mind at all.
  7. ZOMBIES!!!! THEY RUINED EVERY GAME SUCH AS: RED DEAD REDEMPTION. I agree with you 100% I think with GTA V being Rockstar's biggest game yet. I think there should way over 100 missions in it (maybe 200) and unlimited side missions like Gang Wars, Taxi jobs, Bus Driver, Vigilante, etc. GTA IV was claimed to be a very social game, and it was. But I think you should've been able to develop friendships with randomers you play pool or darts with, etc.
  8. GTA V has been in development since 2006. I think this will be the greatest GTA yet, the whole IV ERA looks like and feels like it was just put together on a weekend or bank holiday.
  9. Hang Glider + snow=fantastic. It would add that open world experience.
  10. Oh Yeah Yusuf; in my opnion he is by far the funniest character in the IV era. I love how he acts like a typical local from here in Dubai, but in America. It's hilarious Or hackers. "We have lift off moterfuckas" Deffinetly. They say there's a familiar face you have to break from prison. Maybe it's CJ or Badman.
  11. Nice opinions everyone. I remember this guy on youtube Olli43 I think you called him saying that it would be cool to go sking which I think is a fantastic and very imaginative idea. What do you think of that idea? I agree completely but GTA IV annoyed with buses only appearing in missions and planes only taxied around the airport for no reason. Things like that should deffinetly be looked at and improved on in my opinion
  12. Over the years GTA has been very realistic and very over the top at times which is great fun and interesting. But should it be more realistic? How do you think airplanes and airports should operate in the game? Police? Other emergency services? Taxis/Buses? What are you're opinions?
  13. I forgot all about Little Jacob. I would love to see him or Yusuf back, not playable but like the same way he was in TBoGT. Thank you very much for all your comments. Keep them coming in!
  14. I hear alot of people discussing about how the main character could be Tommy Vercetti. I would love to see him return deffinetly or one of the McRearys. Who would you like to see return to GTA?