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  1. This would be stupid I hate the old time cop shit the did tht with la noire and it was stupid they need to make it present day
  2. Better police cars like mustangs and laborginies And chargers not the regular impalas
  3. they should be realistic cause that was just boring
  4. I really want to see k-9 unit I think that would be really cool espically if u could be a cop on the side but I want to be pulled over not automatically arrested
  5. The should make it similar to the one in midnight club la
  6. Yes that would be cool jump out a plane and fly
  7. I hope the fix the disappearing of cars but cause that was stupid I hated when that happend espically when I was in multiplayer in Iv but I hope they make cooler looking police cars and stuff where u can change the lights like a real police car not just the basic sirens
  8. Already said it kinda was but not really
  9. I know I wanted to see what people would come up with they could have really cool ideas i said u could do all that to and people have diffrent opinions
  10. Do you want jobs I gta v to become like a police officer,fireman,paramedic,work at a restaurant, ect. And if you do what job would you take