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  1. No car modification. I will be pissed. Evertime I play Midnight Club LA I drive through South Central in my tricked out 64 Impala and I just wanna do a driveby while bouncin my hydros and custom pant that says "Real Nigga" on the side
  2. Vice City and San Andreas especially are better than IV. IV is just GTA3 with pretty graphics, motorcycles & helicoptors. IV is boring after the story. What I hate about IV? Easier to say what I like... Graphics Shooting/ Cover system Should have been like San Andreas
  3. Didnt Luis Lopez smoke cigarettes. I seem to remember he did if you let him stand around, unless Im confused with Saints Row 2. They did show Luis drink though. It was fun to drink til u passed out and wake up in random places
  4. If we are gonna play as an old man he better be a bad ass like Sylvestor Stallone, who is 65, Chuck Norris 71, Danny Trejo 67, Bruce Willis in his 50s, Jackie Chan in his 50s, Samuel L. Jackson 65. There are plenty of old people who can kick ass, go watch the Expendables. Age isn't an issue for me.
  5. No. Most American cars suck too, except for the classics. I dont like any of the new ones. Overpriced ugly pieces of shit
  6. Renaults are gay, bland and ugly. Not visually interesting at all and too small to be practical for some people.
  7. Ing eIt means it better have everything from San Andreas and more. 4 was a big graphical improvement but SA beat it on almost everything else. 4 was a huge step backwards. Sequels should add more elements not take them out. 4 is basically GTA3 with pretty graphics, motorcycles & helicoptors. San Andreas > Gta IV on all aspects except graphics & shooting/cover system. GTA V has a shit ton to prove and it better be at least as good as SA or I will be unsatisfied
  8. The cars are ugly. My opinion but if u ask me 99% of cars built after 1985 are ugly. In London its worse. More like 100%
  9. Cars in London are gay. Who wants to jack a fuckin Renault or some other overly small ugly compact piece of shit that nobody has heard of or even gives a fuck about. A Puegot? Horrible vehicles
  10. I hope it has LV and SF. If not... Fuck them in the ass, twice, with a big black aids infected sweaty penis
  11. Same as San Andreas. Every game since San Andreas has been taking steps back instead of going forward, FUCK THAT. That is why IV is BORING after you beat the story
  12. Fuck London. Flat, boring, gay compact eurobox cars. Skinny ass streets, the weather is SHIT. Clouds everyday, rain, no sunshinee. The Getaway SUCKED