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  1. Rayge

    Elite challenge

    It seems to be impossible to complete elite challenges when I can rarely even complete heist setups because people seem to think it's necessary to shoot continously out the car window when it says to keep a low profile.
  2. Is there anyone that wants to do some heists? I have been trying in vain for the past few days because of people who simply don't know how to read. PS3
  3. Makes sense now, thanks. And also, is the show simply based on the novels or does it follow through with almost everything that happens in them? I'd like to read them some time, but I prefer the suspense in the show so I don't want to ruin it by finding out what happens beforehand.
  4. Had an interesting experience last night. Friends of a friend who used to live in Saudi came over to hang out with us. We bought some JD and drank at a park, and I was surprised as fuck when he pulled out a joint from his pack of Marlboros. We shared it between 3, wasn't enough to get really high but I could feel the cottonmouth and the beginning of the effect, which was fucking amazing considering where I am. Smoked in a total of 3 countries now, and counting.
  5. I was confused when 25GB on my HDD wasnt enough, 60GB is insane
  6. Yeah probably, but it was ony $15 and I only had half an hour to find it since we had a curfew due to people getting drunk on the trip last year. And since it's virtually impossible to buy in Dubai, I think it was worth it.
  7. Here's a summary of my school trip to Vietnam
  8. Rayge

    World Of Warcraft

    It's about Alliance and I think the protagonist is Varyan Wynn (or whatever his name is). I'd have much preferred a movie based on the horde. I also heard heirlooms are accountwide now. That will make it super easy to level on the opposite faction, and even on other realms.
  9. I'm being forced to read 'The Road' by Cormac McCarthy for school. Anyone read it?
  10. How much does this cost? I imagine mine would be mixed as fuck from my moms side of the family
  11. What we smoke here in arabland ( king robert cap not included)
  12. Exactly, they just want you to think he's changed so when you realize he hasn't you hate him even more.