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  1. wot would be the point in bringin back all those gangs if u want grove street n ballas play san andreas like a 40 year old white guys goin t go rolling round with a couple ov broke ass gangsters, gangs wld be good in the game like the crips n bloods n mafia n maybe even triads but gang turf wars a mean come on have you seen the main character he looks like hes ready for his zimmer frame never mind rolling on some ballas fools this games about money not street gangs
  2. they should make a driving class thing again like in san andreas but with the gta iv style driving that would be sweet
  3. That's one of the dumbest things I've ever read. Rockstar puts an immense amount of work into assembling a soundtrack that suits the time period and city the game takes place in, because they realize that you spend the majority of the game in a vehicle, and the soundtrack is a huge part of the immersion. Rockstar cares about the soundtrack, and they spend a lot of time - months, probably - searching for the perfect songs for each game. If R* didn't care about what was on the radio in GTA, they'd just use a bunch of shitty mainstream rap music to appease the gangster-wannabe retards that just want GTA V to be a San Andreas remake. dumbest thing you've ever read are you a rockstar/GTA fucking know it all like, so how come all the songs in gta iv wer shit as fuck yeah they really took time with that 1 didnt they, u trying to say they sit there and go are this song will work good for a police chase or this one will go well with a jewelry heist and the end of the day its fuckin music and from wot i can remember every single gta other than vice city had shit as fuck songs
  4. made this topic so i could find out what everyone plans to do first when they get there copy of GTA V for either 360 ps3 or pc once all the loading and installing is complete and your staring at the new protagonist wot will be your first line of action for me i just cant wait to walk around the entire city taking in the sights and sounds of los santos what about you?
  5. I guess you totally ignored my post explaining why songs about California wouldn't actually fit in Los Santos? wen do any ov the songs put in gta games fit All the fucking time, dumbass. That's one of the elements that make up GTA, the music. no the actual game does not the music thts just ther to add a bit more realism, in car radio they dont give a shit bowt wot music they put on aslong as people buy the game is all rockstar worry bowt the music could be all country bullshit for all they care
  6. That annoyed me tho..all the buldings ended up looking the same. yes because tht was playstation 2 graphics this is 360 RAGE graphics
  7. las venturas and san fierro DLC with whole new storylines and characters to interact with weapons and cars just like episodes from liberty city tht shit was cool
  8. I guess you totally ignored my post explaining why songs about California wouldn't actually fit in Los Santos? wen do any ov the songs put in gta games fit
  9. should make it like on gta vice city stories wen u could buy real estates build them up and earn money off them and they should all be diffrent types of distributions like drugs loan sharks and protection
  10. aslong as tupac and dre california love is on the radio al be happy "out on bail fresh out of jail california dreamn soon as a step on the scene am hearin hoochies screamin and a couple from the game would be nice to
  11. wen your pulled over by the police say on a 1 or 2 star u should be able to counter-attack them sort off like IV wen u run away before they arrest you but wen they go to get you out the car u can either shoot them punch or kick and even slam the door on them. And we really really need improved driving A.I i am sick off trying to play the game properly and pulling up to the lights and stupid drivers trying to push past you.
  12. Hi to all you Gta 5 fanatics across the world i thought i would create this topic because to be honest i am going to be really disappointed if Rockstar have decided to make Ned Luke aka the old guy in the trailer as the main protagonist for the game how can you play as an old man in a city full of sex drugs and crime if anything the main character should be the African american man running down the side street or the red car guy it wouldn't feel the same running round los santos as a man whos nearly past his sell buy date for a game like grand theft auto we need a young protagonist not a fat white guy with a receding hair line. This is just my opinion what do you guys think on the subject. lets hope we can change rockstars mind before more information is released.
  13. there should be a camera angle like on driver SF and dirt 3 where your looking at the stearing wheel would be cool driving through downtown los santos and wacthing people splat off your windscreen as you run them over
  14. dog shelters and stray be sweet having a dog to walk round with you whilst u shoot police in the face
  15. police A.i should be like, 1 star police chase u for say dangerous driving n give you a ticket and arrest you, 2 star backups called in and police get more aggressive yet wont open fire unless u have a gun, 3 star choppers out and police use rubber bullets and tear gas to subdue you 4 star dogs will come with backup if you run and deadly force may be used, 5 star swat teams arrive in armored trucks with roadblocks and spikes ready to shoot and kill, 6 star all bets are off military swarm the streets and do anything to kill you.