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  1. ^ No shit, I'm not saying unheard of, I'm saying not popular..
  2. Isn't it kinda ballsy for R* to use an unknown artist/song for a trailer like this.. Either way, I thought it had a great flow to it.. They usually go with something classic, but this trailer seemed very contemporary..
  3. ^ Agreed, I think after he throws the flare, is when the jet flies over and bombs the trailer park..
  4. ^ well yeah.. that would definitely be poo.. Rockstar's focus is more on realism, not crazy, over-the-top, ridiculous space shit that you speak of.. but that's just my opinion..
  5. Well My question now, is the juggernaut gear a clothing option, particular to just one mission or maybe in an equipment category? That would be a helluva police stand-off if we have the ability to use it off-mission..
  6. You still can... no one's stopping you. yeah there's probably still a shit ton of strategy guides being made.. As for the collectors edition, your probably out of luck wit dat..
  7. I used to think about the same thing.. I kinda wanted the standard experience, but then I figured shit, I paid way more than I should have for this game so I might as well have all the bonuses and extra shtuff along with it..
  8. Dictionary Definition: Hazing: - to harass with unnecessary or disagreeable tasks. - the practice of rituals and other activities involving harassment, abuse or humiliation used as a way of initiating a person into a group. But no need to argue, it was nothing but a lousy attempt of mine at humor... Moving on, so with crew hierarchies, does this mean that our crews can be larger than just 8 or so...?
  9. I would gladly be your Commissioner.. "Hey nOoBs, go fetch me a red Bugatti.. and if you're not back in ten, then find another fuckin' crew! And don't even think about bringin' the heat back here you little rat dick, or I'm killing you myself.." No. Just No.
  10. I would gladly be your Commissioner.. "Hey nOoBs, go fetch me a red Bugatti.. and if you're not back in ten, then find another fuckin' crew! And don't even think about bringin' the heat back here you little rat dick, or I'm killing you myself.."
  11. I pre-ordered way back as well.. I got the view of the city, not sure what it says on it though hah
  12. That was the handling of every vehicle in GTA IV.. And yes, they definitely fixed it.. Cars will hold to the ground much better in GTA V
  13. I've got my fingers crossed for this being Official Trailer #3 that way we'll have another trailer (Launch Trailer) down the road a ways.. I feel like it's way too soon for a launch trailer anyway..
  14. I was going to get the limited edition strategy guide mostly cuz I wanted the ultimate GTA V experience money could buy but I stuck with the standard edition instead.. The limited edition just doesn't sell itself to me I guess..
  15. I had one of those.. The rest of my day was a fucking drag..
  16. That's what I love about this shot, is that it doesn't even seem like he's that high (altitude wise ) That basically confirms the size of the map is going to be fucking huge..
  17. Is it just me or does it seem like there's some hostility between Mike and Trevor? Michael: "Damn it Trevor! We're trying to maintain a low profile here!" Trevor: "Well sorry but that guy gave me a look.." Michael: "Did that rape victim see your face?" Trevor: "No, we're golden.. He's at the bottom of the Salton.. Hahaha" Franklin: *sigh*
  18. Here we see Trevor building on his stock portfolio by sabotaging the transport of his investments.. Smart guy..
  19. I'll meet you behind the dumpsters later. Oh you can count on that..
  20. I'd like a mix between both.. I really liked the extreme type of triathalons in TBOGT but Id also like the opportunity to compete in a traditional triathlon as well, for old times sake I'm always up for a beat the cock challenge
  21. I was just thinking the other day (my first mistake) and I think it would be awesome if GTA V had some kind of inventory system, much like RDRs.. You switch to it and you'll have a kit of the shit that wouldn't be a part of the weapon wheel.. For example, in our inventory it might contain our customized bike helmet, bandana, mask, binocs, parachute, maybe an ifruit ipod, maybe extra armor, etc.. That way we'd have the option to throw on our masks or helmets whenever we want, not just when we hop on a bike.. In one of the multiplayer reviews, they stated that to lose your wanted level after some kind of mini-heist, you could just take your mask off (if you were wearing one before), which means that your not going back to a safehouse to take it off.. I hated how in IV, if I wanted to run around in my ski mask and terrorize the city, I'd always have to go back to an apartment to take it off again, which was very inconvenient toward my killing sprees.. Having an inventory could also open up a lot of options, for example: homemade type weapons, maybe a medical kit, or just random things the character may find in the world (underwater items, hidden collectables).. What do you guys think? Plausible?