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  1. Yeah but I don't think Rockstar molds their games around how much money they can make from it..
  2. I posted this a while back and never got a reply so I thought I'd repost it because it's still bugging me.. Its possible that swat only comes around in the city and not the rural Blaine County. With that said, military forces may work in the same way. and i do hope that there is some type of military presence outside of the base that has been mentioned. Well that was kinda my point, Trevor had a five-star out in the country with nothing but police and SWAT on his ass..
  3. I posted this a while back and never got a reply so I thought I'd repost it because it's still bugging me..
  4. So it appears that my wish has come true with usable trailers and hitches.. I wonder how far they will go with it now. I'm still hoping for some flatbed trailers to hitch onto as well to carry quads, dirt bikes, cars, etc...
  5. That's when he shoot's you to death and throws your corpse outta the car and gives it a test drive himself I was actually wondering if that would be possible though.. If someone has the DLC, can others who don't still drive that car, if the owner is killed for example ?
  6. I know the gameplay video dropped just a couple days ago but I can't help but wonder when Rockstar will release the next one if any.. I'm assuming there will be a series of them as this initial video was titled "Intro to the world of GTA V." Does anyone have any guesses as to when they may release another video/trailer or at least information regarding the game?
  7. After watching Trevor cruise around with a Five-star wanted level I found myself a little concerned.. If I remember correctly, a five-star was the new maximum wanted level yet there were just a few police cruisers as well as a couple choppers after him.. Is there gonna be a military presence or not? I'd be okay with nothing but police and SWAT waves but I was really looking forward to some military force.. Whadya think...?
  8. Thats a good assumption.. Everybody is trying to start theories about that "83 days" on the character selector when it's probably how many days were left until release at the time they created that portion of the video.. nothing more..
  9. Well I think I may have been right about being able to view our purchasable properties before we buy them..
  10. ^ I think that post alone, is worthy of being shitlist material..
  11. When you put it that way I feel that the majority aren't as big of GTA fans as the minority.. I would rather not see the gameplay but I'm gonna watch it anyway, mostly because I'm too hyped to ignore something like this.. But I'd like to experience that first official gameplay myself.. I feel as if the majority wanna see the gameplay to decide whether they're gonna pay the $60 or not.. They could care less about the experience imo..
  12. I didnt think the article was that bad imo.. But the fact that they ripped it off is pretty pathetic hah..
  13. I'd imagine with the return of The Lost there'll be a mission involving Trevor chasing them down the motorway freeway on a Freeway while blasting at them freely in a free way. Mission: Lost on the Freeway..
  14. Fuck that, I want to see the map now that they've revealed a chunk of it and with all the speculation that's been going on. Perhaps without the icons though, so it still has some elements of surprise. Well beggers can't be choosers my friend..
  15. Exactly, I'm probably not even going to open it until I've played through the game.. I just want the complete experience..
  16. I just preordered the Official Grand Theft Auto V SG.. So I'll be picking it up along with my Collector's Edition Box in September.. I figure I've waited about five years for this game, so I might as well go all out
  17. I like the ideas but I doubt they'll be in.. Doesn't seem like something Rockstar would spend a lot of time on, but ya never know.. I'm just happy that we're gonna be able to buy more houses.. I loved GTA IV but you had all that money at the end and your still staying in a shitty little studio apartment.. I found it quite ironic when I'd have on my best suit, laying on a piss-stained mattress.. At least we'll have some choice as to where we get to hideout Also kind of a dumb thought but I was wondering if we'll be able to kinda tour the house/property before you buy it or is it just gonna be a purchasable house there and you buy it or you don't.. What do you guys think...?