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  1. Which screen are you talking about having a first person view? no man no screen of it. it's words end of page 2 beginning of 3 makes me wonder if they will force us into 1st person camera angles for cinematic purposes like in this screencap.... for all we know, that could be trevor's point of view on this particular mission... i do wonder how they'll manage that aspect... I'm thinking just for cinematic and mission purposes. In the article it says Trevor's view is first person mostly because he's looking through binoculars (mission oriented)..
  2. Which screen are you talking about having a first person view?
  3. 28+12+13.9=53.9 square miles roughly. and that is probably how big it is cause i did the math. GTA V- 53.9 square miles?. It's actually gonna be a bit more than that.. "Sure, the land mass in GTA V is three-and-a-half times the size of Red Dead Redemption alone. In fact, it’s bigger than Red Dead Redemption, GTA IV and GTA: San Andreas combined." - IGN
  4. Now that purchasable properties are confirmed I'm really hoping for an available cabin up in the mountains somewhere.. Maybe something much like RDR but a bit more modern. I'd like the idea of having a parking space/garage next to it to store our off-road vehicles. Not sure how buying safe houses/properties will work with having 3 characters though. Especially since they mentioned in one of the previews that buying certain businesses will be character specific. (ex: Franklin more likely to buy a nightclub than Michael) What are your thoughts???
  5. I'll add that. I just looked at Audi since the grill design is similar to the A6 look-alike. Didn't one of the previews state that the grills of vehicles can be modified...?
  6. haha I think you may be right.. but I had to post it anyway
  7. What are your guys' take on this one? Love it personally.. My first impression is the Rebel but idk.. Shit haha bad timing..
  8. I hate to be that guy that notices this shit but this stripper doesn't appear to be wearing a top.. You guys think Rockstar is going to include nudity or is this bitch just wearing nipple tassels? haha
  9. The difference between RDR and GTA IV though was that in RDR you would have every weapon you've found. In GTA IV, you were limited to one weapon of each category. Because of this, I'm hoping for some sort of upgraded weapon wheel. At times, I liked using the AK in GTA IV yet it wasn't worth sacrificing my M4 Carbine.. If they were to allow the player to have both, I think it would greatly enhance not only free roam gameplay but mission-based gameplay as well..
  10. Well, if Franklin is a gang member, I certainly hope he wouldn't believe that. We've already had one black protagonist who was a huge pussy, I'd like to see Franklin make up for it. its not something to believe.. its just a fact.. he doesnt have to be active in the gang if he dont want to, but he will always will be a part of the gang... like cj saying "i havnt repped grove in 5 years", that stuff dont matter and imo gta5 will be much better if you have one charactor as an active gang member, would put a whole new prospective on the game.. Idk what the fuck your talkin about man?! "a new perspective." We've already been there and done that shit.. Side Note: learn how to fuckin spell..
  11. I agree but I'm pretty sure in one of the interviews, they said something about Frank walking out of a marijuana dispensary...?
  12. I'm guessing the trailers are going to show off each characters personality a bit and mostly their "specific activities" they each like to do. Maybe a little more info about where the live and who they hang with.. I'm thinking Trevor will probably enjoy lighting shit on fire just because it's Trevor (as we've seen already), dealing drugs, arms, etc. I could also see him fucking with the police just to do it. haha While Franklin seems like he would be involved in like an illegal racing community type of thing. He is also our youngest protagonist so he would be more fit to be involved in like an underground fight club much like TBoGT. Maybe hes a guy that likes to "hit up" clubs, go drinking, smoke chronic...? As for Michael, maybe hes the occasional scuba diving, golfing, yoga training, maybe cycling kind of a guy..? What are your thoughts?
  13. Do you guys think they have created a completely new police pursuit system or do you think they have just upgraded GTA IVs system? Personally, I think they should just keep the current system and work out the tweaks, although I found it to work pretty well. Maybe instead of a perfect circle of area the police search for you, it could be maybe a specific neighborhood they will search for you or depending on the amount of stars, a certain district or even city/town...
  14. It would also allow for some badass gameplay.. ex: have guys already in their cars loaded up on the trailer, all facing the ramp. As the driver of the truck is going 100 mph on the freeway, he/she drops the ramp and all the drivers floor it off the trailer in the opposite direction just to slam into oncoming traffic.. End result: Bodies and carnage everywhere
  15. Just a thought but what if Rockstar includes one of those Vomet Comets (airplanes that fly above gravitational pull of the earth)? THAT would be a fun aircraft to jump out of hah Or if we could have the ability to do a space jump..
  16. We've seen a few trailers in screens and trailers but do you think we'll actually be able to use them? I recall having the ability to use the vehicle carrier in San Andreas but it wasn't very effective and I think I remember cars would glitch out sometimes.. Anyway, if Rockstar were to include something simple like this, I think it could really add to all the shit we will already be doing.. I would personally load up a trailer-full of dirt bikes, quads and any other ATVs and head for the hills. I could only imagine the fun in multiplayer and the trolling capabilities.. ex: one guy hunts down a variety of sports cars and loads them onto the trailer while trolls are trailing the driver and blowing up the cars Anyway what do you guys think??? Too much room for trolling?
  17. What my thought was, was that if we're let's say playing as Trevor and we wanna go somewhere in the city, fast traveling to another character isn't really gonna help if we wanna play as him.. If you get what I mean.. That's why I'm hoping that Rockstar will upgrade the taxi use system so it's not such a pain in the ass sometimes.. Or we could just steal a quad and drive there as Trevor?
  18. Rockstar has said that there is a "vibrant and fun" economy. They have also talked about the use of the in-game internet. I'm predicting that there will be "stuff" available to purchase through the internet. Maybe weapons, cars, phones, bikes, etc. I think car dealerships may come into play as well. I'm hoping there will be plenty of clothes customization which would lead to more clothing shops or websites. Perhaps an Ammu-Nation website?
  19. Being a bit of a redneck, I'm hoping for plenty of trucks hah It would be great if we get some kind of vehicle customization as well so we can attach some badass bull-bars and KCs, maybe some lift kits and off-roading tires. It's sounding like we're gonna get a lot map and I plan on using all of it. Tearing up the back roads to all of those small towns...
  20. I'm definitely looking forward to getting my use from the new "flipping the bird" feature. I'm gonna be flipping off cops, bikers, hookers, gang members, dogs, mo fuckas at da gym and random ass people especially. Thats really gonna brighten my day.
  21. Hunting should almost be confirmed if animals are in.. It's not like Rockstar to include animals in a game like this without having the ability to "shoot the shit outta 'em!" They pulled it off in Red Dead and I'm almost positive they will in GTA V..