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  1. Pothatuu

    Single Player DLC

    Obligatory comment related to DLC so post appears to be on topic. Paragraph complaining about GTA Online.
  2. Pothatuu

    Single Player DLC

    Don't read the comments on the Rockstar website...
  3. Pothatuu

    Single Player DLC

    They also have pics of the SNS Pistol...
  4. Pothatuu

    Single Player DLC

    Was cruising around LS today and had a few more ideas to add to my wishlist... 1. The Casino and Racetrack should become functional as DLC, maybe with a Casino heist. 2. A Ballad of Gay Tony style set of club interiors, maybe with club management and other activities. Want want want!
  5. Pothatuu

    Single Player DLC

    I'm excited just to hear "plus info on some exciting new Story Mode updates as well". Although, Rockstar has said that they'd post info "very soon", which means any where between 3 to 7 months...
  6. Pothatuu

    Single Player DLC

    http://au.ign.com/wikis/gta-5/DLC I WAS there last night, but they've since removed it. May not be true then. You can still see some people discussing it via Google. "i just saw this at ign. $49? so they know the price but dont give u one bit of info on what it is?"
  7. Pothatuu

    Single Player DLC

    What do you guys think will be this $49 Single Player DLC they've mentioned? A North Yankton map? LV? SF? Or maybe a TLAD/TBOGT style expansion in the V map?
  8. Pothatuu

    List of all Animals?

    Rats. I've seen plenty of rats. Especially in the homeless camps.
  9. Pothatuu

    General Soundtrack Discussion

    How old are you, Mr. Handsome B Wonderful? Early 20's?
  10. Pothatuu

    GTAO Bugs and Troubleshooting

    I just have to keep robbing the stores over and over. Any progress I make in the story is lost, but I keep my stats.
  11. Pothatuu

    GTAO Bugs and Troubleshooting

    Played for a few hours. No lag, no crashes. Just a lot of jerks who want to kill me. I'm trying to play the "story", but some of the vital missions fail to download.
  12. Pothatuu

    GTAO Bugs and Troubleshooting

    And it's working! Intro has started up! (5 minutes later...) Hit another hiccup. I'm literally sitting in a game lobby waiting for the session to start. I was standing there by myself for a good 3 minutes before a few more players popped in. Still waiting for the session to start... (10 minutes later) Reloaded the session, and now I'm back waiting in a lobby. Looks like I'm one of a million... http://support.rockstargames.com/hc/en-us/articles/200426246
  13. Pothatuu

    GTAO Bugs and Troubleshooting

    I got in, but there was nothing going on, just a bunch of confused looking players like me.
  14. Pothatuu

    GTA Online Fansite Preview: Q&A

    Ah, cool. So, perhaps if GTAV was set in September 2013, GTA Online's story (at first, I guess) takes place in July 2013 or something...
  15. Pothatuu

    GTAO DLC Topic

    From what Rockstar hinted at a while ago, I'm keen for a Liberty City expansion (with all the features and mechanics from V). Also, I'm sure we'll get plenty of DLC missions too... Or maybe they'll just be free with the updates?