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Found 8 results

  1. Got a nice Guitar? Or Any instrument in general that you want to show off, post a picture in here My custom 1976 Memphis Stratocastor And my Washburn Resonator
  2. The soundtrack in RDR was an insanely huge contributing factor to the atmosphere and general feel of the game. How the drums and guitar picked up when guns started firing, to the subtle harmonica and flute when your slowly riding through tall trees. Even more so the few songs they picked to play during key moments of the story, I know for a lot of us those are the best parts of the game. So what do we expect from 2? Are Bill Elm and Woody Jackson returning this time around? Did you like the dynamic score? Discuss! I’ve also provided a link to my personally curated western playlist I’ve been working on for years, for your listening pleasure and to also provide ispiration. Playlist: Exodus in America
  3. So there's confirmed to be 15 radio stations and a dynamic game score Confirmed Stations and DJ's: 1. Vinewood Boulevard - Stephen and Nate (Modern Rock) http://www1.rollings...newoodblvd.html 2. East LOS FM - Camilo (Mexican/Electronica) http://www1.rollings.../eastlosfm.html 3. West Coast Classics - DJ Pooh (Classic Hip-Hop) http://www1.rollings...stclassics.html 4. Rebel Radio - Jesco White (Country/Blues) http://www1.rollings...rebelradio.html 5. Non-Stop-Pop 100.7FM - Cara Delevigne (She looks like she does a LOT of coke!) - (Pop (duh) 6. FlyLo FM - Steve Ellison (Flying Lotus) (Electronica/House) 7. Soulwax FM - Pam Grier 8. Unnamed 80's Boogie/Funk Station (The Blue Ark?)- Bootsy Collins 9. Los Santos Rock Radio - Kenny Loggins (Classic Rock) 10. Radio Los Santos (Returning from San Andreas) (Modern Hip-Hop) 11. Channel X - Keith (Punk) 12. Worldwide FM 13. The Low Down 91.1 14. Radio Mirror Park 15. Space 103.2 16. WCTR (TalK Radio) 17. Blaine County Talk Radio (BCTR) (Talk Radio) The dynamic score is written and performed by Tangerine Dream, Woody Jackson, Alchemist and Oh No. It reacts to who you're playing as and what your character is doing when not listening to the radio.
  4. Any Metalheads on this forum? I'm not talking about Metal-Elitists dickheads. I mean respectable members of the Metal community. Death Metal, Grind, Hardcore, etc.
  5. Well this came aboot in a chat room discussion. Post your theme song(s), or just a song that influenced your life here. Here's mine:
  6. Anyone else here use that? Its a really powerful program that some of the best producers use. I use it to make rap beats, rock, techno, basically whatever i feel like (takes years of learning, anyone can do it thanks to youtube turtorials).
  7. Are the songs and albums I rip to my XBox stored on my Gamer Profile? That is, should my HDD crap out on me, will I be able to download my GP and recover the music I had? Any help is most definitely appreciated.
  8. Ok so I couldn't find the original thread anywhere...apologies if someone finds it (and feel free to delete this one) Anyway, this ones still unreleased. Hopefully get a release soon, perfect chilling in the sun music.