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  1. Yeah but that's no excuse.. They are very different animals, I should know, I've killed them both hah And just because they are related doesn't mean they are "pretty much the same" or "close enough." I think that makes them look really retarded but it doesn't spoil the game..
  2. I found it strange why R* calls deer elk? They use elk bugles and everything but it's a fucking deer?! They got it right in red dead.. Also was hoping for an option for a lift kit in the suspension options (for my trucks) but was kinda disappointed; all of the options are just to lower it.. :/
  3. ^ or R* has just shown off the luxury sport cars, private jets and submarines to sell the game...?
  4. Well I don't think V will have a weak storyline by any means.. So reviewers have no excuse for giving V anything less than a 10/10..
  5. ^ That would be convenient for me, just get my order and roll out while erry body else has to sit in line..
  6. I admit that I have watched a few snippets of gameplay just outta curiosity and I'm thinking one of the main reasons the driving mechanics looks so different is because like some of the previews stated, the camera has changed since IV.. Instead of a straightforward camera, V's seems to follow the vehicle which might explain why it seems so different.. But as for the mechanics.. idk know how anyone can even base their opinion on gameplay when you should wait and test it out yourself..
  7. Yeah, we all know the last thing in that person's mind while playing the game was "Damn, these physics are shit.. But the rest of the game looks great." I think it's just something we'll all have to get used to in time.. And when we all get finally get our hands on it, in a couple of days, I don't think we'll be bitching too awful much..
  8. My local GameStop didn't show up on R*s list, but I'm pretty sure one of the employees told me they will be having one.. maybe just stop by and ask I guess?
  9. I'm really digging this one. It makes LS looks so bright and vibrant at night also wondering if there's going to be a button to plant your ass on the hood of your car...?
  10. Lovely Accommodations Sponsored by the Blaine County Board of Tourism – watch their new commercial ‘My Blaine County’ – and browse a range of living options to suit your lifestyle from single-family homes in the heart of Los Santos, to rural mobile trailers in Blaine to a dream mini-mansion in Rockford Hills. Sightseeing & Celebrity Faded starlets, troubled celebutantes and aggressive, costumed street performers - you never know who you're going to bump into on Vinewood Boulevard. Come see the sights and sounds for yourself, or jump aboard the Vinewood Star Tours bus to have a struggling actor narrate as you take a guided tour of the landmarks and homes of the rich and famous while sitting on an un-airconditioned bus. 24-Hour Conveniences Stores You'll find the roads of Los Santos and Blaine County packed with accommodating convenience and liquor stores, open around the clock for your last minute needs. Stop into your local 24/7, LTD service station or Rob's liquor store - the tills are always filled with cash to serve you. Opportunity for the Upwardly Mobile This is a land of great opportunity. Cash is king in these parts - and ambitious and hard-working business people can make some big bucks if they know the right people and the right enterprise to get hooked up with…
  11. Enjoy ^ Officially my new favorite artwork.. There are more sizes of the artwork on the GTAV Website.. http://www.rockstargames.com/V/downloads