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  1. Depends on the store I would think, but I believe GameStop often has midnight releases on bigger titles, much like GTA V.. The GameStop where I'm from is having a midnight release.. So yours probably will as well..
  2. ^ I like that idea but I've been wanting a 1 star wanted level to be less aggressive for a while now.. maybe something like midnight club, if you get caught committing a minor crime (damage to property, fighting, reckless driving...) they will simply pull you over and possibly fine you. In that instance you could pay the fine, or speed off and have a second star added to your wanted level. If on foot, the police may just try and resolve the situation, once again there will be the possibility of a fine and you have the same decision to make as before; pay or run.. tt I also hated how trigger happy the police get.. If you resisted arrest in IV, they would start emptying their clips into you when in reality they would continue the pursuit to arrest you. It'd be nice in V if the authorities only fire their weapons at you if you begin firing first (much like IRL).. with the exception of you using a vehicle as a weapon
  3. Anyone have any guesses as to when they'll reveal the rest of the website?
  4. Edit: Actually, I think it may even be less than a fourth really, seeing as how there is countryside on both sides of the city.. yep, its most definitely big enough for me.. ... and 15 other players
  5. Well it basically shows that the city of Los Santos makes up less than a third of the map and that's not including all the interiors and underwater areas.. Im definitely not worried about the size of this map.. I'm fuckin pumped.. cant wait
  6. ^ Couldn't agree more.. I really think GTAO has the potential to at least partially drown out COD or any other series that just recycles their own shit and throws it in a blender.. I'm just about sick of those types of games and especially the fan base that surrounds them.. Something like this seems very new and innovative, like it can live for a long time, specifically when they say they're gonna add more and more new content and possibly features along the way.. And with all the freedom and customization on top of that.. yeah, I now know where most of my free time will be spent for the next few months (maybe years, possibly decades)
  7. Wondering if these should be added to the screens on the homepage of info from today.. not sure if this one isn't just a screencap actually...?
  8. And we finally got a better view of the R*s version of a Mustang.. I feel like this game is gonna be so jam-packed full of shit, that there's gonna be something to do for any type of gamer..
  9. So I'm assuming we'll probably get even more screens along with the different previews right?
  10. ^ Belongs here http://www.igta5.com/forums/topic/1967-the-gta-v-shit-list/
  11. Hate to kill your vibe but you can see the bullet casings in the air, in front of Frank's shirt.. ....Unless that is one fucking powerful air gun?
  12. Idk but that might be the closest aircraft we get to the Hunter (Apache)
  13. It looks like when the sun goes down, it actually gets darker, especially in the countryside.. That will make for some fun multiplayer shootouts in the pitch black wilderness..
  14. I read somewhere that there will be snow plows and snow mobiles. Probably just something CVG speculated.. But it's still promising, if there is snow, there's gotta be snow-oriented vehicles I would think..
  15. ^ Gotcha.. Seen the similarities and thought I'd bring it up.. That just means even more vehicles
  16. My first thought when I saw the snowy scene was SNOWMOBILES.. Do you guys think they will have them? I think it's plausible unless they expect us to drive through snow in our cars.. If they have added snow then they had to have coded some kind of snow physics system right?
  17. The city of Los Santos is going to be plenty big enough to do whatever it is to do in a city. The fact that there's extensive countryside just seems like an added bonus imo..
  18. theyll prob keep releasing screenshots Does anyone think they will release one more trailer or is this gonna be it until release??
  19. I'm thinking they will definitely play a role in the heists one way or another.. You can see in the top left-hand corner that when planning heists, security cameras have a role in how we attempt to execute the heist..