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  1. Yeah I agree, it's just a little detail I noticed.. Thought it would look a little more custom with the logo
  2. Wonder why they didn't use the iGTA5 logo..? It makes our screen look kinda dull compared to the others..
  3. Idk what people are bitching about.. We could not have had any news or info at all, so I'd rather watch a video where the guys who have actually played the game talk about it, rather than cvg or somebody just speculate for a half hour about what they want in the game..
  4. I still don't understand if Chop belongs to Lamar or Franklin because multiple sources have mentioned that he is in fact Lamar's dog and that Franklin borrows him for some missions.. Although every time we see Chop, he is usually connected to Franklin in some way or another so idk..
  5. ^ I'd say a linear story works well for certain genres as they create a strong narrative but in an open-world game like GTA? No thanks, I wanna do whatever the fuck I want, whenever I want, and decide how I wanna do it.. The more possibilities the better imo..
  6. I love the way they depict the officers of LS.. They remind me of Reno 911 I'm really hoping R* does their own version of that show for the in-game tv..
  7. ^ yeah it's cool except Franklin's character is white, Michael's is old as fuck, and Trevor's is a tubtub..
  8. Well if you think about it, all the driving we've looked at would be from a R* employee who has had some practice already so my theory as to why the driving looks easy is because well, they just made it look easy.. Same goes for the shooting mechanics, in the gameplay vid, when Franklin was ripping through those guys, it seemed so quick and swift when in reality it's probably because the R* employee has played the game quite a bit..
  9. ^ I never even thought of R* including easter eggs like that.. That would be awesome though.. It'd be cool if someway or another Brucie makes an appearance, even if it is just an easter egg, maybe within the racing community or something.. "Cuz' we're genetically different baby!)
  10. I try to avoid spoilers as much as possible but when regarding previews I'm never too worried.. They don't go into too much detail, they just kinda explain the variety in gameplay and talking about the missions is one way of doing it.. Besides we only know about maybe 5-15 missions in the game which isn't much compared to the total number.. So basically we still have A LOT of surprises to come..
  11. Yeah the sub is definitely an off-mission vehicle.. R* has said mentioned multiple times that there is shit underwater for us to find, and I know they don't expect us to swim with a scuba suit all over the ocean to find "stuff"..
  12. Grand Theft Auto: Sin City, "Where murder, burglary and drug trafficking are at an all time high"
  13. Yeah I just get sick of people criticizing shit they know nothing about.. Especially negatively towards the GTA series.. And I only played the first Just Cause and found it fun but the crazy mid air stunts, grappling hook, flying into vehicles shit was kinda too much for me.. But size isn't everything, they can design a massive map but once a player has finished exploring, there has to be something left to do in it..
  14. it's already been said that the total size of the map won't just be land mass. The ocean is included since we can actually go underwater. So the map will be plenty big but not the size of just cause 2. Just cause 2 map was huge but there really wasn't that much to do besides mess around. Gta 5 will have a big map and more interiors to go into then before. Just go watch the gameplay trailer and that will ensure that there is going to be plenty to do in this game. http://www.ign.com/b...roof.452845743/ seems like they're anti gta No, they all sound like fucking 8 year olds bitching about random graphical shit that isn't important to the GTA series in the first place. They can shove Just Cause 2 up their ass all day long and not have the unlimited playing experience of GTA game.. haha I found that thread very unsettling.. sorry about the pointless rant.. Anyways, back to the god dam topic.....
  15. I find it strange that I haven't played this game, yet I already wonder if GTA will ever be the same with just one lead character.. I don't' mean to get ahead of myself, it's just that I'm really curious to see what's up R*s sleeve for the next few titles..
  16. Nah man haha I also thought this. But no, those two are the same dams. Or at least thats what I heard! But I kinda hope now thats theres two.. the more structures the better! Idk how they could possibly be the same dam if the one has mountains on each side while the other does not..
  17. Just noticed this and not sure if it's old news or not but there are two different dams? You can see the one on the right in the screencap but it looks a lot different than the Land Act Dam we seen in the gameplay trailer and screenshot..
  18. I think this is the structure we see but that's just my guess.. What do you guys think, correct location or not?
  19. ^ Yeah everyone seems to disregard Franklin's trailer probably because it's not exactly original in the GTA series but whenever I'm talking to my friends (who are not as big of GTA as me I might add) about GTA V they all seem to love the similarities between V and SA.. And I can't really blame them, imo San Andreas was the shiet back in it's time.. Grove Street 4 Life!
  20. I think it'd be cool once we hit the "12 days from release" mark, if R* released a screenshot or two a day until release, just to continue their hype and keep everyone on their toes..
  21. Well I'm thinking "North Yankton" is definitely part of the map seeing as how it's in the postcard, so obviously it has already been designed.. Which would also rule out the theory of it being an addition to the map on down the line if I'm correct.. I'm also wondering how long the story's timeline will take place.. That's never really been present in any GTA that I can think of.. Maybe if R* someway or another have structured the story over a couple years time, then the "seasonal weather system" could be introduced. Then when the game is finished, the weather system would become more dynamic and change seasons on it's own (without certain missions triggering them.)
  22. Apparently nobody caught onto my sarcasm in my last post..