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  1. I always knew they were cheat codes. Found most of the ones you posted but i'll keep an eye out for any more I may have forgotten. Sure i've seen 2 and 14 before. On an unrelated note is there any significance to the matchstick shapes? I've found them in quite a few places and more than once they've pointed to a hidden stash.
  2. Yeah I went up to Tempest in SP and saw that, dunno why they couldn't have made it accessible in the first place. It's just a snowy valley which perhaps could've formed another link from Adler ranch down to Whinyard strait somewhere. (Or better yet the path from Adler ranch could've extended over to join up with Calumet ravine.)
  3. Horse mechanics work differently online, you can whistle for your horse anywhere and it'll spawn. In SP you have to be near to it.
  4. Not only Tempest Rim, there's that bit the other side of Calumet Ravine NW of Witches Cauldron that's pretty inaccessible,a gentle slope and you and your horse still slip and fall down it. The annoying thing is I found a perfect bull moose there, shot it and couldn't get up the slope to skin it.
  5. I didn't exactly rush through the story, I spent a lot of chapter 2 and 3 hunting, looting and exploring. But Chapter 4 and beyond it felt less and less important keeping the camp in shape as it was all going down the pan anyway. As Arthur became more cynical towards Dutch's schemes I had him spend less time providing for the camp, less time messing around and just getting through missions. I had a similar mentality in that I wanted to get it over with so nothing could be spoiled for me but also just to see the outcome.
  6. I just let his hair grow out a bit, looks pretty convincing with a level 3 beard.
  7. I still maintain he looks like Keanu Reeves with a beard. Was quite annoying, i'd shave his beard down to a level 3 so it looks similar to his Redemption appearance, then start a mission, get a timelapse and he'd have the fucking thing back again.
  8. I felt a bond with a lot of the characters and was quite happy to see two of the best survived (Charles and Sadie,) I was waiting for them to get killed and didn't think we'd hear anything of Charles after he sacrificed himself in St Denis Sandy Knee so we could escape on the boat. We basically knew how Arthur's story would play out but they flipped it around with his illness and other stuff. The Guarma segment was nice, gave me a Black Flag vibe (second time in the game I got an AC feel,) it was a bit far fetched I guess, quite linear but a beautiful looking place. Like I said before I think the best moments were at the camp, the bond everyone had before it all went to shit. Rescuing Jack and going back to Shady Belle was probably the last time the gang really felt cohesive and together, we'd only lost Sean and the guys who were mentioned in the beginning of the game at that point and the mood was still happy and positive, but you could feel the tension brewing. We'd all speculated about Micah being the traitor before release and as the game progressed and he hadn't been killed it became more obvious something was going to happen with him, but I went in with a blank slate and no preconceptions about characters, even Javier and Bill who became somewhat likeable. The ending of Arthur's story made me sad, partly because the characters were so well written and partly because I was at the end of the journey, the game i'd been waiting for for several years, over in 7 days (9 with the epilogue.) Won't get a game like this again in a long time. Definitely GOTY for me. edit: Didn't notice any mention of the strange man aside from a photo of him in Herbert Moon's shop. However I liked the references throughout the game such as Edgar Ross telling young Jack to enjoy his fishing while he can, foreshadowing Jack killing him during his fishing/hunting trip and the speech Dutch makes when he and Arthur are about to jump from the cliff. Same one he makes to John before he kills himself.
  9. Nah I got plenty of shit wrong, like I said before I think me and Dup were 50/50 on the whole river issue. I knew that Dewberry creek was never the Roanoke river because it was too small and insignificant and flowed SE into Flatiron, I also suspected that the shocker rock was west of the Roanoke river, not east of it like Dup thought. But apart from that i've pretty much agreed with whatever Dup said.
  10. Sad really, part of me wants the game to never release so I can always feel this hyped for it. Six months down the line when the novelty has worn off i'll try to think back to these times, the giddy joy I feel wanting to play this so much, the aching in the loins. I'm going to be so happy that the game is finally out but sad because the journey is over. Then we've got a long, arduous 7 year wait for news about GTA VI. See you on the plains, for better or for worse, pardners. *tips hat*
  11. I wondered that myself, assumed it was Horseshoe Overlook but the bridge looks different and uh, incomplete.
  12. Thought someone would've done that by now too, physical and digital data is now out there so it's pretty amazing it's taking this long.
  13. Yep, didn't see a single new location as far as I know. Surprised the map hasn't leaked yet, I only really want to know three things from it, the rest i'm happy not to know.
  14. I've not read any articles really, this didn't do much for me either but I think i'm numb from the hype now. Kinda like when you wank too much.
  15. It's supposedly been confirmed physical is on two discs too.