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  1. There are no women on the internet, just men pretending to be women. I thought everyone knew this.
  2. Looks like the first not so positive review :
  3. I work nights (normally 11:00 pm to 7:30 am) so really "staying up" for a midnight release to me really just means being awake all night like I normally am.
  4. Michael's wife looks like she is going to be the Skyler White of Grand Theft Auto...
  5. When I saw it was only a minute long I was worried, but that trailer was amazing.
  6. Am I crazy or was the voice at then end during the jewelry heist the same voice of who ever played Zero from San Andreas?
  7. I imagine it will be more in the style of the Max Payne 3 videos. More like a behind the scenes look at what they've done to make it great than a basic trailer of gameplay footage.
  8. Believe me there will be around 5 or 6 airports on gta 5 5 or 6 airports eh? and you know this because...?
  9. I wonder if the bullet wounds they are referring to are simply in game scars taken specifically from a mission. I just cant see Rockstar making scars for multiple bullet wounds. I don't want my character covered with that shit. Maybe if you visit the hospital they will cover up the wounds with a Band-aidâ„¢.