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  1. I'm actually glad that the special/collectors editions are including more in-game content. I'm getting the collectors edition just for the custom characters online and extra garage space and vehicles.. I mean what the fuck am I gonna do with a fancy ziploc bag and a hat reping a city that doesn't exist? hah the blueprint posters are pretty badass though.. Do you guys think they'll include the standard map in the special/collectors editions too?
  2. You will, go to Rockstar's newswire and it states that previous pre-orders will still have the ability to fly the blimp which is good news for everyone really.. http://www.rockstargames.com/newswire
  3. Yeah and the whole "Grand Theft Auto Online Character Creation System" sounds exciting.. Seems to be a lot more extensive than IV.. Which makes me wonder if we'll actually create our online avatar or just choose from basics and clothe them n shit?
  4. I just changed my pre-order to collectors edition.. We're getting closer hah
  5. I don't mean to be negative at all but I wouldn't wanna confirm golf clubs as weapons just yet.. It could be a minigame only type of thing. In TBGOT there were golf clubs but sadly, we couldn't smash a dude's face in with it...
  6. Idk if this has been mentioned already but how do you think the weapons/melee system will work? Will it be more like IV where you're either wielding and shooting or swinging a bat and smashing some dude's face...? I'd like for R* to turn more towards the system they used in red dead where we had the option to execute enemies if we were close enough.. Do you think that return in V or maybe upgraded or just changed completely?
  7. Does anyone know how long it was after the IV announcement that they announced a special edition? I've had V pre-ordered around the time it was announced, but a special edition GTA V sounds pretty badass..
  8. Or drive every off-road vehicle up and down the hills, chasing down deer all the while..
  9. My guess is that that's some scaffolding from a deconstruction site..
  10. I like these: Jet Packs, Top Secret High Tech weapons/vehicles, but everything else seems a little too Saints Row.
  11. Speak for yourself ^ but I really enjoyed the multiplayer in GTA IV.. I feel there are many others who would agree, but I do think R* could make something truly epic.. With what they're doing with the single player and all the new gameplay features, I think it's safe to say that GTA V's multiplayer is gonna be a fuckin blast hah
  12. It also pissed me off when I'd leave my safehouse with a wanted level and the stupid pigs would jump in one of MY cars.. Bastards.. hah
  13. Yeah you could be right.. hah I think it's headlight reminded me of the classic Faggio..
  14. Maybe it's just me but I still think that IV's graphics are great.. Especially for grand theft auto which has never been revolved around graphics in the first place.. All I wanted from GTA V since I heard it was announced was IV but with a funner story(less serious) and more area, vehicles, weapons, activities, customization, etc.. And so far that's exactly what we're gonna get but with way more surprises they haven't even hinted at..
  15. I think Rockstar is thinking bigger than just a Team Deathmatch mode for GTA V's Multiplayer. Maybe something on an Open-World level. I agree, I was just giving an example of something they may or may not do..
  16. I know this could fit in another topic about customization but it's also one of the new screenshots that has brought this to my attention.. Now most of you remember that in GTA IV when you waited long enough after hopping on any bike, Niko and Luis would put on a random helmet.. What are the odds that we may get to choose the helmets they wear.. Also wondering how it would work. Would we have to go to one of our safehouses and put on the helmet, or possibly just select a helmet and they will strap it on when on a bike? Maybe one of the customization options available through the various shops? What are your thoughts? side note: is it just me or does Frankie look baked in these screens...?
  17. I think R* could implement some interesting Team Death Match modes for GTA V. Have all players of the lobby split into two teams.. ex: cops vs. crooks, CIA vs. FIB, Grove vs. Ballas. Give them a sense of story..
  18. I have a feeling that the AI in the game will still be a little retarded but that's what makes this game great a lot of the time.. hah The gang members(assuming because of the purple) are running along side the car who is shooting at them? Still looks really enticing..
  19. That's a valiant point. Who knows how far R* is gonna take the whole investigation thing in GTA V. I feel like maybe that would fall in with what type of clothes you wear on heists( hairstyles, tattoos, etc..) I'm really curious as to where they will go with that though but it really seems like they've learned a lot from all of their previous releases. I would like for them to include that much realism but it wouldn't break my heart without it. I've been sold with this game for A LONG time now..
  20. If that turns out to be the case, I'm gonna have the Three Stooges all peering into Michael's bellybutton. Love that idea but I think I'd do dumb stuff like that with Trevor.. Idk Michael doesn't even seem like a character who would even want a tat. He seems way too professional for ink.. May have to tattoo his entire torso anyway hah Father and son tats would be great fun
  21. Hahaha hell yeah, I bet that'd be one raging pissed farmer too.. He'd join the chase in one of his tractors... hah
  22. Perhaps he's not in motion. He doesn't appear to be, since he's kicking up no dust/dirt. Maybe he's sitting in that field, waiting for speeders. Idk that directly in the middle of a field would be a spot to pick off speeders haha but I get your point.. I'm sure this officer spilled his coffee, from the local bean machine, all over his lap causing him to swerve into the field.....
  23. I was thinking the exact same thing.. I'm sure most of you already noticed but there appears to be a police cruiser cutting through the field at the bottom right.. Also wondering how far out in the country do you have to be chased until they send in the police ranchers??