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  1. ^ Not saying I was the first but glad we agree Thats a good assumption.. Everybody is trying to start theories about that "83 days" on the character selector when it's probably how many days were left until release at the time they created that portion of the video.. nothing more..
  2. ^ Good eye hah I wonder how much of a role security cameras are actually going to play (off-mission), if anything at all.. either way, it makes a nice little detail to the game
  3. That kinda makes sense.. but why would they display that over our multiplayer avatar? Information like that would be stored on the characters phone right? Since it was confirmed that there's a calendar type app..
  4. I was thinking it would be nice to have a topic regarding features in previous GTAs or other R* games in general that could potentially carry on into GTA V. Features such as: - GPS in selected vehicles - Good Citizen bonus - Car Crusher - Car/Boat/Bike/Flight Schools - Saving anywhere (RDR) - Fighting mechanics - Recruiting Allies - Horses (ability to ride them) - Vehicle Missions - Picking up Prostitutes - Hidden Packages - Night Clubs - Gambling/Betting - Work out at gyms (Increase strength stat) - Import/Export vehicles - Stadium events (races, dirt bike trials, etc.) - Ability call 911 for emergency services - Attend shows/performances - Ability to switch between dim and bright headlights - Use car washes - Go to bars and drink - Play pool, darts, bowling - Roadside construction - Eat at hotdog stands, vending machines, restaurants, etc. This are just some I've thought about lately. What other existing features do you think could make an appearance?
  5. All they asked was if vehicles could be used as weapons I believe.. and he replied by saying you can shoot a hole in the gas line etc.. I don't think CVG was clear enough when they asked that question.. So my point is that I think there could still be a possibly of having weapons on vehicles. Too soon to rule that out..
  6. My guess would be the differences between the SMGs. For example, a mini uzi could fall into the pistol category as a machine pistol, but the larger SMGs like maybe a MP5 or UMP45 would fit into the assault rifle category..
  7. Well if you remember the box art mural, it kinda made the characters look a little different too.. But I wouldn't be too hard on those artists, they're working stories high and don't have a very good angle to see how it's looking.
  8. I already pre-ordered the Brady Games Signature Strategy Guide. I don't see what's so great about the Limited Edition guide other than the fact that it's limited edition..
  9. I know this is kind of a pointless post but it bugs me how GTA V's sentinel has more similarities to IV's feltzer than it does to IV's sentinel.. Does anyone have any ideas on why Rockstar redesigned it this way? GTA V Sentinel GTA IV Feltzer GTA IV Sentinel
  10. I actually really like IV's hud, or at least the way the health and armor was represented.. But just like someone mentioned before, it won't matter whether we like it or not because eventually we're all gonna get the feel of it and learn to love it
  11. I read an article somewhere that speculated that Michael was from Liberty City, and in the first trailer he explains his reason for moving to LS. This made me think that maybe that's where he got most of his bank robbing experience. Which leads me to my prediction/scenario which I know will not happen but I thought I'd throw it out there.. So maybe GTA V starts out as Michael in Liberty, at Francis International, boarding his flight, perhaps with family.. During this scene he explains his reasons for leaving.. I understand that it might throw off the vibe a bit by initiating the game in Liberty rather than LS but I thought it would make for an interesting way to introduce his character.. Give us a little history to understand where he's coming from..
  12. yeah this guy does some great artwork.. and although I'm no artist myself, I think he needs to practice drawing dogs more..
  13. Fair enough, but realistically cops should then be able to break your window, unlock the door for you, and drag yo ass out the car. yeah but this is GTA, we wouldn't give an officer the time, nor the place
  14. So the Brady Games Strategy guide is 400 pages of content, while the Limited Edition strategy guide is 432.. And from what I understand, the only difference is that the Limited Edition has a hard back cover, it's limited edition, and has more illustrations.. Idk that upgrading my SG pre-order would be worth the extra $12 for more artworks if you ask me. I'd probably end up seeing them on the net eventually anyway.. What would those extra 32 pages contain? What do you guys think?
  15. So you think they will have them in stores? Also not quite sure what a lithograph is.. I googled it and read that it's something engraved in stone or metal?
  16. ^ haha the last place I thought I'd see regular show would be in GTA forums.. Anyway back on topic, I'm sure they'll have some mysterious shit to find under the water somewhere. I know we're bound to swim upon some easter eggs down in the depths of the ocean. I think it would be cool if they had some weird UFO type phenomenons occur out in the desert (at night of course). Say we're just cruising through the sands around 2:00 am as Trevor, and all of the sudden some lights appear in the sky. The lights seem way too close to be stars but are too different to be aircraft, at least human aircraft. They begin to move around a bit, maybe a few more lights appear, then have it fly away into the night, maybe they'll do some other creepy shit..
  17. yeah when I total those kind of cars, I don't feel quite as bad more like putting them outta their misery..
  18. I don't understand.. Do we get it when we pick up our SG at release or anytime?
  19. For those who want a system where you have the option to serve jail time: I've been thinking if Rockstar were to incorporate this, which I doubt, maybe they would have the option as soon as you're arrested to pay off (bribe) the police and bail yourself out of jail, which I believe happens anyway in most GTAs. That way there's nothing repetitive and annoying about being arrested and would be typical of the series. Now let's say you've just been busted, and it's towards the beginning of the game and you don't want to pay your fines, then you'd have the choice to do your time, in which case you could plot your own escape (kill a guard, steal his gun, fight your way out, etc).. Also serving your sentence would create an incentive by getting away with all your hard-earned cash
  20. Well correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Red Dead take place in the old time western U.S.? If that's the case then the majority of the animals in RDR would fit in.. There are a few that might be a little far off though like maybe boars, buffalo, armadillos, etc. that you probably wouldn't find in modern day So-Cal but the majority of them are likely. I just hope they don't decide to take out many animals, even in red dead I enjoyed seeing the occasional skunk, rabbit, raccoon cross the road.
  21. This, or load up another trailer full and drive into the water.. Have your character ready in scuba gear to dive down and check out the damage done to the cars hopefully the cars wouldn't despawn tooquickly..
  22. Would it be too much to assume that we could chose whether we want chop to follow Franklin or not.. I wouldn't think Rockstar would make us babysit a fucking dog ever mission/activity..