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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys, The lastest game informer suggested that V would have more dynamic peds this time round. They said this in early GTA IV previews as well, but the peds didn't really wow me with their day to day actions. I've seen them smoke, catch trains, loiter, occasionally park cars and get out, sweep, water plants, rake, dig, carry groceries, make phone calls, litter, take photos, buy hot dogs, evade the police on foot, chat with other peds and a few other things. Impressive enough details, but at the same time, a little too subtle to stand out. Red Dead Redemption did impress me though. The pedestrians would spend the day working (cutting up meat, making horseshoes, selling items in stores), then wander off to play poker in the bar, or buy drinks, or even curl up in bed. If you followed a regular ped in a town, you could actually see them living out a mini-life. But the bar was raised again for me in L.A Noire. I spent some time sitting in a little restaurant. I noticed a man come in (a regular pedestrian) and take a seat at a booth. The waitress finished off topping up customers coffee, then came over to the man with a menu. The man pointed out a meal on the menu while the waitress took down the order on a notepad. She then crossed over to the kitchen, and gave the order to the chef, who began cooking it up immediately. The cook placed a plate down on the counter, which the waitress took over to the customer. The customer ate his meal, then got up and left. It took about 10 minutes IRL, but I'd never seen anything like it in a video game before. All throughout L.A Noire are plenty of dynamic pedestrian interactions that you would never notice if you just played the game through normally. So what would it take to impress you as far as dynamic pedestrians are concerned this time around? Should we be able to see a random peds life from leaving home in the morning to returning to the same home at night? A lot of people have poo-pooed the realism in later GTA games, so maybe you just want them to be found fixed in the same place every day and night like a lot of other free-roam franchises?