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  1. Well I wouldn't be that harsh I believe it could open up some doors. I liked the police system they had for Mafia II
  2. http://www.nowgamer....ent_report.html Thought it would be interesting to link this as I have seen a few of you mention you'd like GTA V to copy certain parts of games like Mafia II.
  3. I'm more interested in Police and Military vehicles myself, something like the APC, some military jeeps with a machine gun connected to the roof, most of you will probably know what I'm referring to. I'd love to see a return of the police bikes also. This time the swat van should hold at least 6 members in the back
  4. Well I for one hope rockstar start one of those video series for GTA V, what they did for Red Dead Redemption, L.A. Noire and what they're doing for Max Payne 3. Where they show off the game bit by bit. I'll be happy long as we get both gameplay (Gun fight) and something more specific on the story.
  5. waiting for it to be blocked lmao already then this bs before on this forum and they got shot down pretty hard
  6. They better make police missions more realistic, if we get the option we should be able to wear a police uniform so 1 that we look like a cop and 2 so other cops don't shoot us for doing the job! >.<
  7. I liked that part, it was hilarious. There is a difference between a bad cop and bad AI, in my opinion. Hahaha it still makes me laugh when I look behind to see a cop swerving into civilians in a car chase with me xD But yeah, military better be in the game as we did see a hydra, San Andreas did have that national guard or whatever, but the hydra speaks volumes to me. Tells me military should definitely be involved.
  8. Except it'll have Jim Jagger putting all his expertise into GTA V. How do we know that though? I'm not ruling it out or anything but he may be working on other games. What games has he helped with in the past?
  9. Saw this ages ago, people keep putting vids up on youtube like hey its GTA 5 gameplay you guys! It isn't. Just a cancelled game. lol I don't think it will be in any way related to the upcoming GTA V
  10. I love the idea that the white guy we saw in the trailer could be a mob boss we play as, would be incredibly different and fun playing as a mob boss.
  11. That would actually be pretty cool, especially if you could steal shit from infront of random houses if there's no one there, or if you want just killing the delivery man. But what would you order? Except for weapons, what items are really used in GTA? Food and drink would be an option, you can purchase food and store it in the fridge lol Maybe even silly little things like purchasing things like cheats that get delivered to your house and that's how they're unlocked, car parts to customise your car, clothing, jewellery, stuff like that?
  12. Any mobile phone really, would be incredibly awesome if you could order stuff that gets delivered to your house, that would be amazing
  13. Well i love the idea, as cool as the video is, I wouldn't take GTA V that far. However I do hope they improve it further cos cars can be demolished and much more wrecked when driving at top speeds or when the car flips and rolls.
  14. Something we better see is random gang wars with each other and with the cops in the street. It would be fantastic to hear some arguing then when you look over guns come out and all we see is blood and carnage.
  15. That my friend is the awesome PC game known as "SWAT 4" Really good game, I play it a lot, its very realistic.
  16. Yh I'm with you, I hope there's some sort of big conspiracy around Bigfoot. It would be fantastic if there actually was a sasquatch in the woods, make it more creepy at night. Maybe a deadly big great white out at sea somewhere that kills people on boats and surfers? That would be cool.
  17. all you'd have to do is get in a car, drive off fast as fuck lol plus you have to learn that fucking with the cops comes with consequences Also something I noticed in the trailer, when the black guy is running away, theres 3 cops chasing after him along with a chopper, and theres no gun in sight! Could mean it's going to be more realistic
  18. K9's, tasers, riot gear, tyre punctures, truncheons/knight sticks, CS gas They should actually try and engage in some sort of combat, it would be brilliant if when they are in groups they try to hold you down while they arrest, it would be like an episode of cops xD
  19. We need a much better melee system, more action packed and hard hitting.
  20. That's a very good idea. It would be very awkward and funny, especially with the prositute, imagine if they started putting in gay prostitutes lmao
  21. Tbh you can almost pretty much guarantee some sort of military base, since we had one in San Andreas and we did see some sort of Hydra in the trailer. I doubt that's just gonna be at any old normal airport.
  22. There better be, a huge prison we can go inside. Don't get me started on the prisons or I'll go into a rage lol The fact that they wasted any use of the prison in the last game was so irritating for me.
  23. Look it's only an option some of us do want some sort of nuclear site/military base, its only an idea and tbh most gamers would welcome it, better than an overload of realism which could make the game too boring. They're scaling it down so they could easily add something secret in the desert.