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  1. do a few missions thn see what buildings i can go into and start massacre
  2. nooooo i mean like how luis was a playable character and he was still in liberty city. so still in los santos but you play as packie
  3. no i dont mean just in the game i mean playing as him. and dic lol
  4. ok its way to early to talk about dlcs and wha not but i was thinking....what if instead of just having packie appear in the gta5 maybe have him as a playable dlc. i honestly think it would be f'ing awesome to play as him.
  5. i totally agree with that. because if your constanly getting away or running from the cops then your always going to be dropping weight so it would be unnessasary
  6. im a little upset about the few months till info thing but honestly ill just have to ait its no point in crying about it.
  7. five seven pistol p90 scar ump 45 608 raging bull revolver hk pistol grenade launcher and sawed off shot gun aa 12 and automatic pistol
  8. i want max payne 3 level gore like if i shoot someone in the face with a assault rifle or shot gun i want part of it gone. and if i shoot your leg dont hop back u clutching your stomach that was lame.
  9. i know its too early to discuss dlcs but i was curious wht if they gave packie his own dlc.i honestly think it would be badass to play as packie wht are your thoughts on that and whowould you want as a dlc.someone we already know or someone you just made up.
  10. the only thing i ask for is at least 5 or the option to buy safehouses.
  11. i was just wondering what you all think of the protagonist. like whether its albert de silva the guy in the red sports car or the one with all the tattoos running from the cops. or maybe just maybe all of them. give me you thoughts. heres the trailer to jog your memory
  12. i want what most people want. more customization options, being able to ride bikes, prostitutes heeheehee, new guns/cars. and one thing it seems no one else seems to want some BRAND NEW CITIES not the old ones like sf or lv neeeeeeeeewwwwww.