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  1. I changed it now, and I don't think I'll ever change this one, I love it
  2. I would like to go 1 vs. 1 with Marney1
  3. I like the idea about coyotes, lizards too, I would just like to add a scorpion to the wish list, of course if the desert exists in the game...
  4. Its Standard VGA Graphic Adapter
  5. I wanna fuck my wife then get her in handcuffs and lock her in the basement, giving her some bread and water every 3 days !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <33333333333333
  6. Beloved GTA fans, list your animal wishes here, tell us what animals would you like to see in the next GTA, ok I'll go first: -Dogs (running around, street dogs, dogs in somebodies yard) -Cats (same as dogs, but maybe they can put them on roofs, on some walls, maybe backyards...) -Snakes (if the dessert is in the game) -All kinds of fishes -squirrels There you go now it's your turn !
  7. I hate how people turn a simple discussion into a fight...
  8. I agree with sahoff22, they should make the ability to interact with the outdoors from a window like in Vice City...but I think that would be a 100gb+ game...anyways, this GTA is fly 129846912649187264916249612496%
  9. Yesh GTA V would be epic if they have put more opened buildings and houses, it would be cool if you for example enter a building and open unlocked apartments and steal something or maybe if someone is at home they could say something like "what the fuck are you doing here ?!" or scream "thief ! Burglary !!" or something like that...
  10. Dude...samp had max 500 player slots per server, so it would be cool for R* to make 4 big servers: 1. Big roleplay server (maybe: Rockstar GTA V Roleplay) 2. Big DM server (Rockstar GTA V DeathMatch) 3. Big stunt server (Rockstar GTA V Stunts) 4. Big movie server (Rockstar GTA V Movie server) You know, like WoW... In roleplay they can put many things like: Hitman organisation Police Medics Firefighters Gangs Car Dealerships Houses Turfs Jobs Gun shops etc... In DM they can put things like: Large DM spawn area cmd for special DM areas Private DMs with passwords etc... In Stunts they can put things like: Many pro made tracks and jumps Every fucking vehicle there is in the game In Movies they can put things like...well you know...
  11. Thanks guys, I'll check the Google, anyways thx <3 :*
  12. Ohai I'm asdfuy. I'm from Serbia and I love GTA, my real name is Slobodan Burojevic (reading it Slobodan=Slohbowdann Burojevic=Boorowyevic) XD I like old school rap, metal and traditional japanese music, I'm training real aikido, and I love to jerk off to lesbians, that's all Mah picture:
  13. Dude what's wrong with you ? He just asked nicely, I don't get why are you so negative all the time ?