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  1. Mother fucking trains! Just thought of it, but could you imagine the crazy shit you could do? Personally, I would like to drive a truck into it and derail it. Could be interesting if tracks ran through the city and cause mass chaos if it was a long train. Maybe different types of trains? Ones that carry Oil and cause a fire. Biological shit, military vehicle transport, or maybe just a passenger train that you could rob. But, imo, if you can't derail it, It's not worth it.
  2. When it comes to safehouse customization, I like the concept of saints row 2. Instead of picking the kind and color of a couch you pick a general area of your safehouse and you could upgrade it a few times. When you first bought it it looked like shit and then you could choose retro modern or pimp, don't quote me on that! Of course I think R* could add some shit though. For example, add the ability to add an armory, helipad, and maybe just some misc shit on and around the exterior. Maybe if you could get a security gate or something.
  3. I couldn't even find a search button so I hope this isn't a repost :x hey! So if the military will be swapping out for the NOOSE what would you like to see from the military? What vehicles, equipment, helicopters, planes? I liked the Sr3 military but you can't really get involved with them without getting a wanted level. What do you think their involvement to the story(if any) will be? A gang problem so they declare martial law similar to SRTT? (Although STAG was a little over the top) what role did the military play in GTA:SA? So I am a noob when it comes to Gta. I've only played gta4(for 250 hours) but from the looks of it San Andreas was the best? Why? Do you recommend I go play it? Thanks and sorry for all the questions!
  4. I like how in Skyrim you could buy a house in each major city. the cool thing was that inside the houses you could put weapons on display or armor(in the case of GTA it would be more like a mannequin wearing a suit) putting an M16 on display or maybe a golden uzi. (BOGT) on the other hand.. In Saints Row 3, you acquired safehouses by completing a story mission involving that certain building you could upgrade it. Only thing that it really did was made the exterior of the building taller and a 10% increase in cash earned in that district. I wouldn't mind seeing 3 safehouses in the major city one in each of the smaller towns and one or two in a remote location, like a log cabin out in the forest or a small cave in the desert. the two in the remote locations for the players who go out and explore and need to save a game or access vehicles. Just my opinion and this is my first post so don't flame!