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  1. I don't think it's the old guy at all. It's most likely a young character trying to raise his way up to fortune, as we can pretty much guarantee money is gonna have a huge affect in the game, it looks like it's mainly going to revolve around making money.
  2. To be honest I really doubt they will, at first early on I thought they would but nah, it's always been part of GTA. Look at Max Payne, they haven't give you the ability of generating health in the 3rd upcoming game. Chances are GTA will stick with what its got going already.
  3. Thanks, probably gonna order from zavvi as they seem to have a nice little pre order deal and good price.
  4. Yes. No question. Just yes it will. COD Iron Wolf or whatever shit its called will not be anything on GTA V.
  5. Need quick answer please, I'm in UK where should I pre-order Max Payne 3? (Xbox 360), So far Tesco seems like the best deal
  6. Already posted this, got a lot of bad feedback lol Just for the record I totally forgot that there were spoilers in the post, I also normally just assume people have already played the games if they've been released long enough. There's only one reason I don't like this guys claims, that's because it said only 1 playable character, the more I've thought about it I actually want a few characters to play around with. Still think some users shouldn't take these fake leaks and stuff too seriously though, a fake leak, get over it and don't let it make you rage and stay up crying at night lmfao
  7. Yeah I just read this. What is strange is how it sort of backs up those rumours I posted which people shot down straight away, the rumours did claim gangs and crews would be in the game, so the users might be incorrect on this site. But very exciting stuff, I have Max Payne 3 pre ordered and this just makes it more exciting,
  8. I'm expecting DLC to include extra cheat codes, weapons, vehicles, I'd love to see the map altered or something similar for the DLC
  9. "Or is it going to be like this? I don't know" No shit sherlock. I hate when people who make video's discussing GTA V saying something like they have no idea what they game is gonna be like, we all already know that you know nothing!!!!! xD I liked the last fighting system but id definitely lacked more moves and attacks. Something else hit me (pun) when I was watching the trailer, I realised the guys working out in the gym were pretty built so surely if the game will be realistic, it will be much more of a challenge going into a fight with them? I want to see a lot of pedestrians have their own fighting style, be fantastic to bump into a guy who you think you're going to beat the hell out of but it turns out he's a master at karate.
  10. it's a Nintendo console, I don't think GTA belongs at all. The only thing I can think of that could come form this is £$£$£$£$£ for Rockstar
  11. Rockstar can release the game whenver they want and it will still be the most successful game of the year. I never listen analysts because they are so full of shit it's incredible lol
  12. Well I got told that the new Xbox will not be shown or announced at E3 this year thankfully. I think we can all agree though that A new console needs a GTA game for it. So what would be ideal is if the new consoles are released along with GTA VI.
  13. Yh I hated how in GTA IV the cops would turn up from just round the corner like they're the batman or something. Although they did have pedestrians actually call the police on their cell phones...but still it shouldn't happen when no one is around.
  14. This guy really pisses me off, it's amazing how he not only talks about fake rumours but its incredibly old fake rumours that have been proven false yet he still uploads these annoying videos with his annoying voice. It's annoying.
  15. To be honest I think they should keep the health bar. It's always been a part of GTA, it always helps you judge things better too.
  16. No you didn't, he made it to the hospital and called you to pick him up. LOL
  17. If they did in fact add military and the game will be realistic, how long could we really survive against military soldiers, choppers, truck loads, tanks, hummers etc.? I certainly hope they include them so we can find out. I can't remember but in San Andreas was there a part of the story where martial law came in?
  18. I think we deserve some sort of appearance from Niko. Just like how we saw Claude in San Andreas a few times. Very sadly I don't think Roman could at all as you had that stupid option where he could be killed (which I did not take, kate died in mine) Buuuuut i'd like to see some of the random people we met appear in Los Santos. Hmm it's doubtful but Lil Jacob would fit Los Santos.
  19. I'd love to see a tv show called "San Andreas Conspiracies" Would be fantastic, they could cover things like ufo's, bigfoot, serial killers, government cover ups, I'd love to see that I think they could make it really funny and interesting x) Itwould also allow the player to dream and want to search the map. Maybe have some truth to each of the conspiracies?
  20. The more I think of it there should be house parties, especially in the "ghetto" areas of L.A. if you will ^^ I could see how the storyline would end up using house parties, good environment for a fight to break out and it would probably just have a good vibe all round.
  21. If Rockstar got rid of cutscenes the game could be easily condensed into a couple of gigabytes. Wouldn't be much of a GTA game though. Yeah that wouldn't be worth it lol
  22. Just hope if we do have military, the AI actually have brains and theyre not mindless drones lol
  23. Yes, for one reason. They managed to fit Skyrim onto one disc for the Xbox 360. I Believe Rockstar could learn from that lol