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  1. I think everything you listed is the only things you should be able to customize on the main character, would be fucking amazing if your hair actually grew over time and you also had to shave, it would take up time and give you more to do with the money.
  2. Hey I've got a theory, what if the guy in the trailer is eddie lowe! And eddie lowe is telling his life story, its a prequel to GTA IV, think about it! Thats why the dogs are in the game! Eddie lowe did things to dogs! .....I'll leave now.
  3. I know it isn't any sort of confirmation but it's another analyst saying October
  4. That's just a scary thought. The more I think about it, there are clearly going to be big changes as they sort of stated, it's because of this I dont know whether to be excited or
  5. This is a very good and interesting play on words. What you just highlighted has opened up loads of theories for me lol. I see where you're coming from. Very interesting.
  6. One of the worst articles I've read. Ever.
  7. 'The first is a report on Dutch site GameLiner, which citing a 'freelancer' says that GTA 5 has been postponed from an October release date until December 2012.' Apparently it was set for an October release and has been postponed but hey people like to make shit up. Below is 2 Websites saying the exact same thing: http://www.nowgamer....ate_rumour.html http://www.geeky-gad...yed-18-04-2012/
  8. Thank you Psy, this means a lot, I'll try not to cry..*breaks*
  9. Hey guys passed this don't know if someone has already brought this up but I thought it was just something a little interesting that maybe further connects Ned Luke to GTA V. According to his Twitter account he is following DJ Pooh & Young Maylay (CJ Voice Actor) Also seen is someone who claims to be a real street guy haha, there seems to be a few links just from looking through who he is following, hopefully he'll let something slip in his tweets or by someone else he's following. My money is on the OG SOLO guy xD
  10. We better get multiple playable characters, basic white guy, the hispanic guy and the black guy running from the cops. I think they could all be interesting characters with their own stories and features.
  11. It's definitely making great progress, the fact that we now know they've sorted out the gangs and crews thing is quite exciting. But the way I look at it, the games you are dying for never release when you want them to. :/
  12. It's really a feature that wouldn't be used much. I'd like it to be there as a nice little option where I can fully take in everything I'm seeing in Los Santos GTA V for the first time.
  13. Me I wanna kill stupid emo/scene/skateboarding teens
  14. VERY nice idea for a mission, just stroll into the party ready to kick ass cos you're angry and worried about your kids, then you smack the fuck out of some smart mouthed teenagers. I like
  15. Yeah it may well be fake but hey I like it, it's quite modern and suits Los Santos. Even though it's most likely fake still thanks for sharing, its a good tune.
  16. Yh I was thinking that too, it would be really fun, even funnier if the security starts beating you up while you're drunk haha and thanks
  17. Something I thought would be a great addition to activities in GTA V would be being able to go to gigs or concerts. It would be fanastic to be able to walk around a crowd with music blasting from the stage, even if this was done only for a mission. It also gives a good excuse for celebrity appearances: Obviously you wouldn't be allowed to enter the gig/concert if you had a weapon lol But anyway I just thought it would be a great activity to go and be able to see a real artist perform in GTA V. I'm going to risk a limb and say that the music scene will most likely be Hip Hop and R&B oriented: Anyway what you guys think? Would you like that as an activity?
  18. Yes definitely. To be honest I think they'll charge over £100, given that it is in fact Grand Theft Auto 5. Mind you I actually might pay it. I mean come on, look at how frequently we discuss GTA V, we'll all probably end up with collectors edition lmao
  19. What will totally ruin GTA V for me will be if they over do the realism in certain parts of the game (realism that stops very entertaining cheats) and don't do much to the wanted system at all. With GTA V I'm expecting much bigger things with the wanted system, it can't be that hard to include things like tasers, pepper spray etc. Heck the police should get their own unique line of weapons ffs. I also hope they make better use of the engine they're using to run the game. So basically what will ruin GTA V for me is if they do the following things: Do not add more gore Do not change or make the wanted system more advanced Make the missions repetitive like some GTA IV missions were Exclude exciting cheats such as Pedestrian Riot, Chaos Mode etc Do not improve reaction animations when shot or attacked
  20. oh my fucking god hahaha wtf was that? xD couldn't stop laughing, he gotta be one of the best trolls ever
  21. One thing I really want to see also, remember the muscle bound guys in the gym form the trailer? Surely fighting them will prove difficult? If I walk over there cocky trying to beat on some tall muscle bound arnold lookalike I want to get knocked down just off one punch haha. So it'll make me think twice before taking them on without a baseball bat or something
  22. It's always nice to actually make it look like they put some effort into it instead of it looking so similar that it looks like they copy and pasted the ambulance from GTA IV. I'm buying this game for NEW designs.
  23. Couldn't believe when I saw the ambulance in the trailer...from what I could see the only difference would be the Los Santos logo, it looked way too close to the ones from GTA IV. Alsooooo I want a transit van. Don't ask why, I just want one in GTA V.