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Found 17 results

  1. Hello community, let me ask how to get a submarine in GTA 5, does anyone know. Please guide me.
  2. Obey and Survive Just got linked to this, and subsequently skeet skeeted. EDIT: after further research, might be a fake. goddamnit.
  3. this topic is reserved for setting up events and discussing rules... if you have questions, post them here... if you want to see if anyone wants to play right now, ask here... PS3/XBOX events will be organized and drawn up in here first, to keep the section from being cluttered with random matches... we have been having success with a bi-weekly deathmatch on the PS3... but i would like to see the same interest with the XBOX, perhaps playing an event on alternating weeks... i want to gauge interest for that in this topic too... if anyone is interested, please start the discussion in here!! i am going to start reaching out to social networks too, so i want this to be the topic for those new members who are interested to talk about it... there's been talks of moving these events to team deathmatches if we can get enough people interested, but i wouldn't mind seeing other events being scheduled too... like maybe a GTA race session, or cops and robbers... so this topic is the overall multiplayer event organizing topic... ========================= to get things started, i will be setting up the next PS3 deathmatch topic on monday... any preferences?? i think i found out how to set up the match as auto-aim off... was anyone able to auto aim last time?? if no one was able to, i now know how to toggle that option on and off for future matches, it's up to the host to set those online preferences before a match... and you can't set it as "don't care" it has to be set to "off"... i am pretty sure friendly fire and police can be set up the same way... anyone want to play with cops next time??
  4. any one having problems signing in to it? keeps telling me it can't link up with the social club
  5. Okay superusers, I would like to ask for some help in making a choice in consoles (and communities.) I am normally a PC gamer, who has been sort of forced to go Mac. Obviously, gaming on a mac is horrible outside of Blizzard titles. So I am ready to get my first console since I bought my PS2; which I got exclusively because I saw GTA SA gameplay and fell madly and passionately in love. Bought my PS2 the next day acctually. In fact, I only played a few other titles on that great console. Anyways, around the time that GTA 4 was coming out, I was ready to upgrade to the 360 or PS3 when I got my girlfriend pregnant and consequently went back to university to finish my degree and obviously had no money to spend on things like this. So I missed much of the console war shake-out. Imagine I am a time traveler who looked out the window once or twice: I know that Blu-Ray won the HD format battle, and vaguely know that DLC came out for the XBOX crowd and either later or never for the PS3 crowd, and that the PSN was hacked to shit multiple times, and that there are more subscribers to MSN than PSN. Okay. So now I am getting all excited for GTA 5 and finally getting to play GTA 4 and the awesome looking DLC, which I have struggled mightily to avoid learning too much about to allow me a great experience when I finally get to play. I need to decide which console to buy and which community to buy into. Here are my questions: 1: There was a time delay for releasing the content for the PS3, and MSN users got it first. According to what I read on wikipedia, there was a 14 month delay between the initial release of the "Lost and the Damned" on XBOX and when they released it all for PS3 users. SO::: Should I expect a similar time lag for getting GTA 5 DLC this time around on PS3 or was that a one-time arrangement? Do we have information on content exclusivity for this title? 2: Is there a significant difference in the communities and community experience between the two consoles? Can anyone tell me what, if any, multiplayer communities exist and are they a major part of the post-initial gameplay/playthrough? 3: Are netflix subscriptions included in the sub fees or is it just that the sub fees allow you to use the console in place of say, a Roku for a Netflix Streaming you already purchase? 4: Finally, beyond GTA, is there a significant difference in title quality/libraries? The exclusives didn't really make me cringe, I do think Uncharted looks fun but XBOX seems to have more exclusives. I don't give a fuck about HALO, btw. Is there more DLC in the MSN? Based on the knowledge Microsoft will have of the online community world and the seemingly prominent relationship between Rockstar and Microsoft I am leaning X Box right now. Thanks in advance, Families!
  6. release date for gta 5 confirmed
  7. The amount of whining coming from spoiled little brats is getting on my tits. Not only on fan sites like this one but on every article on Rockstar's Newswire too. Comments like "We don't care about crappy Max Payne 3 just give us GTA V news now!" are a complete waste of time and prove these idiots lack the brain cells required to add anything of interest for the rest of us to read. Try using your brain to think of something constructive to say or just don't say anything at all. Rockstar aren't going to give in to your apron string pulling like your mother probably does every time you scream at her for an ice cream. Grow up!
  8. hello, im steve and im saying this because the game eight days was canclled so maby rockstar took it over if u look at the trailer and all that it looks like the new gta its pretty sweet
  9. So how long does everyone think it will b until r* releases the next steamy batch of gta5 info? What do you think r* will be sharing with us? How freeking stoked is everyone Discuss
  10. I'm sitting here blazing Pacific Northwest's finest and it made me it made me wonder if you can get high in gta5 or maybe become a drug dealer. You could make your way up selling weed and then start slinging coke and meth. imagine going to a club and doing mali lol
  11. Would you like to have a speedometer in gta5 or not? I hate how you never really know how fast your going and its such an easy thing to implement. That's always bugged me maybe r* will add it this time around?
  12. So as crime is the one of the dominant themes in all GTA games, what types of crimes are you looking for? Here is a short list of what I would love to see: - Ability to rob pedestrians if they are in a secluded area, pick pocket, Break and Enter almost ANY house (With different difficulty levels), Rob any store, not only clothes shops and internet cafes, and jacking individual parts from cars. - Drug dealing, simiar to CTW, but maybe slightly harder as it was easy to become a millionaire in CTW. Also, I would like the AI to have drug deals, and the protagonist to have the ability to ambush these deals and take everything. - Ability to ambush someone in a dark alley, and "dispose" of their body, such as dumping in the sea, in a manhole, garbage can etc... And visible bodily damage similar but improved from RDR. I would also like to see dynamic AI commiting crimes as well, it would make the game much more realistic. - A Gang system similar to San Andreas but improved. Such as taking over a territory, and in each area there is a "clubhouse" similar to TLAD where all your gangmembers chill. - Bribing cops to let you off with crimes. There must be more, but this is all I can think of for now. What do you think? Anything to add, or anything you think isn't good?