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  1. But Guarma isn't visible until you cross that line so it doesn't really matter. And none of the land/water close enough would be accessible just as it is now.
  2. I still think they messed up the map with Mexico and the river going north along the east side of the map. Should have had Mexico turn south and either ditched the river for a coastline or make the area of St Denis the river mouth out into the gulf and continue the US land across the river. Makes more sense especially with the terrain they chose for the east side of the river. Fits more with the US. edit: Something like this:
  3. Put some pirates of the Caribbean music over it.
  4. TreeFitty

    iGTA Crew Nights - Open Thread

    And you literally just missed one of them... >.< Haha
  5. So much more to that boat than the one singleplayer mission. Strange to see it all in daylight too.
  6. Not that I recall. Possible some enemies from one of the missions (Micah's breakout or another) spawn from inside there. edit hours later: Just realized that was the back half that was detailed, not the front. Unless the front didn't spawn correctly for some reason. Strange either way.
  7. If I'm not mistaken, that room is where the Natives meet with whatever government agency. Edit: American Fathers - I I remember walking around that building to try and find out who the unnamed agency was but only found the theater. Funny it takes up the whole building so there isn't any offices anyway (aside from above the theater I suppose).
  8. TreeFitty

    iGTA Crew Nights - Open Thread

    Rarely for GTAO these days. And RDO is suffering at the moment. Most of the discussion moved to
  9. Wow. Can't believe it was that simple. Haha.
  10. Or maybe something out of Arrival.... Whole scene looks cool with the block in the woods. Strange how the shadow takes away the textures but leaves the gloss/reflective/whatever overlay in tact.
  11. Didn't realize you couldn't cheat in Guarma. Good to know. I remember you guys talking about whistling for horses in RDO on discord. I assume it's because they didn't want you getting a horse in such a small area in the story but they didn't plan on people getting there in RDO.
  12. Did you even use horse items when crossing the river? Looked like it got across with ease. Also, the horse cheat can only be done once? ~3:20 You point out not killing the new horse or else having to walk Guarma on foot.
  13. Amazing how much they put into the map that you can't even get to. Modders are going to have a field day once they break into the game. Hopefully for good mods....
  14. TreeFitty

    RDR2 Soundtrack Listing

    From the end credits. Didn't find a listing anywhere through Google. Known tracks from the end credits: Moonlight Open Hymn - Rhiannon Giddens (Fire in Your Eyes) Unshaken - D'Angelo That's the Way It Is (High) - Daniel Lanois That's the Way It Is (Low) - Daniel Lanois Mountain Finale - Daniel Lanois, Nas Crash of the Worlds (High) - Rocco DeLuca Crash of the Worlds (Low) - Rocco DeLuca Cruel World - Willie Nelson Red - Daniel Lanois Cruel World - Josh Homme Mountain Hymn - Rhiannon Giddens Table Top - Daniel Lanois Love Come Back - Daniel Lanois Dulcimer Campfire - Daniel Lanois Mountain Banjo - Rhiannon Giddens Oh My Lovely - Daniel Lanois Moonlight Nola - Daniel Lanois, Daryl Johnson, Joseph Maize, Darryle Hatcher, Rhiannon Giddens (Fire in Your Eyes Vocal) Gospel Redemption - Daniel Lanois House Build - David Ferguson Environmental Music: A Prisoner for Life - Alan Lomax, John Lomax Boring for Oil - Vance Rudolph Buffalo Gals - Traditional California Stage Company - Alan Lomax, John Lomax Can-Can - Jacques Offenbach, Ossi Bashiri Cielito Lindo - Quirino Fidel Mendoza Cortes Cole Younger - Alan Lomax, John Lomax Dan Taylor - Alan Lomax, John Lomax Drinking Song - Alan Lomax, John Lomax Flower Duet - Leo Delibes Habanera - Georges Bizet Hello My Baby - Ida Emerson, Joseph Howard I Ask That Gal - Traditional I Got a Gal in Berrywood - Traditional I Wouldn't Marry an Old Man - Traditional Jack of Diamonds - Alan Lomax, John Lomax Jesse James - Alan Lomax, John Lomax Key Hole in the Door - Traditional Libiamo Ne Lieti Calici - Giuseppe Verdi Little Joe the Wrangler - Alan Lomax, John Lomax O Soave Fanciulla - Giacomo Puccini One-Eyed Riley - Traditional, Tom Clancy, Pat Clancy, Liam Clancy Pie Jesu - Gabriel Faure Poor Lonesome Cowboy - Alan Lomax, John Lomax Proctology - Ralph Waldo, Terry Waldo Runk-Dinky Di-Lo - Traditional Ruby Lorraine - Ralph Waldo, Terry Waldo Spanish Patrillio - Traditonal The Amsterdam Maid - Traditional The Cowboy - Alan Lomax, John Lomax The Hell-Bound Train - Alan Lomax, John Lomax Un Bel Di - Giacomo Puccini