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Found 11 results

  1. Hey, looking to call out all of the PC gamers here! Cough up your socialclub name here and lets have some fun together online!!! Mine is: River420 I usually play (usa eastern time) around 8 pm until wheneverrrrr.
  2. GunSmith

    The Forest

    Has anyone tried The Forest? Currently exclusive to PC; a PS4 version is in development. An ever-expanding open-world forest island is populated by smart and cunning, but primitive cannibalistic natives (plus tons of woodland critters and living, lifelike flora). By the light and safety of sunlight, you're tasked with organizing and establishing a means to survive the nocturnal native activity. I'm blown away by the AI so far. The cannibals are believably cautious; they don't charge you relentlessly like every other survival-horror enemy. They hang back, communicate and coordinate with fellow tribals, and monitor and adapt to the player's behavior. Fallen trees, remains of campfires, etc. will provoke the cannibals' curiosity, causing them to investigate the player more closely, etc. It's very easy to sink lengths of time into this. This is the most engaging and captivating game I've played in a while. Hope there are a few players here, I'm dying to try co-op.
  3. Guest

    Sleeping Dogs

    This open-world game from Square Enix looks action packed. Here's the official site but you might just want to check out this gameplay video first to see what it's offering, hand-to-hand combat looks pretty decent plus because it's set in Hong Kong you get to drive on the correct side of the road. Release date: August 14th 2012.
  4. Hi guys, I'm wondering what sorts of things we could see in GTA V PC when it eventually does get released (If it does). Do you think Rockstar are taking so long to release the PC version because they're working on making it even more amazing? Are they adding more features for the PC version? Are they using some sort of facial recognition for the PC version maybe? All these questions and I'm just wondering if anyone has any ideas on what we could see, and what we WANT to see in the PC version of GTA V.
  5. Edgecrusher


    I know there aren't many PC players on here, but any of you played this yet? I'm thinking of getting ArmA II: CO tomorrow to play this mod. The combination of realistic physics and survival horror looks really interesting to me and I think this will probably be something I will play for a long time.
  6. Guest

    Sniper Elite V2

    Having been looking out for a good WW2 espionage type game for some time I finally found one that offered everything I was looking for - Sniper Elite V2. You play as Karl Fairburne an elite US sniper sent behind enemy lines into Berlin during the final moments of the second world war. With the Russians tightening their grip around the city (what's left of it) several top figures in the German V2 rocket program look likely to fall into their hands. Your mission is to aid those figures keen to defect to the Allies, and to whack those thought likely to defect to the Russians. For my first playthrough I opted to use the Custom Difficulty setting (knew exactly what I wanted after hammering the demo on PS3) rather than go with the usual Easy, Medium or Hard (Cadet, Marksman, Sniper Elite). You can choose between 3 difficulty settings for Enemy Skill, Ballistic Realism and Tactical Assistance - in a nutshell I chose to have an alert enemy, no scope interference such as bullet drop, wind etc and turned off all the Tactical Assistance such as enemy markers and onscreen pointers which tell you which direction bullets are coming from etc. Although the story is predictable the action isn't, far from it. If you decide to play with the settings I chose then be prepared to die, a lot! The place is being overrun with ruskies knocking out the last remnants of the German army and you'll often find yourself in the middle of their street battles. You've got a pair of binoculars for scanning your suroundings and they can be a life saver because enemy snipers and machinegunnners can sometimes be a bastard to spot until it's too late, about 3 bullets in your torso in quick succession means you're going back to the last checkpoint and that can be a pisser if you've been crawling on your belly for the last half hour. There's no loading screen or anything when you press 'Retry' - it puts you immediately back in the action. There are the usual weapons you'd expect to find in a WW2 game which you can swap and change either by finding caches or stealing from the dead. To use your sniper rifle effectively you need to watch your heart rate so you have a better chance of getting off a steady shot. If you find yourself running for cover when the shit suddenly hits the fan your heart will be pounding and take longer to calm down than if you were creeping/crouching around. The silenced pistol obviously allows you to whack people without attracting attention but if you drop him and his body is spotted by one of his mates he'll grass you up to the rest and then you've got a problem so try to throw the stiff over your shoulder and hide it in a corner somewhere, that way Klaus and Boris will just scratch their heads wondering where the fuck he went. You can also do the old sneak attack by grabbing them from behind and snapping their necks - if you've done a good job of sneaking up on them while they're having a doze you can also do it from the front. If you're sitting off observing the enemy while deciding how to advance it's always a good idea to cover your arse by laying down land mines or tripwires so you can hear (with a bang) anyone sneaking up on you. The killcam which follows your on-target sniper rounds (but not all) through the air is awesome and I can honestly say I thought it might get old after a while but I've played over 24 hours so far and I'm still loving it. It's possible to get some really long shots off and with the killcam following your spinning lump of lead through the air giving you some great views of your surroundings it's really satisfying to see the damage you inflict on the victim. There's a trophy for shooting someone through the eye which funnily enough I got with my very first shot. You can also ricochet bullets off solid objects and it's sometimes possible to bounce one off a wall into some unlucky bastard hiding round a corner. Anyway, if you liked the original Call Of Duty, Metal Gear Solid, The Saboteur and Black then you'll probably enjoy this, it's kind of like all those titles rolled into one - to me anyway. Took me over 14 hours to complete the main story but I was absolutely milking the fact you could take as long as you wanted and how you wanted. There are so many different ways to do the same mission plus online multiplayer co-op (which I tried earlier - best with a mic) and challenges. There's a available now plus more DLC on the way apparently so there's lots of replay value in it if this is your thing. If you're in any doubt, try the demo on either PS3. Xbox 360 or PC.
  7. This image just shows a few franchises, but what companies do you think are improving or getting worse?
  8. I don't know much about xbox360 innards, but being owned by microsoft i wonder to what extent is it similar with pc hardware and, on the other hand, how different is it from ps3 hardware. anyone got any hints on that?
  9. So I don't think there is a topic on this, at least nothing came up when I typed in "console". Anyway it's straightforward... What console(s) do you own? Would be interesting to see how it's divided. For the PC option I mean for gaming, because almost everyone has a PC. I only included the major 3 of the current generation as well.
  10. Hi all, Well everyone is hunting for a release date for the game but I don't care too much for the console release date I want to know when it will be available for the PC. So when do you think it will be available? 6 months after is my guess. Also how many of you are going to be playing GTA V on PC? Tommy