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  1. Report him as a spammer to google... Not good enough because I hate him. Already did so, he has been marked as a spammer but his articles still show up and sometimes I have to see that stupid fucking face pop up. Look add him to the list or conspire to kill him, I'm dandy with either.
  2. Matt Clark. i am fucking sick of this guy, it seems he has found that GTA 5 articles get views, he is now abusing that fact and annoying the fuck out of me. He comes up with the most fucking pointless articles. Annoying spammer. He's a spanner.
  3. There could easily be plenty hiddens caves in those mountains.....,r:12,s:0,i:105
  4. I'd like to see it as some future DLC in gta. I'd like to see how they do it and if they could make it work. It could actually proveto be quite amazing with the map and physics. I'd love to see Los Santos ravaged by zombies. It's a matter of opinion.
  5. Yeah quite a while ago I got that fact mixed up with sharks and dolphins. It's over. Lol. But yeah....animals huh? Hope these dogs are going to actually have a place in the game, I'll actually be pretty pissed if the police don't use K9's, be a big waste :/ no excuse with all the time they've had/have.
  6. Shotguns should knock you to the floor. At medium/close range. Sniper rifle should definitely swing your body a bit.
  7. Exactly so if you're going top speed instead of trying to make an attempt at making a very slow, wide awkward turn, you're just does a badass flip and wrecks out. Think we should actually take damage from some crashes as well, that would be fun to see.
  8. Tbh I'm actually expecting something to do with a release date, maybe given at least a year and at the most a month.
  9. I'd like the aiming to be like max payne 3, normal free aim would be holiding a pistol in one hand looking gangster but zoomed in would require 2 hands holding the pistol like a police officer. As for getting shot, it definitely needs to be changed, red dead had a good affect, it gave you much more of a danger feel you could actually tell you were going to die, whereas in GTA IV it felt like you were getting shot by BB guns. I think it should definitely make your body swing about a bit. I'd actually love the idea of you getting hurt that much you have to limp, would be so so so fun in multiplayer.
  10. Think cars should be able to flip more easily, wreck out easier. Basically I want some badass crashes. I think its about time also that when you kill someone in a car, instead of an animation their body does just flop onto the dashboard or wherever the body ends up lying lol We've discussed it before but cars really need to show more GTA IV they were a lil too strong and heavy set.
  11. It's LA not NYC. I know this. But what I'm saying is with there only being a few skyscrapers it makes it look smaller to me. And I didn't say he was doing it to prove there were more cities. People need to read what they're actually apparently "reading". I do believe there will be more cities but I just don't believe they will be the same 2 cities we saw in San Andreas. I believe they will be totally different and new.
  12. Interesting. To be honest I've always firmly believed there will be more than 1 city just because Los Santos really doesn't look that big and as mentioned before very few skyscrapers.
  13. They said it last week Wait what? Last week they said we'd get more in a few weeks? Where was this? I only recall a few weeks ago them saying we'd get more in a few weeks...which is now lol I would of thought sometime early in october.
  14. Yeah definitely don't count on a release date being announced in one of these calls haha, pretty much impossible. The announcement will be aimed at us, the fans, not in a meeting such as the one on the 20th. However! There is still some info that can be helpful in the phone call, I'd imagine and hope since they've released 9 screens that they will be able to be a little bit more open about GTA V in the call. But heres hoping ^^ lets keep scaring away new members. Good plan?
  15. omg pleeeease dont be too creepy lmao xD Oh I also have an awesome idea. Know how on Just Cause 2 when you fly over to the island on the top left corner and your planes or boat just dies? lol They could do that with this sorta thing, driving in the woods but you get to a creepy part and your car just dies and won't start. That would be cool It doesn't happen, I mean the crashing and everything after you complete that mission to fly over there...after that, it's just another island. I don't think that comment made much It does happen, until you complete the mission. That comment should of really only had a place if what I said didn't happen in the game.. Moving on
  16. omg pleeeease dont be too creepy lmao xD Oh I also have an awesome idea. Know how on Just Cause 2 when you fly over to the island on the top left corner and your planes or boat just dies? lol They could do that with this sorta thing, driving in the woods but you get to a creepy part and your car just dies and won't start. That would be cool
  17. Hmm also surely with the water clearly heading in a certain direction it should drag us right? That would be pretty fun and a good way to escape ^^
  18. Nice im about to hop on TBOGT on XBL right now for similar reasons haha
  19. I'd be so happy if they involved a fully open, working police station/prison. It was vice city or san andreas but I loooooooved entering the police station, because you were surrounded by like 20 cops already haha. But they could make it very interactive, seeing prison cells, a room where the cops keep all their special gear, which would be in a restricted area of course.
  20. Soooo this thought just creeped into my head. Another reason GTA: San Andreas was so different was because you could go underwater. Could this return? For some reason I doubt it for now :/ But hell we don't know yet. But imagine how damn fun/useful it could be with multiplayer! When someone knocks you into the water, you could just go under and swim some distance while bullets peirce the water going by you. What you guys think? Also am I right in thinking during the trailer we saw one of those sea planes? (cant remember what is called) if so someone please get a screen of it!
  21. The physics could definitely be upgraded. I think the cars should show much more damage. What would be very entertaining is crashing into each others cars which would sometimes result with the cars being lodged together lol But I want them to improve the cars so that they can flip out much easier, I didn't always like the cars having too much of a heavy feeling to them, I LOVED seeing my or a cop car just going full speed but then take a sharp turn or go over a bump to see the car just flip out of control and become wrecked, I want to see the sort of car crashes you would in Nascar ^^ Now that would be badass.
  22. @Lil Eazy-E That cletus comeback had me in fucking kinks xD shit was funny Anyway yeah back onto gangs. Hope we see some true gangsta's, the ones with bandana's on their faces and such.
  23. There's no doubt in my mind that the ghetto's will be partly focused on, no matter what, it's LA. I'm still supporting the theory that we may have a couple or few charatcers from different backgrounds. Even if the ghetto and gangs are just a side thing in the main story, I'm sure DLC will focus on it afterwards. I'd imagine multiplayer will play a huge part in the ghetto theme Afterall you will be able to have your crew.
  24. Some gangs will attack nearly anyone for the smallest reason. So if it is to be realistic, soon as you enter their grounds you should be car-jacked or beaten or shot or possibly all of them. Gangs are very "strict" about their areas and turfs lets just say. x) But my god can you imagine calling the LSPD into the ghetto area to watch a full on war explode or to watch the gangs run away