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  1. no conversion is needed the Motherboard has an allocated 4 pin connector for the assistance fan but thanks for the help anyways
  2. Motherboard You see that square in the middle? Well thats where you mount the assistance fan. I just want to know where to plug it in. It has a 4 pin connector (I believe) [the fan this is] Fan [50x10mm] I was just wondering where to connect it to as the 4 pin CPU Fan Slot will be taken. Sorry For The Double Post [Please don't ban me ] I have read the whole manual online and there is a very small connector for the 50x10mm fan to connect into but i could not see it Sorry for wasting time Also it was on page 60 of the online manual (Yeah I had a lot of free time today ) Thanks for your help anyway, Tommy
  3. What you talking about? I just need to connect it to somewhere? I don;t need to solder it to the board! It already has a connector in the end but is there a molex connector in PSU's?
  4. Hi all, What do you think is the easiest mission and the hardest mission of all the gta games? These are mine: Hardest - GTA San Andreas - (I have no idea what it was called but the mission where Big Smoke says "all you have to do was follow the damn train CJ") Easiest - GTA III - Love's Disappearance
  5. Hi all, So I have changed my motherboard choice and I am now going for an Asus sabertooth p67. I just have 1 question however: I am going to have a Heatsink Fan CPU cooler but I also want the assistance fan on the Motherboard 50x10mm. Where would the assistance fan plug in? I have heard you can connect it to a molex plug on your power supply but I don't know if thats true Thanks in advance Tommy
  6. I did read the whole thing and I saw the first paragraph but it still says PS3 exclusive so I was just saying why that would be a bad idea for R*
  7. Click on Tree Fitty's link it says that Most money doesn't come from PC, what the hell are you talking about? And the least copies were sold on PC as well, not PS3. Consoles are ahead of PC's for gaming (not performance-wise, but just sales wise) by far. And why the fuck would they make the game SO much faster on PC so that it would have to be PC exlcusive? That would completely ruin sales.... And it would have better performance if it was PS3 exclusive than multi-platform, have you seen GTA IV on PC? worst performance ever, hopefully they have learnt from their mistakes. And the graphics were limited a lot by the Xbox 360. And also, who said it was PS3 exclusive? Again tree Fitty's link. Also I never said make it PC exclusive I want it on all 3 consoles I am saying that if it was PS3 exclusive they would lose a large audience as PS3 had the least sales from GTA IV [saw it on a post by a R* Financial executive]. There was no need to go into a rage about my post when I never said I want PC exclusive. One more thing I said it was faster as TreeFitty's link says that they want to use the "power" of the PS3 to have it as an exclusive and I was just stating the PC has more power so why restrict it to PC.
  8. I don't think it would be PS3 exclusive as R* will want money and most of their money comes from PC and Xbox 360 in GTA IV the least copies were sold on PS3. Also if they want to harness the power then why restrict the game to PS3 PC's can be SO much faster than the PS3 and much better looking (graphically)
  9. Hi all, Well everyone is hunting for a release date for the game but I don't care too much for the console release date I want to know when it will be available for the PC. So when do you think it will be available? 6 months after is my guess. Also how many of you are going to be playing GTA V on PC? Tommy
  10. Dimensions from the Sharkoon website Dimensions: 475x200x440 mm (LxWxH) I would get a GTX graphics card but I am a ATI graphics card fan!
  11. I want to hear info about GTA V but it will arrive when R* are ready to tell us no whinning little kids are going to make them release the info any quicker or slower. Also Max Payne is looking great!
  12. I will be getting a Sharkoon T28 case. It is a normal size atx case and it has 3 120mm fans already installed. The power supply is also modular (better air flow) and The case has a removablt HDD cage so it has more room for the card to "breathe"
  13. Hi all, Firstly yes I have been away for a while but no-once cares Will the Asus P8P67 Pro/Gen 3 motherboard work with the Asus Radeon HD6950 DirectCUII I need to know because I am building a new computer in July and I want this combo I am also asking as the radeon is 3 slots (It has a big cooler) Thanks in advance, Tommy
  14. "We do not Comment on rumours, speculAtion and geneRaL Internet lunacy. We Do appreciate Seeing the passIoN Gaming fans have shown TowArd Grand Theft Auto V and we look forward to sharing more information with you soon." Carl is in GTAV zOMG I say this confidently as IGN will probably have this on their site in a couple of hours! So a message to people posting one "rumour" then never posting again IGN speak s**t Thanks for listening