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  1. Definitely main character(s) and a release date that will be delayed.
  2. How the hell do you know that gta v is 87% complete???!!!!!! I hope that you're right.......
  3. In previous gta's, it was really annoying if you were "forced" to die if you couldn't find a health pickup. I hope that in gta 5 you could relax and regenerate your health.
  4. Much better police abilities, firetrucks wherever fire is located, taxi buses planes available for everyone and realistic routes and extremely realistic graphics
  5. Only if rockstar bankrupts or if something bans grand theft auto series i hope... If grand theft auto sales stay that high, rockstar wont stop new gta development as they will not earn that much money.
  6. When it releases in ps3 i hope......
  7. i hope that it will be released in ps3 xbox 360 and pc simultaneously. i cant wait for more than half a year to play gta v on pc!!!
  8. I wonder if gta 5 will have so amazing graphics like these. At least I hope so....
  9. Mountains can be seen on the backgound. Huge map!
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