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  1. Jizzy sometimes seems funny and retarted all the other
  2. YO loc aint no bodys ass techincation catalina was ugly
  3. I wonder if they will be new archtecture in Bone Country if it is in the game
  4. jizzy uhh,ok buffalo was pretty cool jizzy only had like 4 missons though
  5. yeah, im interested in how things will look with more detail
  6. But GTA IV was like 7 or 8 years later not 20
  7. We saw many buildings in GTA SA what do you guys want to see how buildings look 20 years later or the zip in san fiero under construction Or how the ganton looks now what do you wanna see?
  8. I hated catalina when u go fast its not fast enough and when u crashed she stared screaming
  9. If we have internet use, then absolutely. I had even mentioned in 1 post about being able to find any make or model via the web. Would help to find those super rare vehicles we want. Maybe to be able to find homes that are for sale. If we want to buy or sell a home, just go on-line locate homes for sale, or put an ad on-line to sell them. agree, to make it even more realistic they should have fake ads like erotic car shows nice cars on the internet and then shitty cars at the stores
  10. Loc was just goddamn annoying, not even funny. Loc was a boss, just like brucie I aint no bodys ass technician