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  1. I can't stand that his pre epilogue and rdr 1 haircuts aren't in the game
  2. When they were first driving the carriage he just had the natural stage 3 beard like I had with Arthur
  3. I seriously think that the only reason R* chose to have Arthur as a protagonist is because they couldn't get John's voice actor to do the main role. Everything that happened to Arthur could have happened to John (other than the ending, of course) and it still would have made sense.
  4. So, does John just spawn with whatever hair Arthur has post game? Or was it just a coincidence for me?
  5. These are almost spoiler free, I wonder if R* anticipated the leak. GTA V's trophies were the most spoilery thing of all time.
  6. "The singlehanded sawed off shotgun" There's only 1 sawed off shotgun in the game?
  7. Jizzy


    I think I'm not going to get this until much after release, when people confirm it actually runs correctly. I just refuse to support a company that releases broken game after broken game. If people stopped throwing money at them and kissing the ground they walked on, they might consider releasing a functioning game. The concept looks great though and I look forward to playing with the crew, just not in slow motion with a blue screen every hour...
  8. Maybe somebody brave enough will look at it for us and tell us if there's any mention of New Austin or Mexico...
  9. If the game is rescaled they would have to test the shit out of every mission to make sure everything still makes sense spatially, it literally sounds counter intuitive and against their interests to do That, when they can just come put with a shitty upscaled version like they did for Xbox One. I think people are just really naive and desperate for nostalgia, it's really weird that the theory has taken off like it has.
  10. To put it in the new game lol... they totally rebuilt the shooting mechanics to make them more like Max Payne 3, if they could just easily throw that kind of shit in a game we would probably see updates like that in GTA online. They would have advertised it by now anyway, R* values money above all else.
  11. I don't know where people get this remastered version of the game thing, maybe an upscaled version seperate from the main game, but a total remaster with all the new mechanics and the version of the map that's been redone for rdr2? A lot of people have been talking about that and it doesn't make any sense whatsoever. I think people might be underestimating how much time that would take, and for what? Not enough people will care, and according to the internet's theory on it they are just going to release it free out of the kindness of their hearts, lmao...
  12. The only thing that makes me skeptical about New Austin is I think I've read that the game starts with a mission in Blackwater then locks you in the northern mountains, usually map progression stays in one direction, not that R* might not break that general rule, but it's how they did it other than for GTA V which started with the whole map unlocked.
  13. Jizzy

    GTAO DLC Topic

    Gay Tony doesn't look right.
  14. Jizzy

    GTAO DLC Topic

  15. Jizzy


    I always wanted a class system similar to what we've seen in TES in Fallout. Being able to choose between a human, ghoul, mutant, different generations of synth, etc.