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  1. The weather looks amazing. I never thought of it but we're actually gonna get a really rough sea during a storm
  2. It just won't make any sense if GTA V comes out and is amazing yet still has retarded police. More realistic the better. If it comes out and not enough has changed it'll seriously affect the game for me... :/
  3. Be cool if the odd policeman used em too. Anyone able to tell me the possibilities of bears please?
  4. If rockstar are smart I reckon they'll include something like a rope or chain. Surely they have heard how many of us want the option to put people in the back of the trunk too right? (I know, we are some sick people) I do actually recall them saying something about empty cargo space was actually going to be of use this time around...
  5. of course that would just end up an old fashioned gta cop killing spree Actually it was in relation to something *HeeHee* ^.^ But I actually will be doing it, only this time.......HE wins.
  6. Steal a police cruiser and head for the desert. Get some army gear, start ambushing members of the LSPD, as well as their families, hide out in a cabin in the woods. Perfect
  7. 8 months just says to me, you're getting fuck all for a long time. We wont see another trailer for at least probably a few months. UGH.
  8. Is it likely we will get police road stingers in GTA V? They were used in San Andreas, I'd also imagine the LA area police department use them, especially in the desert area.
  9. Is it likely we will get police road stingers in GTA V? They were used in San Andreas, I'd also imagine the LA area police department use them, especially in the desert area.
  10. Still have not pre ordered the game. Just for the simple fact that I'm still fucking waiting of a decent pre order :/
  11. Or go round blowing up everything with a rocket launcher lol But omg, the main reason I want military is multiplayer! It would literally be a war zone
  12. Very intersting. I must say, if we get the riot mode back, it would be fantastic to see riot police all over trying to contain the situation.
  13. I don't know why people are still not sure, I can't remember where I saw it but a military base is definitely in the game. They mentioned it when they were saying all of the map is unlocked apart from a few restricted areas like the army base and airport.
  14. Eddie Lowe. That be creepy and he could have some weird twisted story of how he survived the attack from niko lol
  15. Yeah but what's in those Caves? Corpses, shrines, files on aliens and ufo's, random encounters, creepy hillbillies, eddie lowe victims, the list goes on....
  16. I really hope we're going to get a video series. Great when they do that. I'm really hoping the police will get their own video. Hopefully they have been improved enough
  17. Here's a question, is it possible when one character gets hospitalized we are automatically switched to a different character?
  18. Well in all honesty I don't know how I feel about it. Part of me sort of sides with the old system...I like having exact knowledge of how much more damage I can take before dying. I like the idea of how it was set out in San Andreas.
  19. To be honest, GTA V is apparently going to go through huge changes and a new direction. So, I think we will most likely have to have the health regen system.
  20. Speaking of the police chasing us, still little worried about police system, surely they have been upgraded, up to now we've just seen them doing the same old....