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  1. Spssst....american kiddies are gay. And suck on rockstars british founded dick. *Drinks then leaves for a few months to university* ^_<

  2. The weather looks amazing. I never thought of it but we're actually gonna get a really rough sea during a storm
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    2. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      i create memes all the time, big fucking deal... massacre was at the forefront of memes before they even became cool... you're pissing on the wrong tree here pedo... we're not a bunch of fucking kids here, and the more you make that assumption, the more we start to think that you're the kid...

    3. GunSmith


      ^ what I wanted to say.

    4. GunSmith


      Also, speak for yourself, Captain. I'm a kid. :P


    1. fanman


      holy fucking fuck balls!

      we are saved!

  4. Who reckons GTA 5 will have a decent prison and/or police station?

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    2. Brian


      Nice improvement on spelling and grammar there.

    3. PedestrianRiotz


      Incredible. Lol. And brian, I am a very 50/50 guy. I love certain elements of law enforcement, I also love the streetz. x) Watching worlds toughest prisons.

    4. fanman


      i reckons GTA5 will have a decent prison or police station.

  5. I need a job man...i gotta get paid

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    2. PedestrianRiotz


      Exactly massacre, exactly

    3. Brian


      I have an uncle that gets paid six figures to fix some shitty teeth and make them look pretty, sounds easier to me.

    4. Brian


      Hell taxes here are so high cops get paid six figures on average after 5 years.

  6. It just won't make any sense if GTA V comes out and is amazing yet still has retarded police. More realistic the better. If it comes out and not enough has changed it'll seriously affect the game for me... :/
  7. aw wow, official pre order page, is this new?
    1. TreeFitty


      All they did was organize the listing they had in a newswire post. Been up for a bit.

  8. Bought my ticket to see eminem this year. Life complete.

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    2. Jizzy


      Infinite sucked. The Lps were decent.

    3. Brian


      Some days I sit starin' out the window

      Watchin' this world pass me by

      Sometimes I think there's nothin' to live for

      I almost break down and cry

      Eminem is actually a decent singer, I'd like to hear him sing more.

    4. PedestrianRiotz


      Thats a lot of comments, I'll just shorten this down, whoever is a fan, high five, whoever isnt, die of aids

  9. Anyone want a 32GB iPod touch? :P

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    2. ConQueSteD


      Truth I too asked siri a question, she said kill the snake. I agree.

    3. ConQueSteD


      ^ That guy sounds intelligent, I agree completely with what that good sir said.

    4. PedestrianRiotz


      Siri says you could grab a bargain! :D

  10. I hope franklin has a bit of a good hood story. For us hip hop/rap fans anyway. "I just wanna get up out this hood"

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    2. GunSmith


      How wonderfully euphemistic!

    3. Edgecrusher


      Well yes; I suppose looking at it from the outside, the term would seem quite quaint, but this side of the pond the term only conjures images of pissy lifts and discarded heroin needles.

    4. PedestrianRiotz


      What in the living fuck happened lmao

  11. Be cool if the odd policeman used em too. Anyone able to tell me the possibilities of bears please?
  12. I like the film "The Burbs". Just saying.

  13. If rockstar are smart I reckon they'll include something like a rope or chain. Surely they have heard how many of us want the option to put people in the back of the trunk too right? (I know, we are some sick people) I do actually recall them saying something about empty cargo space was actually going to be of use this time around...
  14. of course that would just end up an old fashioned gta cop killing spree Actually it was in relation to something *HeeHee* ^.^ But I actually will be doing it, only this time.......HE wins.
  15. Steal a police cruiser and head for the desert. Get some army gear, start ambushing members of the LSPD, as well as their families, hide out in a cabin in the woods. Perfect
  16. 217 days....sorta wish you didn't put it up o_o

    1. TreeFitty


      I can make it longer.

    2. ConQueSteD


      that's what she said

  17. What a shame, my ex didn't get her fallout boy tickets *wimpers* :'(....No. Bet that thing is going to be an emo fest lol

    1. TheClip


      Don't let 'dem hoes get you down Ped. Find yourself a nice girl who is in to some Kendrick Lamar or Odd Future.

    2. PedestrianRiotz


      Thats nice of you Clip

  18. 8 months just says to me, you're getting fuck all for a long time. We wont see another trailer for at least probably a few months. UGH.
  19. Question, does Rockstar actually research and pay attention to websites like this?

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    2. Godfather


      They even said something about during the introduction of crews for MP3

    3. gtagrl


      *waves at R* employees*

    4. Edgecrusher


      Dust off your copy of SA and have a look in the back of the manual, R*have been aware of us for years.

  20. I have a theory as to why GTA V was delayed, well they left it kind of late for people to send in ideas, maybe they received such good beneficial ideas they actually need more time to put it in the game? Just a theory people. Don't repress me lol

    1. Brian


      *Represses* HAHA

    2. PedestrianRiotz
    3. Rayge


      Or they are being payed more by Sony or Xbox to release it then, who knows

  21. Is it likely we will get police road stingers in GTA V? They were used in San Andreas, I'd also imagine the LA area police department use them, especially in the desert area.
  22. Is it likely we will get police road stingers in GTA V? They were used in San Andreas, I'd also imagine the LA area police department use them, especially in the desert area.
  23. Still have not pre ordered the game. Just for the simple fact that I'm still fucking waiting of a decent pre order :/
  24. Or go round blowing up everything with a rocket launcher lol But omg, the main reason I want military is multiplayer! It would literally be a war zone