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  1. Yeah I guess. But come on, who's more racist? me or rockstar? They had the black guy running from the police lol
  2. Think its very possible part of the story could revolve around the gang part of the game tbh because so far the screens sort of support the multiple protagonist thoery...imo. Hate to sound racist but come on a black guy in LA that ain't involved with some gangs? Bitch please xD
  3. Thank you massacre, I too know there's still completely loads of street gangs I don't know what exactly they're talking about :/ And I just saw you're damn edit! NO BRIAN I HATE YOU! ITS NOT TRUE AND YOU BETTER NOT OF WATCHED THAT VIDEO!
  4. GTA V. Why it's not October 2012!! Current date - 6th Sepetember 2012...
  5. Well that won't be that realistic in that case :/ LA is really well known for its gang activity and turf. Gangs are literally everywhere in LA
  6. This is the gang topic. The original OP has been put in spoiler tags below in order to preserve conversation in the early posts, but the topic is about gangs in general, not one specific gang. - Massacre
  7. I hope you do massacre, so I can come online and burn you and it to the ground with molotovs with my crew 4sho lmao
  8. I would certainly hope so. I personally love all this stuff, can really add to the games atmosphere, like being in the woods on the night, can kinda give you that paranoid feeling. Bigfoot is almost certainly going to be a easter egg/rumour as bigfoot is actually part of the logo on the police car in the trailer. UFO's were hinted at in SA so I'd like to see them advance on that and serial killers? I think every GTA needs a serial killer lol They make very interesting characters.
  9. REALLY interested in seeing what they come up with in terms of merchandise and an online program apparently. Surely rockstar won't try to get us to actually buy merchandise? Right? xD But I'd like to think they're gonna release some free related software or it might be a new website or just an add on to the current website. Hopefully we see this stuff "soon".
  10. Well if they're smart they'll definitely have different police for the countryside. We want to see things like rangers and sheriffs. We should get police trucks/SUVs and bikes. With these different kinds of cops there should also come different police weaponry. For example, countryside police should carry something such as a revolver and maybe an older type shotgun. Lets just hope they've really improved by introducing things like batons, tasers, pepperspray and CS gas.
  11. Hmm its a good question. I'd imagine you start off in the city, but yeah its going to be the biggest map yet and they're going in a new direction so I really wouldn't be surprised if it was all unlocked from the start. Unless something is crucial to the story and can't be spoilt, in that case I'd guess that they'd have bridges closed off and you may think hmm I'll just get a plane or helicopter and fly where I want, I think that this time round it won't be possible, you'll be labelled as a terrorist threat and thats where they bring in the jet(s). Basically you get proper fucked. lol
  12. Hmm soo they've covered transport, I don't think they'd be showing more screens on that? Unless they've upgraded the trains, taxi's etc. I want the next screens to cover some weapons or the police I can imagine the police ones are going to look amazing.
  13. Well yeah thats what I thought just wanted to make sure that it wasn't just another stupid fan like the albert de silva's or whatever lmao
  14. Anyone see all the twitter accounts linked together through that epsilon program twitter account? It's responded to one account and it leads to several other twitter accounts when you look at them, is it definitely an official rockstar twitter account? :s
  15. I'd imagine the next trailer will definitely focus more on the story of the game. Hell if we're lucky we might actually see a gun fire lmao
  16. Click here mate! I predicted that but not in such a creative way to thanks, cheecky bastard hahaha
  17. Ok someone is going to have to full tell me about this, I barely remember hearing stuff on the radio about it but it sounds very interesting and fun. Isn't it linked to all the myths that were in GTA SA or something like that?
  18. Yeah I saw the light sleeves too, also has anyone noted that the helicopter is heading forward from the police station that is just below, behind it? Looks cool
  19. I'd like a giant prison and police stations in the game that you can enter, would be cool. However I do agree that the whole arrest thing could be improved, could be made more fun in a lot of ways.
  20. Don't take this as a complaint or anything but did anyone else thing the screenshots look a bit pixelated in parts? Some parts are pretty nice and smooth but some parts don't look too good. I'd imagine that's why they haven't released anything cos it still needs to look a lil smoother?
  21. The only reason I'd imagine they'd show some more GTA V off at Gamescom is to make E3 look silly and for the fact that Rockstar North in the UK is working on GTA V, whereas E3 is american, nothing better than the british showing the americans who the real boss are. Lol ^^
  22. Nah it's not due to GTA V. It's just been put back like all the others so they can make the game even better. But it definitely opens up that nice little October window for GTA V.
  23. There better be an extreme big and realistic desert and I'm hoping for a giant forest, that way plenty of rumours such as bigfoot, serial killers and cults in the woods can pop up Tbh on RDR I spent most my time in MP in the woods, I loved the realism and how you could just go hunting.