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  1. Been out on the piss, got home early cos the misses was bullockz! On here while i cook sum food. Woop woop!!!

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      CaPn bOnEs

      don't get too comfortable...

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      We're on the piss! We're 'aving a laugh! We're are on the piss and we're 'aving a laugh!

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  2. Crazee

    The Evil Within

    Yeah, but what if they did. . . . But I'm with everyone else. I WANT FALLOUT!!! Or to have a way of forgetting i ever played Fallout3 and NV, so I could play them again with all the intrigue and adventure I did the first time around.
  3. Crazee

    The Evil Within

    yea, he owns it... Nha, Learn something new everyday. . .
  4. Crazee

    The Evil Within

    Whats you domain name gonna be for that Q? domain name is already owned, not in use though.
  5. Sig Comp. has commenced, good luck!

  6. Crazee

    The Evil Within

    That has to be the scariest game trailer i've ever seen. I Like.
  7. Crazee

    The Evil Within

    Softworks released the teasers.
  8. Last chance to join the Sig Comp. Tomorrow i'll be giving out the theme, anyone wanting to join after that can PM me.

  9. Well at the moment there's six player so i'm thinking two semi-finals with three players in each, the top two from each goes through to the final making four in the final. The theme for the each of the semi-finals will be the same, but the final will be a different theme. I've already got the theme's ready if thats the case. EDIT: Competitors are you ready. The final list of players are: Tree Fitty QD Bones Gunny gtagrl Dupz I've split you into two groups. For two semi-finals. The two from each semi-finals with the most votes goes into the Final. The two groups are: Gunny vs QD vs Dupz & Bones vs gtagrl vs Tree Fitty The Theme for the semi-finals is Asylum. Interpret it however you want. Once you've completed your sig send it to me, I'll then make two voting topics once i have everyone's. Rules: Signatures should be no larger than 550x250px, and should not exceed 300kb in file size. Must stay on theme, entries will not count otherwise. I'm not going to put a deadline on the sigs because i know alot of you are busy with work and such, and it's not like we need to rush this through.
  10. Crazee

    The Evil Within

    No, but if it is Fallout, this Topic won't exist anymore anyway cos it'll get merged or deleted. Plus, it ain't Fallout.
  11. *almost makes new topic* Phew! I can guess with confidence that Trevor will end up eventually being the antagonist to the other two protagonists. Also I reckon people will come after Michael and his family at some point as his past catches up with him, which may in fact cause the need for the lads to do bigger heist jobs.
  12. Crazee

    The Evil Within

    *changes topic title*
  13. That's what i use, it easy to use and as i'm never going to put any real time into signatures i don't need anything more advanced.
  14. Forum rules, easy enough. "Signatures should be no larger than 550x250px, and should not exceed 300kb in file size"
  15. I think: Minigame/activity discussion. But also the ability to shoot birds on the way down, something to do.
  16. Crazee

    The Evil Within

    Another teaser from twitter. Definitely not Fallout by this.
  17. I vaguely recall reading somewhere, maybe in the GI interview, that NPC's will use public transport such as buses to go too and from work at certain parts of the day, So i'm going to assume that the players characters will be able to use them as well.
  18. Im trying to figure out what your saying? He's saying the angle of the mountains from the mouth of the river isn't right on the map, and to fix it you'd have to move the mountains more northerly to fix it. . . . . .and so on. . .I think.
  19. Thought one of the points to GTA was that you drive the cars after you steal them.
  20. No, just no. Since when in any GTA game has it taken "30 minutes" to get anywhere? The fast travel function is for games where, infact, you can't travel fast, i.e. Fallout, Skyrim, etc. . . . Did anyone ever get frustrated by the fact their car blow up on their way to San Fierro from Los Santos, and had to run all the way to Mt. Chillad to find another vehicle? It's part of the game. Use a fucking cheat to spawn a quad if you're that lazy. Edit: @Q: Then just drive your Banshee to Dukes.
  21. But what could it be. Reports say it's not Fallout4, and could be a new Wolfenstein. What do you think. Edit: I originally came from their twitter page ===> Bethesda Twitter Edit: The Evil Within
  22. Won't confirm until I know how many people are competing, incase there's more than one round. Plus don't want anyone getting a head start over the rest. Do it put you on the list Indy? I'll give people till Friday (19th) to sign up.