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  1. COD aye. MW3 or BLOPS2, honkys round here don't like COD unless it's in batter with chips and mushy peas. That's why I never knew of it, was a modders site then? I play BO2 now. I played MW3 for the year it was released before BO2 came out. Been my staple activity for the last 4-5 years now. Psycopsy was created after Psy got involved with the folks at GFCC learning how to hex mod the game. He opened up his own forums and posted some of his own mods, so it was a spin off of GFCC but not as good in the mods department. GFCC was the shit. http://web.archive.o...urmisccodes.htm Here are some of the game codes you could use. Made GTA3 really fun. GFCC is probably the reason why this site exists because Psy was in love with the game and game modding activity. That's where I hail from... the good old GFCC. No shit? That was his dream. He used to let me watch him fap to the GTA 3 map poster on MSN. Fuck you I'm not that old . The GTA3 days were the fucking best. Vice City in a close second. The experiences with those games were first of their kind and the modding put the games over the top. COD. BO2. I've gotten pretty good at the game over the years.
  2. GTA3 days. Hex modding to fly the big airplanes and shit in GTA3. Before gta-sa and psycopsy at thegfcc. Hey Q. Let's fuck. Where's Psy? I like my noobs nakey. Probably not. I lost interest in GTA around SA. Been on a COD binge for the last 4-5 years. Hopefully 5 delivers in online play.
  3. Well this isn't quite the welcome home party I was hoping for
  4. Our secret is out. Hi everybody
  5. Blast from the past. Where are all my gfcc people at?