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Found 1 result

  1. GTA Car Modification Car modification should come back to GTA and it should be like no other car customization ever seen in a video game. Here's a draft for an extreme, over-the-top, and expansive idea I've created. Tell me what you think. Summary Cars should have an extensive modification system by being able to buy custom parts from multiple retailers for different types of vehicles. The custom parts could be rewards from missions as well. Also you should be able to take parts from vehicles you hi Jack or buy and put them in other vehicles. Such as dropping a banshee's engine in a dukes or the exhaust system of a comet and put it in a ballista. (A) Garage(s) should be able to be purchased at some point in the game where you can store up to 5 cars while you work on them. Rims, rim sizes, tires and the ride height should all be used as aspects of modification. Custom parts and chassis should be able to be created or purchased. Everything in a vehicle should be customizable including numerous interior options such as gps's, seats, steering wheels, sound systems, and gauges. After making your vehicles you should be able to sell them for a profit based on the quality, speed, uniqueness and sex appeal of a vehicle. The Garage When you park a vehicle in the garage you own, there should be no specific way to park it and when you leave it there it stays in the same place. To interact with the car to take parts from it or add to it, all you should have to do is walk up to the desired vehicle, press the interaction button listed and a menu of options will pop up. The menu would include engine, chassis, transmission, wheels and dimensions, body, paint shop, and interior. Select one of the headers and subsections would come up with the different sections of the selected header. for example you select engine, another list would come up with options to select different parts of the engine to mod or to take the whole engine out of the vehicle and place it on the shelf*. (the shelf is the place where all purchased or acquired parts will go to, to be selected an used at a later time in different vehicles) once done modding the selected, go back to the main options menu for the selected vehicle and you should have the choice to sell the vehicle, scrap it or leave it for future use. New garages should be able to be purchased or the garage should be upgradable with better furnishings, tools, stands, lifts and options for how to store un-used vehicles so you can fit more vehicles in the garage such as lifts. The car saving system in your garage will consist of saving five vehicles to one mod garage. If you lose, blow up, abandon, impound, bury, drown, crush, smash, or whatever else you manage to do to your car while running from the 5-0, you will be able to access your saved car from the garage menu and be able to retrieve it and/or repair the car for a price. The car saving option in your garage is directly linked to your online profile (details listed in online section) Parts Cars and parts should be able to be bought at stores, fabricated in the garage (such as the sunshine auto side missions in VC), received from missions, and/or purchased at junk yards where you can take a tow truck or pick-up and take vehicles for parts or just pick up parts for the cars you have. The vehicles that show up in the junk yard should be ones off the street that you have totalled by killing the driver in an "accident". There also should be a few unique vehicles you get either from missions or the junk yard that if you restore you get and achievement or trophy. These unique vehicles could give you a large cash sum if you sell them or special benefits if you keep them. Some parts could also be ordered off the internet and/or may be illegal and if the cops catch you with them they may arrest you. Another possible idea would be that you could collect different blueprints hidden around the city where if you collected them, they would give you a list of things from different vehicles that you needed to create a mystery object. some of these mystery objects could include hood mounted machine guns, knee cappers, plated metal windows, oil slicks, wheelie bars, and spiked bumpers (overall killing machine parts). It could be a bit of fun mowing peds over with a truck that looks something out of Death Race. One extremely well hidden blueprint could be the one to making a secret vehicle that has an achievement or trophy connected to it. Dealerships Vehicles could be purchased from retailers throughout the city from the retailer the cars maker is associated to. For example you would have a déclassé dealership selling Stallions, Sabres, Etc., and at the dealerships you can purchase a new vehicle that is in the show room or on the lot or you can also order one off the dealerships website. The website will allow you to build the car with whatever options you desire and whatever color you wish to have. This option will cost extra. The date of the cars expected arrival will be placed on your organizer on your cell phone or you can have the vehicle shipped directly to your garage for an extra cost. This will place the vehicle outside of your garage and will eliminate the risk of you losing your new car driving it back to a save point. At used car dealers, you can buy what else? Used cars! This is also the place you would take a car from your garage that you wish to sell, running or not. Buying vehicles from used dealers could be a buyer beware situation where you are not quite sure what you’re going to get. Sometimes you can buy a cheap parts car that turns out to have a V-10 engine under the hood, or a nice looking Banshee that has no engine at all. During the game, an online auto trader will become available where you can find a wide arrange of vehicles to choose from. Again this is a buyer beware situation. These cars can be shipped to your garage or picked up from the owner. Online Multiplayer In Free Mode, Races and a possible new mode called Car Show (Rate My Ride) your modified cars from story mode can be loaded to your online profile by an option in the garage in story mode. Free Mode You can select from five of your saved vehicles and load them into an online free mode match, allowing you to always have your favourite cars readily available to you. If you are killed by one of your fellow gamers (odds are you will be) you can re load the very same vehicle into the game. There will be select spawn points for cars and you will only be allowed one at a time (reduce game lag) but you will be able to trade them for another one of your saved vehicles. Races Races will allow you to race against your friends and the community by entering your vehicle into a race with other vehicles of the same class as the one you have nominated. You can compete for cash or pink slips in a head to head match. Cash will be carried over to your single player game so you can spend it on whatever you desire. If either you, or your opponent win in a pink slip race, you would have the option of taking the other persons car, or a cash reward instead. Car Show Car show is a new game mode much like rate my ride where you can view, rate a purchase other peoples vehicles, but a new feature is being able to take a vehicle you are considering buying and test driving the vehicle in a blank version of the game map, giving you a chance to see if the car is right for you. This game mode gives you the chance to flaunt your best designs and where your friends are allowed to view your vehicles easily by selecting your name in the online mode options list. MODIFICATION Engine Headers, turbo chargers, superchargers, NITROS, chips, air cleaners, Aluminum parts (heads, block, Intake, pistons etc), camshaft, crankshaft, pistons, heads, intakes (cold air), oil filters, pans and pumps, fuel pumps and lines, V6, V8, V10, V12, straight four, straight six engine block options and exhaust system. Engine dress up kit. (remove engine). All of these options contribute to speed, rumble and acceleration of a vehicle. Engines: -4-cylinder- 1.1 liter (74 hp) 1.5 liter (85 hp) 2.0 liter (110 hp) 2.3 liter (145 hp) 2.5 liter (175 hp) -Straight-6 Engine- 2.0 liter (110 hp) 2.4 liter (137 hp) 2.7 liter (200 hp) 3.5 liter (305 hp) -V6 Engine- 2.5 liter (210 hp) 3.0 liter (245 hp) 4.0 liter (326 hp) 4.2 liter (394 hp) -V8 Engine- 4.0 liter (329 hp) 4.6 liter (380 hp) 5.0 liter (419 hp) 5.4 liter (462 hp) 5.7 liter HEMI (500 hp) 6.0 liter (510 hp) 6.1 liter HEMI (550 hp) 6.7 liter (570 hp) 7.0 liter HEMI (600 hp) 9.4 liter HEMI (800 hp) Note: small cars such as Futo's or Ballista Compacts cannot house engines listed beyond this -V10 Engine- 4.5 liter (410 hp) 5.0 liter (425 hp) 5.4 liter (481 hp) 6.0 liter (534 hp) 7.0 liter (617 hp) 8.1 liter (709 hp) 8.5 liter (725 hp) -V12 Engine- 6.2 liter (581 hp) 6.9 liter (638 hp) 7.5 liter (700 hp) 8.0 liter (746 hp) 8.1 liter (752 hp) 8.9 liter (794 hp) Performance upgrades: Turbocharger: Adds 25 mph, 20% acceleration increase, 100 hp. Twin Turbochargers: Adds 40 mph, 50% acceleration increase, 200 hp. Triple-Turbochargers: Adds 75 mph, 75% acceleration increase, 300 hp. Supercharger: Adds 35 mph, 38% acceleration increase, 150 hp. ProCharger: Adds 45 mph, 60% acceleration increase, 225 hp. Chassis Light weight chassis, shock absorbers, axles, and hydraulics, dip chassis to improve strength of vehicle, suspension upgrades, custom tuning (remove Chassis). Chassis Pre-Sets -Comfort, Track, Rally, Off-Road, High, Low, Firm, Racing Transmission Gear ratios, back fire amount, how fast gears change, automatic or standard transmission, and if the vehicle is front, rear, or all-wheel drive, custom tuning. (Wheelie option if unlocked for muscle)(Remove Transmission) AWD is ideal for rally, racing, 4x4ing, and handling. RWD is for drags, muscle cars, burnouts, drifting, and racing. FWD is for city cornering, tight turns, handling, drifting and quick acceleration. Wheels and Dimensions Rims, tires, rim sizes, tire sizes, ride height, brakes, custom tuning, and tire pressure (Remove Brakes, Wheels) Tires (GTA advertised tire companies) Wet, Grip, Off-road, Speed, Track, Rally Race tires offer good traction and maximum performance on asphalt while off road tires offer good traction on dirt, sand, gravel, mud. Rally tires are good on both but not as good as the two dominant tires in each section. Race/road tires suck on dirt and off road tires are no good on streets at high speeds unless psi is lowered Body Body kits (front bumpers, back bumpers, side scoops) hood options, roof options (scoops, vinyl, convertible, sunroof, all glass roof) , lights, chrome extras, vents, doors, spoilers, exhaust options (snorkel for 4x4 water), window options, tint, bullet proof windows, fenders, neon, police lights, and wheel covers. (Remove Selected Object) Aerodynamic body panels create down draft and make vehicles more speed or corner better Police lights are self-explanatory, can be taken off of stolen police cars or purchased online, illegal in civilian vehicles. The lights can be installed so that they are like police lights from old detective cars (starsky and hutch). These lights can be hidden in car Paint shop Paint interior, engine, rims, body, chassis, brakes, and trim any color desired. VYNIL SHOP (Remove vinyl’s) Interior Seats, dash, tach and speedometer, gauges, sound and stereo, police radio, steering wheels, neon, seat belts, and roll cages (Remove Seats, GPS, Dash, Roll Cage, and Sound System) If damage is caused in accidents, roll cages will strengthen vehicles and llimitndamage inflicted to players. If seat belts are installed, you are not able to be launched from vehicle upon impact, also limit injury done to passengers. Police radio allows you to listen to police speech in your car as if it is a radio station. If caught with a police radio, you automatically get a two star wanted level. These radios can be purchase online in the game or ripped out of stolen police cars DRAFT VERSION 6 Rockstar Support Michael S. Anthony F. Kris D. Last Edit: August 30th 2012 Editor/Writer: Mason Dube (The Mad Dooby)