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  1. Through to the final are: Gunny gtagrl Bones Dupz The Final theme is Grand Theft Auto V. Same rules apply from the semis. After some thinking, and gtagrl's logic , to hell with the whole anonymous thing so just do as you would any other sig. Again no rush on the sigs, let's say a week. Good Luck.
  2. Voting closed Dupz & Gunny through to the final.
  3. Last chance to vote in the Sig Comp.semi-finals, voting closes tomorrow. . . . . . .

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      at some point.

  4. ^No girlfriend. . . Watch Iron Man 3 yesterday, awesomeness.
  5. Would of thought it was obviously considering it's a graphic competition.
  6. Ha, just realized I didn't put a time limit on voting. . . . .. . . . . Lets say Monday.
  7. I don't know which one to vote for, this will take some time.
  8. There's something about it I like, plus as i'm not a Vet. I probably don't appreciate the ones with members in as much.
  9. Hi guys, one vote each so just vote for your favorite. The two with the highest votes go through to the final. Voting finishes Monday. Bones gtagrl's TreeFitty's
  10. Hi guys, one vote each so just vote for your favorite. The two with the highest votes go through to the final. Voting finishes Monday. QD's Gunny's DuPz
  11. You might have a point..... Tell you what, whoever gets to the final can decide on whether or not they want it to be anonymous final or not. Then everyone's happy. If it's a draw then I'll decide, fair enough? Anyway i've got everyone entry so will be doing the Vote Topics. . . . . probably before you read this. edit: Or maybe not.
  12. I like that, only reason I did it that way was cos it was the easiest way to split the players up, plus in case there were uneven numbers it wouldn't make much difference. True, I'd rather try the anonymous way to see if it works, If people guess who's is who's then thats part of the fun! If it doesn't work then no harm done, plus it ain't like you guys won't get any credit cos once the votings finish, can show who's is who's. Either way won't do that in the semi's, only the final.
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    Just looked at some of the DLC's (Weird^) for New Vegas, but they're all still pretty pricey, can anyone recommend which one/s to get and which ones to avoid. Just got to Nipton, doing the ghouls mission at moment. I am finding the sneak system to be crappier than I remember, and the AI is dumb as fuck. AI - "Oh I see someone, ATTACK!! wait, he's gone" Me - *hasn't moved*
  14. Hey Craze - my design has my screen name in it (it's a signature competition after all )...people are going to know it's mine just by looking at it. Were we supposed to do something generic? Meh, should of told you guys that earlier, didn't think It would of been an issue, my bad. Nah, don't worry gtagrl. But I will make the final anonymous. But can you still send me it through PM when you're done. Nah, as gtagrl has put her name in her sig it makes no difference now that you already showed yours early. It's my fault for not letting you guys know. First time round there was bound to be a mistake somewhere lol. But you, or anyone can enter a different sig if they want, as long as it's before voting begins, obviously.
  15. That would actually fit in with Rockstar's satirical social commentary. You would almost expect that in today's world the way everyone is obsessed with letting everyone know what they're doing and making sure you can see what they are eating through a vintage filter. I'm actually a Rockstar North scriptwriter, So yeah.
  16. Meh, It was more so everyone i.e. the voters, got to see them all for the first time, and together, so there'd be no bias. Was also gunna do it anonymous, (not that i told you guys that, was going to when everyone had finished), so that people were voting on the Signature only, and not on the member who made it. Oh well.
  17. Didn't Psy do a SA one of them as well?
  18. I don't think big time criminals who go around stealing cars, killing people, and robbing jewelers use social networks as much as the rest of us. (during a heist) "Come on, we've got the cash, let's get out of here before the cops show." "Hold on, I'm just updating my status." ------------------------------------------------------ Maybe have a YouTube type site though, where you could upload shit you've done and filmed on you iFruit. Again, sort of out of character though, but maybe fucked up enough for something Trevor would do, maybe.
  19. Crazee

    The Evil Within

    At least that what she said. . . . . "Urgh!! Evil all over my face!!"
  20. Yeah, Q knew that too. Rebel without a cause. Just waiting on Fitty, Gunny, and gtagrl. Then the voting can begin.
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    With all the talk about the new Fallout, I sought out for my much neglected New Vegas, found it in the attic the poor thing. Bring on the Mojave, again. If only I could keep walking west, I'd reach Los Santos before the rest of you lot, and yet I'd be a couple hundred years late, huh.
  22. Num num num num, taste like chicken!