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  1. Who do you support cuda? Well done to Milan tonight, hopefully they can last out at the Nou Camp, but also hope they don't make it to the final, just doesn't seem right them playing anyone but Liverpool in the CL final. At this rate though i can only see Bayern winning it this year, they're in top form at the moment, maybe only United could beat them.
  2. Crazee


    Same. The rest, that i saw, seemed either too sci-fi or too fantasy for me.
  3. Well, that was an anti-climax.

    1. Qdeathstar


      I thought it was ok... Still confused... Seems like a lot of the game media was cgi...

    2. Truth


      aren't all games technically cgi?

    3. Qdeathstar


      Well, i meant, cutscene or prerendered or whatever it is thats not gameplay.

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  4. Crazee


    No console. . . . . . Lame.
  5. Watchdogs. wow, just, wow.

    1. DuPz0r


      Watchdogs and Killzone were the two that stood out.

    2. Bronson


      I wonder if it is still gonna be on current gen.

    3. Crazee


      I missed Killzone. :(

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  6. Crazee


    You ass, don't ruin it. Some gullible Brits might be fooled! Thanks Mass, I was just going to show my g-g-g-g-g-g-gullibility.
  7. Crazee


    Anyone know how long it'll likely be on for? Don't finish work till midnight, damn it.
  8. How is the argument, "most women are sluts", a reason not to get married? Plus, i said "more", not most.
  9. Ah, my mistake, i obviously read it differently to how you meant it, misunderstanding. Who are you quoting in your last line, that doesn't seem to have a relevance to my post. . . . . Mass, are you married, engaged, ever been in a relationship that that topic of conversation has come up? I'm not being a prick, I'm actually interested to know. But to be honesty, that did slip my mind, not that it makes any difference to my post.
  10. *Looks at vid again* Anyway. . . didn't watch much, she sounded like a feminist, fuck those rug munchin' hypocrites. Why men don't marry as much anymore? 1. Women, "on average" have become more slutty and easier to bed than they used to as they destroy much of their braincells due to too much fake tan and reality TV in their teen years, so why marry one women when you can go out and find a new fuck buddy every weekend. 2. Men, "on average" mature fuck loads slower than they used to due to easier upbringings (not a poor upbringing atleast), which causes many things but one being a lack of motivation and laziness to do anything but sit, eat, drink, and play games. Fuck going out, buying an engagement ring, then figuring out a way to propose, when you can just say "i'm not ready to take that step yet" and carry on playing Far Cry. 3. Social events (pubs, clubs, parties etc.), are increasingly becoming less about talking face to face with people and more about playing internet/facebook games on your cell/mobile silently while sat around a table together. Which means less interaction between sexes. 4. Women, are traitorous by nature, they like to call it "cunning". They plan ahead, always have someway to keep us men in the shit, constantly, just the depth that varies, so they always have the upper hand when it comes to arguments, which some of us are now slowly learning, planning an extra step ahead. 5. Get divorced, both sides get 50% of each sides value, even if one side hasn't help in anyway to earn the wealth or property the other side has worked for. 6. 50% of marriages end in divorce ("studies" have shown), so why waste the cash. - Man's point of view. 7. Good men are increasingly hard to find, at least the single ones, so will wait in hope for a good long while in a relationship without a ring on their finger for fear they never find one again, men know this. Bored now.
  11. Fair enough, then my question is, if you knew that they'd bring it out bigger and better version on the Next Gen consoles only a few months after they released it on this Gen, would you still pay top price for it when it comes out in Sept? It'd be like buying an LED tv now rather than wait six months for an OLED tv with no price difference. Personally if Sony announce the PS4's release date before V comes out and it's within 6 months of the date, I'll quite happily wait and save my money.
  12. o_O. Isn't there usually more than one release date for GTA games, N America, Europe, Australia, etc. They're guna fucking delay it again, mark my words...

  13. Me likey the countdown Mr. Fitty. Needs to be white or green though.

    1. TreeFitty


      I went with the blue from our twitter background. Stands out nicely.

    2. Truth


      Or red, but yeah I like it.

  14. Shut up. WHY ? Explain why R* removed ps3 and 360 logos from GTAV homepage after the delay announcement You shut up! So you had a PS4/Xbox720 GTA5 thread, and they closed it huh. Probably because there's no point having one when we have no news or evidence to say the game will be on next gen so there's be nothing to talk about. "Hey guys look, they took the console logo's off the site, Wot daz dis meenz??!" "Oh yeah, don't know." The End But I can't see them making a next gen game then downgrading it to this gen, release it on this gen, let everyone buy it, then release a bigger/better version 6 months later on the next gen, they'd get crucified. As for taking the logo's off the site, it's because it's now a PS3 Exclusive which everyone knows so there's no point in having the logo on there. You're strange.
  15. Have Rockstar ever delayed a game (again) after giving us a release date? Could still be Spring. . . . . . . 2014.
  16. Just downloaded this from the PSN store (for free) as it's the Beta version, wondering whether anyone else has, still trying to get my head around it all. from what i can gather and also plain obvious fact it's a first person shooter, similar more so to Battlefield than Cod but set in the "EVE online universe" (I don't know what EVE Online is, hoping one of you lot can explain, pretty please ), you skill up, buy weapons, armour, vehicles, skill books, etc. etc. etc. Seems to be a massive endless game.
  17. Or you could of read the last page. Or drive a tank out the back of one, hey if A-Team can do it.
  18. Crazee

    GTA SA

    o_O *looks around for Rockstar agent* Quick motherfuckers aren't they. . . . . . . . . . GTAV needs to be released. NOW! *waits*
  19. I can see it being the same as in Far Cry 3, you'll auto save during missions and be able to save out of missions within the pause menu, but will take you to the nearest checkpoint/safehouse if you re-load, rather than where you actually saved. Also can see it auto-saving when you switch between characters.
  20. Got a second hand 24" Phillips LED in the bedroom and a 40" something or other (Samsung, maybe), top of the range shit downstairs. But i hate playing on a bigger screen so i stick to the one upstairs unless the misses has done a night shift. But i will be saving up for an OLED or 4K tv once the market war starts on them.
  21. Cos your name won't change on quoted posts of yours after you've changed your name. Yesterday his name was MMC, today, it ain't. Mystery solved.
  22. ^Why does that actually make sense to me. Edit: @QD's post. *shakes fist at Santi*
  23. Right for writing, can play darts with either. . . . . . . Makes no differences, i'm still shit.