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  1. Apologies for the broken forums over the last 12 hours. Not that it's my fault, a stupid automatic upgrade messed up the javascript. All resolved now.

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    2. Psy


      It could just be that it doesn't support javascript if it's very basic, but then I'd expect most websites don't work on it.

    3. Qdeathstar


      @gtagrl you should post the model of your craplet... 

    4. gtagrl


      I had a look, there's one place to enable JavaScript, and it was already toggled on. I also changed the default to 'desktop' instead of mobile, but it didn't make any difference. I might just be SOL using that tablet. 

  2. Psy

    III; VC; SA on PS4

    Well you can press the Share button on your controller to take a screenshot (obviously). You can then copy the screenshots from the PS4 onto a USB memory stick. Plug that into your computer and you can upload the screenshots from there. If you have a lot I can give you an FTP account to upload them to which will make it easier for me to grab them. Also what I've been trying to do to make the screenshots look good is: Turn the brightness all of the way up in the game's display settings. Use the cheat to freeze the time at midnight. Die, so that the time is now frozen at 12:00 mid-day. Take screenshots of stuff while it's bright and light. If you want to try and take screenshots of each vehicle that would be useful for me, otherwise just take random screenshots of the missions as you're playing through them. Here's an example screenshot (plus the formatting I intend to use).
  3. Psy

    III; VC; SA on PS4

    If anyone is playing through GTA San Andreas on PS4, would you mind taking some screenshots from missions and stuff? I'm working on redeveloping the website and I want to update all of the screenshots on the site with some higher res ones. I've already captured images for all of the collectables (Tags, Oysters, Snapshots and Horseshoes) and plenty of the first few missions, but anything you can provide might be a big help and save me from having to do it all myself. Cheers!
  4. I can make any additional changes by editing the custom stylesheet. If people provide me with a screenshot of stuff that looks dodgy I can manually override it in the custom CSS.
  5. I've purchased a plugin which improves the status updates. Thanks for clicking the ads ;). Let me know if there's any problems.

    1. DiO


      nice. much better

  6. Anyone wanna help me test my Football Predictor game for Euro 2016? Register and enter your predictions.

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    2. Ginginho
    3. Ginginho


      The game countdown timer needs to be adjusted for region...  you can still predict but the countdown timer is at zero... I am in NZ...

    4. Psy


      I'll look into it. As far as I know the time should be based on GMT. Not sure how it's affected by other time zones. Cheers for the feedback.

  7. The forums use a responsive template now. That basically means it scales to fit your device width. Lots of sites do that now as it's much easier to maintain as you only have one website and template to look after. It does mean that you are forced into seeing the mobile view on a mobile though but generally that's a good thing. I'll be rebuilding the front end sites to work in the same way. That said, there shouldn't be issues where buttons don't work so we'll have to look into that.
  8. Most of the ads are based on things you've been looking at.
  9. I don't get paid straight away. I get it in like a month depending on whether I've crossed the threshold of earnings for the month I think.
  10. Invision removed the old Status Update thing and replaced it with this new one. Someone has made a plugin to add back the old functionality but it's $10 a year. I wouldn't mind paying for it but I've just spent the best part of $300 on the server, forum licenses and various other website related tools and software. If all of you go to and click one of the google ads each day then you might make me enough money to buy the plugin. Otherwise I could look at doing it myself but I'd rather not modify the forums if possible because it just makes it a total pain when we have to upgrade again in a month or two and re-create all of the mods.
  11. Psy

    Server Move

    All done. There will be various tweaks we need to make going forward so please be patient, but everything should be working now.
  12. Need 2 people to help with heists. Anyone want to play with me?

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    2. DiO


      add ripper-dio

      i was mainly doing these on my 2nd account recently. id get around to it as ayreon but I dont need the rp

    3. Psy


      Will do. I plan on doing them after work during the week so 6PM GMT till midnight or whatever. Won't be on every night though.

    4. DiO


      cool i can help. IDK about the last one tho lol. its a bitch

  13. is 12 years old today. A special thanks to any of you who were around from the start :)

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    2. Qdeathstar
    3. Qdeathstar


      a special thanks would have been a cock shot.

    4. Handsome B Wonderful

      Handsome B Wonderful

      I've been here on and off since October 2004. You guys are easily the best people I've met online.

  14. Psy

    I'm Developing A Game

    Not entirely sure, I just know that Apple apps generally average up to 10x the revenue of similar apps on Android. A bit of info here
  15. Psy

    I'm Developing A Game

    Very unlikely it'll be ported to Android. From everything I've read, it's pretty difficult to make any real money from apps on the android market and it's built exclusively in SpriteKit which is an Apple-only development tool. It would have to be rebuilt completely to be ported to Android. The same thing will also be the case for PSN, however in the event I need to redevelop the game for Playstation, then it's been successful and I'll probably hire other developers to help with it.