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  1. Ooooooo. It's Hayter. Or it's some huge old Hollywood great, better than Kiefer Sutherland. Oh oh, his dad. Meh, maybe not. Clint Eastwood.
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    The third mission Eddie gives you at the CF is to go to Primm and find out whether the NCR are going to attack the prison anytime soon, that was the mission, think it's called I fort the law something . . .. Usually you get the info by speaking to Nash first, then going to Hayes, or at least that's what I've done in previous games. For some reason I decide to see what Hayes had on me, and I don't think that effected it because the quest advanced after I took the orders. Haven't played it again since, but realized earlier while at work that I hadn't try just reloading the game and seeing if that works. Only thing I can think of is that the glitch has been brought on by Dead Money as I've only just downloaded, and I haven't got any other dlc's. Meh.
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    Just come across a huge problem which will probably stop me playing this game because it's irritated me so much. So, I start the game from the beginning, again, because I got bored of the shooting and sneaking I was doing previous, and decide I want to hack,slash,destroy, my way through the game instead and be damn right evil in the process. . . . Anyway, so I help Cobb take Goodsprings, go to the NCRCF, they end up sending me to Primm . . . I pickpocket the info from Hayes, then I decide to treat myself by going to the Bison Steve and killing all the rogue Gangers, so I do the ground level, release Beagle and go to head up to the first floor to take out the rest. . . I get to the door, says "door to 1st . .. .", I clicked on it and nothing happens, it wouldn't let me go up. So being the clever little shit I am, decide to go outside and round, up the rollercoaster track to where the other door is, and wala! It lets me in that way. Problem is it won't let me leave the 1st floor, either way now, and I can't fast travel, and because of the fast pace nature of me playing this game, the only save I have is the autosave after going into the 1st floor. So, yeah, just wasted a couple hours just for a glitch to stitch me up, good times. Any ideas, heard of it happening before?
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    Classic Titles

    Golden Axe Streets of rage Mortal Kombat Columns I mainly played Sonic, Doom, and the FIFA's before the PS1 came out. Oh, and Shinobi, can't remember which one though. I think my first console was an Atari, but it blow up when me old man plug it in, think it was secondhand. So instead he went out to Argos and got me the Mega Drive II. I then moved on to the PS consoles and haven't looked back. Also own a Wii but that I bought for the misses, I tried playing on it, but it's just so shit.
  5. Welcome newbies. Lot's lately. Don't act noob, or you'll get sent to uncle Q.
  6. They're the Man Utd of Germany. They're used to the german refs giving them every decision when they moan. Unlucky Dortmund.
  7. Neuer would of saved it if he had to. Getting fucked off with Ribery, cheating little frenchman, he'd go down if a feather touched him.
  8. Dortmund have had a good start, not given Bayern a second with the ball before they're on them.
  9. 0-0 for 80 minutes, then Rues scores the winner, hoping. Would be funny to see Gotze score the winner though, considering he's playing for the other team next season.
  10. Maybe it's something to do with being in the water, only going by this screen. As there's more detail under water, and more to load, maybe while you're in or on it, the land map loading (or whatever it's called) takes a back seat to compensate for the mass of detail underwater. That's why you see less.
  11. Two planes, have had emergency landings today in England, one was a flight coming from Pakistan to Manchester, RAF typhoons were sent to escort the plane in. Two men have been arrested. The other looks to be engine malfunction. BBC news link
  12. Read the rest of the thread you moron, and at the time of that posting, there was no "motherfucking paper" numbnuts, it'd only just happened. I was speculating because I didn't know the facts yet. Maybe . . . just maybe, try finding some brains before you post in future, you give geordies a bad name with your idiocy.
  13. Thats another reason why I cancelled my AmazonUK order, hoping my local GAME store will be doing a midnight opening for it, that way, i don't have to wait till morning to get it. I won't be getting either edition of the game, just the basic. That stuff would only get eaten by my cats anyway.
  14. Fair enough, but I really want to see that whole video clip that ITV shown, it's weird how something like that would get cut into just a few sentences and not show the whole thing, (obviously not showing the beheading). It's also weird that only one guy decided to take the his phone out and film it. Fuck, I don't trust the media, the government, or the Muslims, anymore.
  15. Who says they were Islamic? "We must fight them as they fight us" To me it looks like a statement to make the rest of Britain wake up to how Islam is slowly taking over this country. £10 the "soldier" was Muslim or of mid-east (arab) descent.
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    You were right, it was, mainly read through the timeline. Need to get the DLC's for NV, I'm missing out it seems. What's the earliest level you guys would say is recommendable for NV DLC's? @ Gunny, I work full-time, have a misses (which is also a full-time job) . . . . . . . . . .Start again, I have two full-time jobs, and a social life, and enough time to doss around this forum, and yet still have time to play at least a couple hours most days, it's called no sleep. Edit: I'm fucked when I have kids! :'( Need to find Hiro Nakamura.
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    @Mass So you're saying the clans will continue to weaken each other over time and no one will become big enough to expand all the way across to the east, maybe your right apart from Caesar's Legion, If they win the 2nd battle of hoover dam and continue west eventually taking control of most of the west coast by force, and integrating the NCR army into their ranks, they'd have a huge force, and they wouldn't stop there, their only need is to conquer, they don't care about tech or old world knowledge which makes other clans chuck resources and time at them, they just want to expand. In the end, it'd be technology advanced and greedy clans versus mass of force and order. Which is pretty much what NV is, lol. "War never changes" @Bones Fair enough on the whole European thing. It was just an idea to mix it up abit, it wouldn't be the same set anywhere but North America for sure. But who knows it could still work.
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    Yeah, but with groups seeming to get bigger and expand with time, It's only a matter of time (in the fallout timeline) when the whole of old America is connected again. Clans will fight until there's a winner, or you'll have America divided into groups of clans. Or you'll get a huge clan coming from the north with advanced tech and the American clans (enclave,Brotherhood,NCR etc.) will have to join forces. . . Just a thought. My Fallout history isn't great, but when the bombs fell, what happened to Europe? Would be interesting to see a Fallout game set somewhere in Europe, Rome for example, the Colloseum has been opened for business again, the leaning tower leans a little further than before. . . but saying that, were the vault only built in America? cos you couldn't have a Fallout game without vaults. Wouldn't mind seeing them introduce new language into the game either.
  19. Right, let's end this. 1.The New igta sig Champion of the world: DuPz0r!!! 2. Runner up: gtagrl 3. Bones 4. Gunny Joint last. QD and Treefitty. Thanks to everyone who competed, and to those of you that voted as well. Good times were had.
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    Question, how do you think they'll incorporate the history of NV in the next Fallout as there's four different endings? I think they'd go with the wildcard history where both sides lost and retreated if they had too. Currently helping the Boomers out for Caesar, haven't really made my character out to be part of the Legion, no unarmed or melee skill what so ever, mostly leveling up guns, science, survival, and sneak. Playing on hardcore so thought best to have survival skills. Haven't played out the NCR or Caesar stories before, and actually quiet like Caesar's side once you get over the whole crucifixion/slave/savagery thing, his plan to reunite the land makes more sense than NCR's democracy/bureaucracy thing. Also currently have Raul as a follower, I like him, he talks more than Boone, who I think I might have to kill at some point just cos. On that note, the 'all companions' trophy, is it effected if I kill one of them?
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    XBOX One

    *Gets home* *Doesn't watch or read review of event, only reads comments posted* Saved me some time, thanks guys. *puts savings into Sony stock*
  22. I pre-ordered on AmazonUK the first day in November they were taking orders, then the day the date of release got pushed back I cancelled my order, think I was pissed off so took it out on Amazon, sort of. Will probably get It at my local GAME, never have I waited for a midnight opening for a game, I might have to for this. . . . I'll figure it out closer to the time.
  23. Damn Bones that beard is long! I shave mine as soon as I start crewing on it, no one wants to feel like they're eating pubes all day. . .