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  1. Crazee

    Hitman Series

    You poor boy, if it wasn't for GTA, Metal Gear, and Elder Scrolls, Hitman would be the best non-sporting gaming franchise ever. (Halo sucks)
  2. Exactly. We only know what Rockstar want us to know. What if the next trailer doesn't even show Los Santos.
  3. You've got all the time in the world, what are you, 15? at your age you seriously don't need to worry bout it. Now if you were Marney's age i'd start worrying.
  4. So from what they've shown us so far there's no evidence of any other cities, right? Duh.
  5. And the guy in the hoody looks well suited for the game as well . "hmmm, which car to steal today?"
  6. Good point about the Evra/Suarez thing, after last week i'm surprised the newspapers haven't been at it again. I'm betting they do and it'll be a huge climb down by Suarez.
  7. Thats what i'm waiting for too, which is why i'm only on level 16. And for the fact i'm lazy when it comes to the combat. Got meeko, some mage guy from solitude who summons a ghost wolf, and i conjure a flame demon thing, and let them go off and kill whatever needs to be killed while i hang back and drink some mead. Good times.
  8. Then i hope they don't make it ride-able, in the game, there's no point.
  9. I hope there are, just gives you more to do if you're bored of the missions. Oh and that roller-coaster in the clip sucks.
  10. Look what they did from VC to SA. A city to a state, and Houser's been told not to say to much. So it's all up for speculation. We know we're getting one huge city and some countryside, but until the next trailer comes out we haven't a clue. The maps gonna be huge though i reakon, unprecedented.
  11. Crazee

    FIFA 13

    It's better than PES, no surprise. Played both demos and i used to be a die hard PES fan but they never caught back up with FIFA since the end of the last generation consoles, the transition destroyed them. Didn't play last years FIFA so can't compare but it's 10 times better than FIFA11 lol.
  12. Wheatus - A little respect. Better than Erasure if you were after born after 1980
  13. Crazee

    FIFA 13

    Anyone else getting this? Only getting it cos i want to see Liverpool win a game. Release date is 28th September for Europe.
  14. I'll take that as a no then.
  15. I'm a ghost, ghost, ghost, ghost, ghost, ghost.

    1. Massacre


      I consider that an acceptable misspelling, as I have never actually seen the correct spelling used, outside of random, obscure texts.

      'Fazed' is borderline archaic.

    2. gtagrl


      That's me, borderline archaic.

    3. ViceMan


      Borderine anarchic and borderline anachronistic.

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  16. Of course you have. No one cares, seriously, do whatever you want.
  17. lol Yeah the FA could be getting fucked anally now that the lies have come out, Owww poor FA.
  18. Crazee

    360 vs PS3

    Black collects dust (especially that shit glossy black the original PS3 had). Much preferred the xbox 360 in that respect. Everything collects dust, but with a PS3 you know when it's time to get the polish out, helpful really.
  19. You're not being serious are you? You sound like you're guna be a 40 year old virgin apart from the occasional rape from QD. Grow the fuck up.
  20. Ah the old Reading player. *Rings Brendan, "hey, i've actually found someone who can put the ball into the back of the net, and he won't cost £35 million to buy either"*
  21. Cos the Dutch will speak any language if it means they get there hands on the diamonds and weed.