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Found 1 result

  1. How DO you guys play GTA games? Do you adopt a different style for each game? I know half the responses will just be "i jus drive fast and shoot peeps bro and maybe play misshons" or "i play the missions once then only play multiplayer uuugh the games are so boring once you finish dem once bro", but I'm not looking for that. I'm looking for crazy obbessive habits people pick up. As I have OCD, I play every game a certain way... In GTA3, LCS, Chinatown Wars, Vice City and GTA IV: most of the time I'll start the game, change clothes, explore/shop until about 10am (in game) then play a mission, eat (in game) play another mission, then when it gets dark I'll go home and save. If it's before 1am, I'll either watch TV (In GTAIV series) or stroll around the neighbourhood until it gets late enough. I'll only differ if something happens contextually in the game to change the characters "lifestyle". I will NOT attack any peds unless seriously provoked. In TLAD and San Andreas: I pay less attention to the time and save after two missions or so, doing whatever I please before, in between and after. I will attack (but not kill) peds if slightly provoked. I also hang out with gang members/friends more. In TBOGT I go about the day much the same as the first explaination, except I hang out in the clubs on Friday and Saturday night until 4am. I also do the "Club management" side missions most nights as a "job". So essentially I live out a mini "life" as the character in the game, as I find this most comforting/rewarding. Weirdly enough, my real life is way more interesting and varied...