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  1. How comes Duff ain't Admin anymore, only just noticed.

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      It's not that great, just means you get a constant flow of butthurt directed your way... Well, it did back in the day anyway.

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      It's definitely a pain in the ass sometimes. Like last night. Always something going wrong somewhere.

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  2. I'll have to agree. It makes the feel of the game come to us as more realistic, which takes the gamers and makes them feel like they are really in the game. Hopefully some house editing options are available too. Since GTA5 has waited this long I expect there to be more than we can handle. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This posting is by Brandon Harrell, from a small town in Texas, and I absolutely love GTA. I have bought ever single version of the game for ever console since it has started. I am definitely a die-hard fan. Mason Dube has made a very compelling point here, it would be so amazing to be able to up our cars performance wise just with like doing the body muscle. The options to put in 2.7L .3.5L, body work, interior exterior, dual exhaust and everything would be so fucking amazing. I joined this forum just to post my thoughts on in and I hope they are heard. It seems like a whole bunch of people want this done. I wish for there to be real dates with women, ones you can get to know, maybe ones you meet just by talking on the street. You can , for instance, talk to them and get their number. Call them- set up a date-, etc. Maybe adding marriage would be a step too far but if that is an idea I would like it to be there as well. As a personal player, with my own creativity, the storyline is what I love. Everything connects to the story, but I want there to be a part after the game is completed too you know. I am so into the storyline every single game that comes out and when I start playing it I am literally glued to it. It takes me to a new realm of creativity and individuality. So my personal wishes for the game are : 1. girlfriends tie in more, bodybuilding, car performance, and also something to take place after the story line, things to do, or even exterior missions and goals players can complete. Thank you all so much for my time, and I hope I haven't bothered you any. -Hardcore GTA fan -Hardcore fan of the franchise as a whole. Yall are guaranteed my money. p.s.- "MAKE THIS THE SICKEST GTA EVER TO COME OUT AND LETS BLOW AWAY COD IIBLACKOPS, LETS SELL 10-20MILLION COPIES FIRST DAY" WOOO!!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Mad Dooby Rockstar Support Michael S. Last Edit:August 30th 2012 Editor/Writer: Mason Dube (The Mad Dooby) Anthony F. Kris D -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What the fuck!
  3. Nice theory, wouldn't be surprised if he's right. Anyone else notice the MGS poster on the clipboard with Kojima on it in the gameplay vid wasn't there in the 1st PP trailer. Oh and any clues on the melted guy who looks like he's Big Bosses boss in GZ is? surely he'd of been in the of the earlier Metal Gear games.
  4. Is Peace Walker only on ps vita or can you get a version for the ps3?
  5. Guessing this will be next gen then, with Ground Zeros coming out before the end of the year as a "prologue" to PP. As long as i'm not paying £40 for half a game i won't mind. Also looks like there's no David Hayter voice acting in V either, but maybe Kiefer Sutherland playing as someone.
  6. Screens look shit hot, loving the stormy screen the most. Well done Jamie for the speedy upload, you definitely deserve your Mod status bud. Edit: Shit, anyone seen my tongue? i've seem to have left it somewhere.
  7. There's a golf course in Los Santos, go there, at least you can shoot your opponent if you lose.
  8. Question, before R* released the delayed release date, would their already of been Alpha/Beta testing before hand? Just wondering all of a sudden, whether they found a major glitch in the 3 characters swap system, and the reason for the silence is because they're shitting themselves trying to fix it as quick as possible, considering it's the biggest annoucement they've made for the game to date.
  9. The drug mechanics in CTW were perfect, nothing over the top, just supply and demand, buy low, sell high, it worked, can't see why it could work in a console game easy enough. You'd make the whole feeling like a criminal element to the game a lot better, rather than part-time gangster killer, part-time taxi driver to earn a little more dough.
  10. That's not a bear, it's Bigfoot on all fours, it's obvious to see, jeeezz. Some of you guys need to get your eyes checked. Fuck there bein' bears, if i wanted to have a bear jump out at me from nowhere, kill me, and have me start up from where i saved last i'd play Fry Cry or Skyrim. Wouldn't mind seeing the impact and damage it makes when you hit it with a car though, plus if you led one into a town or LS, would it keep going for you or would it go off and go on a rampage until the cops turned up and killed it, cos them fuckers do enough damage to mercenaries with AK47's let alone unarmed ped's. It'd be a massacre.
  11. He's still butthurt from weeks ago about his topic being locked, poor boy. Think i've said this in here before. . .but anyway, hopefully the melee will be better than IV but not over the top like Sleeping Dogs, something like how Liam Neeson fights in Taken.
  12. How many times have YOU got to be told Ulan before you get it and let it go for fuck sake, your topic got locked because the same thing was already being discuss in the "Release" topic, the game being delayed and it's reason for the delay is a subtext to the release date isn't it. Hence, it being discuss in the "release" topic, no need for another topic, quick being butthurt. . . . Anyway, i'd love to see different difficulty ratings, as long as to don't need to be on certain levels for certain trophies, I can't be arsed to go through games over and over again just get get every trophy. But apart from that, a harder difficulty would be nice cos GTA doesn't ever push you that much in the whole skill factor, which is nice, but to have a challenge as well would be good.
  13. Fair enough, makes sense, but it wouldn't of mattered who was sent off, whoever got sent off, It changes your tactics, formation etc. Playing Real with 11 players is hard enough, playing with 10 is mission impossible, especially with the form they're in right now. Your last point would only be true if Nani had been subbed and they ended up losing that way. But i still can't see how Rooney couldn't do the roll Welbeck did in the game, he's as fast, a better passer, and can finish 10 times better.
  14. Yes, because he just paid someone to think up and make the costumes, the weapons, the tech, etc. Saying that, i'm not an Iron Man fan, but i do like the films, will probably watch this at the cinema if the misses want to too. Otherwise i'll wait for blu-ray.
  15. So every women in the world who's had sex, is a slut? @Kuz, *facepalm*
  16. Why start with Nani and Welbeck anyway, neither player is good enough for the Champions League, Rooney & Kagawa should of started. But it wasn't a sending off, Yellow card for dangerous play yes, but there was no intent or malice in the collision, Nani had eyes on the ball the whole time. Shame, cos it was a good game before that, could of gone either way.
  17. *moves computer clock forward 5 months*

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      The Butterfly Effect is the only decent thing Ashton Kutcher has done, besides That 70's Show.

    2. Massacre


      ... and Demi Moore.

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  18. Big Band Theory. It's the only one currently that makes me laugh out loud, alot of other comedies are just stupid funny. Family Guy's still good. Love QI, Stephan Fry's fucking funny. I still love watching old episodes of Spaced, and Futurama from back in the day.
  19. You can be what ever you want to be Mercy, just believe in yourself and reach for the stars penis.
  20. So you're agreeing with the argument that "most women are sluts"? That's my point. I didn't think you were that naive Kuz.
  21. Meh, looking at this again, maybe i won't be rushing out to get it, had enough of zombie/monster games over the past few years. Plus the shooting view angles look kinda shoddy to me, but maybe that cos i'm use to FPS and close 3rd person (over shoulder) shooting. Pushed back a month? Has Q been jinxing game releases again.
  22. What? Can I get a translator over here? "Black ops 2 is a great game, but i think the 3rd trailer for GTAV when it comes out, would out sell black ops 2, IF it were to be sold. lol." ??? I can read noob.