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  1. That sucks man, worked out why it's done it yet?
  2. You think they'll show up 30-40 minutes of gameplay? Yeah why not, rockstar are crazy. What I meant was it'll be the version of gameplay they saw, but obviously cut down, they jump a few minutes when in a car, or quicken up the video until the character gets out, like what they did in the MGS5 gameplay. And they leave out the heist job. . . . .hmm Or they'll just show the heist job. Either way it'll be on one of the things reports have already seen, i bet.
  3. I bet they just show us what they showed all the reports a few months back, so considering I've read all their previews, it won't ruin my first time playing experience, that said, i'll avoid watching any gameplay footage. Same as films, never watch the traliers unless i'm not sure whether or not watch it. Don't think i've got that issue with GTAV.
  4. One thing both video's missed to mention was that the scene where "snake" (voiced by Keifer) is rescuing Miller, "snakes" left arm is clearly not his own original, and yet when Ismail (voiced by Keifer) rescues Big Boss from the hospital, his arms are fine, and Big Boss has lost most of his left arm. Good watch though, both vids.
  5. Myeah, don't think it's my cup of tea then. . . . never mind. >_> O o o oh. Like OMG!!! You're from Michigan, do you know a guy called Bones? You must know Bones cos he lives in Michigan as well. . . wot a small world huh, tell Bones I said hi would yer, nice.
  6. Dude, you can't hate "most" people without prejudice, because you're still putting the people you do hate into a category/group. Only truly works if no ones gets left out of your hatred. As for the first bit, I couldn't guarantee that, plus clans end up being a pain, everyones busy at different times. Also i won't be playing online GTA till V anyway, and even then I'll properly only play with the guys on this forum, if i can be arsed. Different time periods and busy schedules make planning online co-op hard.
  7. I'm none of the above, I hate everyone equally, without prejudice or generalizing, It's easier and less time consuming that way. . . can I join. . . 0_o I'm also looking for characters out of The King of Fighters, who are brain surgery patients, and also fans of the American indie pop band. No luck so far.
  8. Right, what about the video file side of it? MP4, AVI ? ? ?
  9. Trailer in the link got deleted. Here be one from YT.
  10. Hey, do .divx files work straight from an external hard drive to an xbox360? I don't have one but i'm lending my hard drive to a mate so he can watch a TV series I have. Also, and if so, do the files have to be set up a certain way like the PS3 does and have certain directory folders. And if not to the first part, which files do work. On the audio side, I'm presuming AAC and AC3 work right? Thanks in advance.
  11. Top vid has been removed by user.
  12. Buy any 3 Simple products and get the cheapest free*

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      Buy now, pay now. If not, fuck off.

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      Payable in three easy payments, and one really fucking hard payment.

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      If you act now, you can get THREE, that's right, THREE! Products for the price of nine!

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  13. Ay?! Well him doing it was so obvious that I just dismissed it without a second thought, considering we already knew he was in the game, FUCK YOU KOJIMA!!! All that hype for nothing. Meh. . . Well so long Hayter. This could make or break the series though, In one way, the fans finally get all round world class acting from the main character. But will the game feel the same without Hayter's voice, I'm not too sure at the moment, and obviously won't be until I play the game. Growing up playing the games, you get emotionally attached to certain characters, if the game and the story is good, you go through what they go through, you feel what they feel, you live the story as if it was your own, and Snake's story is one of the most Iconic of all. Just remembered, It's Big Boss, I couldn't give a shit. This ain't MGS, It's MGBB. I'll leave that last paragraph for when Solid Snake returns, and Hayter doesn't do the voice.
  14. Amazeballz! Thanks Dup. I'm sorted for the next gen multiplayer FPS's then. Bye bye COD.
  15. Final pre-order the game, again, at me local GAME store, they said they'll be doing a midnight opening but the game will cost a fiver more. Figured getting the game 9 hours before the postman delivers it was worth it.

    1. Qdeathstar


      five more dollars to pick it up and midnight?


    2. Crazee


      Why? Get it earlier than I would online plus I can have a few pints while waiting for it to open. Win win i think.

  16. Can't be arse to make a new topic so I'll ask in here as it's on the same thing, sort of, close enough. Whats the best free convertor download program out there for video files? I've got divx but it's so slow, figured there's better ones out there. edit: I've had a quick look up and erightsoft SUPER looks alright, any recommendations?
  17. Let me know when it comes to console. Don't have the money to spend on updating my pc every six months just to play new releases.
  18. Crazee


    Has it been released yet whether it'll be able to hold exfat or ntfs files bigger than 32gb? Having to move files on my external hard drive all the time just to get it to work is a pain in the arse.
  19. Fair enough. . . . Oooooooh Chamberlain!!! Edit: in other news, USA have just beaten Germany 4:3. Wtf?!
  20. First Car: MGB GT 1980. First (owned) video game played: Italia '90. First album bought: Travis - The man who First 1st place: Won an art competition when I was 3 while on holiday, shame I haven't improved since. First memory: Watching Bullseye, drinking milk. First live football game: Liverpool vs Arsenal charity sheild match. Arsenal won 1-0, Gilberto scored on his debut.
  21. Hoping England win, just so you win nothing, betting against your own team is twatish. Saying that I wouldn't bet on England to win either, England have no attack, they'll just defend, defend, defend, and hope to get Walcott going on the break.
  22. A FPS but on a global scale battlefield, so when you fight in battle you either win or lose territory for your faction. But at the same time make it as open world RPG as you can, where you have downtime from battle and you wander and explore the territory and fight the local NPC creatures you're current deployed in, and you level up your skills the more you use them. Sort of like a WOW game but in the Fallout universe, so post apocalyptic, and with bigger battles. I'm thinking of a huge Fallout type multiplayer.
  23. I swear the Welsh are producing world class left wingers, who are left footed just to piss the English off, first Giggs, now Bale. What have England got, Downing, and he now plays on the right, for Liverpool. So technically, we haven't got one natural left footed left winger. Shame he's Welsh, really is. I say annex Wales just to get him to play for England.