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  1. Will you be able to kill kids? I highly doubt you will be able to. I’m sure that would give the game an “Adults Only” rating.
  2. Bronson

    Hitman Series

    Been getting back into Hitman lately. Been playing a lot of Blood Money and the new one. If you still play bones I’d be up for doing contracts with you. Hitman 2 is looking really solid also. The Miami level looks awesome. Very excited. I am gonna miss the episodic method though. I liked getting one level a month and mastering that level till the next one came out.
  3. So when do you guys think the second gameplay video will get released? I think they might release it next week.
  4. Bronson


    The way Todd Howard talks he doesn’t seem to confident in this and I don’t blame him.
  5. Bronson


    It's not the online experience of having to play with other people that makes me salty, (although it didn't help) The game just seems empty from what they have said. I mean no NPC's???? What kind of shit is that.
  6. Bronson


    There's no problem with that. If this sounded good I'd consider buying it. They should of just made a Fallout game with optional Co-op. That;'s what people really wanted. Not this shit.
  7. Bronson


    I'm definitely not gonna buy it. I don't suck Bethesdas dick at everything they make. When they're making shit I won't buy it. And this is shit. Spider-Man PS4, RDR2 and TLOU Part 2 will more then tide me over.
  8. Bronson


    A test game for what? If thats the case then this is a test game for the future and if it works all of their games will be like this.
  9. Bronson


    Yeah but that was a completely different game altogether.... This is pretty much fallout minus everything we love about it.
  10. Bronson


    But what if the experiment works in spades and this is their format for now on.... Lets just hope this game fails.
  11. Bronson


    Yeah fuck you Todd Howard. Well when this game completely fails I'll be back. I'ver never wished on a game to fail except this one because if it works say goodbye to single player RPG's from Bethesda.
  12. Bronson


    Yeah but at the same time they were making PLENTY of money without micro transactions... they are just getting greedy.
  13. Bronson


    This sounds like a complete clusterfuck.... They had a good thing going. There was no reason at all for this shit. Just fucking money hungry assholes. Get ready for those micro transactions.
  14. Bronson


    Oh absolutely. They want you to be in lobby's with other random players. So I doubt they'll let you do that.